Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Some Responses to Dark

Dark (and others) posted some interesting commetns onthe IAR copy of this blog which can be found at

I reposnded there, but decided my response was drawn out enough to make a very nice post here. I hope the context is maintained well enough for the non IAR members to understand.

Well, I am certainly happy to have generated some many comments with my last entry. This blog is much more interesting to keep up when I receive feedback and discussions can ensue.

I should like to respond to some of Dark's comments below: He states that I seem to have:

No interest in food .
>>> not true...I love the taste of many foods. But in the context of my enclosure I may choose (or have chosen for me) to forego a meal to sty within my encapsulation reality...However, I eat later and quite happily.

Little or no interest in sports, or anything related to exercise
>>> I have never been interested in sports. However, i do walk outdoors a great deal. Do I have to run around and become sweaty to 'exercise'? The restriction of the latex (and its weight) provides quite sufficient exercise. By the way, in the last 11 months, I have lost a much needed 10 pounds and my blood pressure is down from the 145/95 range to the 117/75 range.

Littler or no interest in social interactions except to either freak people out... or see how indifferent they might be.
>>>I have no desire to freak people out. I am intrigued by and I report the reactions I receive. However, You are forgetting the very normal interactions I do have. I interact with store clerks and shopkeepers, as well as the neighbors on our street, I have a very convivial relationship with the lady running the antique store I have mentioned, I am in regular interaction with my colleague with whom I just finished co-authoring a paper, we have a small circle of very close friends who visit often, and i interact as often as possible with my child and my family. Exactly how many people must I interact with? I now notice almost no change in my day to day interactions with people except I do not have as many co-workers and students as I used to.

More focus on meditation and emotional withdrawal
>>> This is somewhat true ... I find i am meditating more and I am more comfortable now than ever before when I am gagged or silenced or restrained in some way. Of course, this level of comfort was always a goal of our exploration into total enclosure. I am very happy with this as it gives me quite a lot of think time.

More interest in being "objectified" and "non human".
>>>I would disagree. I am not MORE interested in these elements of my lifestyle...I am just MORE able to experience and enjoy them.

No interest in any sort of "normal" female aesthetic appeal as far as your body goes.
>>>NOT AT ALL! I am very interested in how my body appears. I love the shape I have under the latex and remember, I do not wear burqa or even loose rubber dresses all the time...I am quite often naked...that is sealed in only the transparent skinsuit. I am most pleased to have lost the weight and to have a very nice set of measurements now. My breasts have actually increased a size and my hips and thighs are better proportioned than they were a year ago

It is true that I no longer look at my face in the mirror, even enveloped in transparent latex. So I do not see how I look there. However, I am quite adamant that I should be made to look the way Sir wishes. and the last time I glimpsed my head and face, several months ago, I was quite pleased with the transformation. Sir, on the other hand, is enthralled by my shaved countenance.

Increased desire for bondage and isolation
>>>> yes, this is true...I find that lately I have been craving more restriction and restraint in my day to day life.

Increased focus in submission
>>>I do not level of submission has remained the same...absolutely total to Sir...btw, i do not submit to anyone else unless it is in the context of submitting to him...that is, he tells me to.

More attachment to being enclosed in rubber
>>>Yes...I am reaching a point where the encasement feels most normal now

Increased interest in eroticism and orgasm
>>>WHAT have I written to give this impression? If anything, I have less interest in orgasms...nothing wrong with them, but I find they are no longer as important. I do not feel I have to strive for an orgasm or a peak sensation...I seem to achieve post-coital bliss just by meditating or by being restrained in a scene with sir. That said, a good all round orgasm is a wonderful thing and, by the way, I have them more easily now than a year ago. I just do not write much about it because it is very private.

Some level of interest is such things as knitting or something like that.
>>>Knitting, embroidery, sewing, and many other textile arts. I have actually made many items this year that I did not have time for before I retired. Your comment denigrates these wonderful and wonderfully creative art forms that I have loved for many , many years.

Same level of interest in reading
>>> reading has always been a big interest for me...this has not changed

Same level of interest in popular culture
>>>>Yes, pop culture is fascinating. Adn we go out to cinemas, plays, ballet, lectures, and many other cultural events.

No interest to "return" to a more normal lifestyle
>>>What is normal? This lifestyle feels more and more normal to me. I do not know what return there would be...going about in jeans and a tee shirt? I have never worn slacks and do not like the look of them on women. Going about unhooded and unburqa'd but in rubber dress, gloves, boots, and corset? Well, that might be nice, I often used to dress like that, but I like wearing my hood and I enjoy my burqas too.

One thing I sometimes fantasize about is returning to the lecture hall to teach students again. Or attending a conference and delivering a paper. That would be fun. However, in my fantasy, I am still wearing my coverings and retraints, although i am not gagged most of the time...fantasies do not have to conform to rationality.

Again, in response to Dark's later comments, latex was Sir's fetish originally. While I have quite an extensive leather wardrobe and enjoyed wearig it immensely, at this time in my life, right now, I am wearing all rubber all the time to please my Dom. Tomorrow, he could develop a gingham fetish! And I would change
Latex is not easy to wear for this long. It IS somewhat problematic, but i have persevered with his support and my own desires to achieve the goals he set me. This is very much in the way of a vocation for me...I submit to him and try earnestly to do his wishes. Those happen to include latex enclosure...a lot nicer than if he wished me to be a