Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shopping in the Heat

We went out shopping today. It was very hot outside and even reached 100 degrees f. Just walking from the house to the car in the heat was a bit of a trial. Particularly as I was severely encased today.

Sir had me wear my white skinsuit...all white, fully encasing with a mouthless hood and made of medium weight latex. it is thicker than my usual transparent skinsuits. Over this I wore black boots, a black corset, a pair of black shoulder length gloves, and a second hood in black with plastic lenses built-in over the eyes. Lastly I wore a very tight ankle length black pencil skirt and a very strict looking white rubber blouse with tight sleeves and very tight cuffs, particularly over the two layers of gloves.

This outfit is very striking looking, particularly as the skirt is hard to walk in and the hood is quite intimidating looking. it is a bit different from my usual looser skirted dresses and is severely restricting to my movements. The second hood is very smooth, not really anatomical, and the lenses are mirrored so my eyes cannot be seen. The smooth panel that covers the mouth section seems to remove any semblance of facial features.

I was lounging around the house this morning in this outfit, reading a book and doing some embroidery, when Sir announced we were going out to shop. He handed me my white burqa and helped me put it on over the layers of rubber I was already wearing. He very kindly pulled the hood with its pepper pot eyes tightly over my other two hoods, making it even more impossible for me to speak.

Then he draped he body of the burqa over my head and adjusted the mesh so i could see through the two layers of perforations. The lenses make things darker as they act like sunglasses and the double layer perforations give things moire patterns.

Hitting the hot outside air, fully encased as I was, was like walking through a wall of heat. But I was safely handed into the car soon enough and then we were off. The air conditioning in the car cooled me off fairly quickly and I always love the way the burqa drapes and wraps around me when I am riding. The softness of the folds of rubber flowing over me and the cool air from the vents blowing through my eye mesh always calms me and makes me feel very relaxed.

We arrived at the mall and Sir handed te car off to the valet. A very nice young man held the door open for me and offered me his hand as I stepped out of the car. he did not seem the least surprised or taken aback by the presence of a burqa'd woman stepping out of a car. He did run his fingers over the black rubber gloved hand I held out for him to receive and I saw his eyes widen a bit, but he seemed to find nothing unusual about a veiled woman.

In the mall we walked slowly around, looking at jewelry, books, clothes, and electronics as we passed from store to store. At one point, though, I walked slowly (never fast in hot weather and certainly not fast in that skirt) over to the rail and looked down onto the levels below. There I saw a woman in a white walking with her family, two other women in fancily embroidered black abayas and niqab and an older man who appeared to be her husband. one thing I could see was that they were all wearing very stylish high heeled pumps under their veils. They were walking around shopping just as we were. her burqa was flowing behind her like a cloud. he was in a white caftan as well and I assume they were visiting from the emirates or the KSA.

Later, I saw another woman in a blue burqa walking through the mall as well, with her husband. The mall we were at is a very high end mall and it is an attraction for many foreign visitors. But I have never seen two women in burqa on the same day.

No wonder the valet was comfortable with a veiled woman stepping out of a car...
We had a wonderful time shopping. I was unable to communicate with Sir, of course. And when he stopped for a coffee I had to stand behind his chair the whole time looking conspicuous...I love being put in that position...demonstrating my submission to Sir in public. Sometimes it takes the form of me kneeling while he sits, but standing while he sits and enjoys a coffee, not moving, being unable to speak, and draped in is one of the most arousing things he makes me do.

This afternoon when we returned home, Sir ordered me to remain in my burqa and fully restrictive clothing and hoods. he allowed me to login to chat with friends but I had to stay sealed. I am still sealed this way as I write. The skirt is so restrictive in its movements I can barely walk and I can hardly feel the keyboard through the layers of gloves.

What a wonderful day!


Mazuki said...

Mazuki always has more questions!

Anyway, you mentioned you write a lot, is it just the blog or do you write stories? I'm curious the genre, but I'm guessing non-fiction?

Does your family get to see your face from time to time now? how did they react to the whole submissive thing? I can't imagine that they were enthused by the whole idea.

Also it sounds like Sir made some latex provider very wealthy over the years, what's the source of all your garments? Does he actually make most of it?

anyway, thanks for picking up the blog more often, it's always nice to read and I think a lot of people thank you for that.


gummitaucher said...

Dear Latexlady,

thanks again for sharing your latest adventures with us.

It would be interesting to hear what happened later in your playroom ;-)

best regards

Anonymous said...

That really seems to have been a great day. One question: How do you deal with hunger and especially thirst in that outfit: Isn't that dangerous in a way, totally sealed in the heat and no chance to drink a sip of water?


SanderO said...

A few comments here. I don't think people around the world find women in Islamic dress as unusual as it once was. There are many very wealthy Arabs who travel and shop in major cities, perhaps maintain residences there and obviously continue with their religious/social practices. I see Islamic dress in NYC, but actually not as much as one would expect. No one seems to care. But there continues to be "security" issues raised when people conceal their identity. I don't see this as getting better for those who do it, rather the reverse as you must pass through more and more security checks to do what used to be normal things.

Air conditioned spaces make wearing latex quite comfortable and malls tend to be enclosed and with conditioned spaces. It's getting from one conditioned space to the next and passing through hot humid air that is killer even for those who are lightly dressed.

I continue to find your level of tolerance to enclosure and restriction for such long periods mind boggling. Seeing through two pepper pot eyed hoods separated by one with glass lenses would seem to render the person virtually sightless because of the unlikely possibility of even two holes aligning with your own pupil for direct ahead vision. And the liklihood of several tiny holes lining up seems almost infinitesimal. Unless you are led about like blind person I don't see how one could shop, ie window shop and actually see anything. But perhaps Sir does the seeing and you are the object in tow?

Would there be a case where you would remove the burqa and reveal the underlying enclosure in some sort of public setting? What sort of reaction do you think that would bring if the burqa was accepted as "normal"?


unit1421 said...

Texas has long been turned into "Howdy Arabia," given its oil ties and the resulting financial and political entanglements that result., so it's no surprise to see ever more visitors from the Middle East region strolling through the malls of Dallas, Houston, Austin, etc. Those who had the forethought (or foreknowledge) to convert their Dollars to Euros before the Dollar became the new Peso are getting a lot of bang for their E-uck.

Latex Lady said...

Once more, thank you everyone for the comments. Some answers below.

No, I write papers on educational theory and some other academia. My family does not get to see my face now. I remain completely rubber hooded and usually veiled behind the latex burqa when I am with them. They were not enthused by the D/s lifestyle Sir and I have lead, but they've grown used to it and we have a loving relationship sill. My sister, in particular is quite comfortable with her encased and enclosed sibling now.

Our garments come from a variety of places, but most lately from austrian latex providers and danish. Sir has made a couple of things or mods to exisitng gear, but he is not a latex garment maker by any yes, we have contributed to the financial sucess of some of the latex ateliers in the world.

As you know i usually refrain from overly explicit details about our playroom adventures. suffice to say that i was pleasantly exhausted by the time we were done and very very satisfied.

Once again, as I have explained many times in the past, we are quite careful about dehydration. When I am going to be enclosed for long periods with no mouth access, a feeding tube is inserted (by me usually) into my nostril and down into my stomach. This allows me to injest both water and liquified food like milkshakes or yogurt in quite sufficient quantities. Also, I sometimes just run a tube under the hood to my mouth and sip water from a bottle that way. Most of the time i am silenced only by the pressure of the hood, not an inserted gaag. And, some of my gag inserts have a drinking tube in them as well. We are not taking significant risks in this area, trust me. Life in lots of rubber is not really that difficult if you plan for it. :)

Actually, I think you are correct about Islamic dress becoming more prevalent. I suspect you don't even 'see' the many women in hijab in NYC...they are beginning to fade into the background of your cultural perceptions. full niqabs and burqas still stand out, of course. I know I am sensitized to them and see them everywhere on the streets of London.

Security issues and the whole 'show your face' thing is a pain. But w've worked around it for our fetish life just as muslimahs have for their religious life. The ban the burqa movements disgust me because they are outrageously reactionary. If a private enterprise wiches topost a sign saying that for security reasons, all patrons must show their face within that establishment, that is fine...I can choose to patronize them or not. But to enshrine it in law is oppressive and, in the us, unconstitutional, I truly feel.

Must motorcyclists NOT wear helmets so roadway security cameras can catch their faces?

On the heat issue, just going from the car to a mall entrance is not bad. In fact, I have discovered I can comfortably tolerate about 10 minutes in 100 degree heat fully enclosed in three layers of rubber. it takes that long for the interior to heat up. We typically use a valet parking service which drops us at a door much closer than that.

one gets used to many things in the service of ones fetish. Seeing through the pepper pot eye holes and then the mesh of the burqa is actually not too bad. the image is formed because my head is always moving and persistence of vision fills in many gaps. focusing on far away things and larger things is easier than reading, but you all have seen me online on camera typing in the white burqa and then had me raise it to show the hood. it can be done.

Thank you for the compliment about my endurance...I did work long to increase my tolerance and ultimately to transform it into desire for total long term enclosure. I do think that my fetish enclosed rubber look would be far more disturbing to most people on the street than my burqa is. The full extent of hooding, gagging, alieness would probably upset people much more than a simple tent draped over a body.

you are completely correct about the increase of mid eastern styles in Texas. And we are among those who have been keeping our funds in euros lately, trust me.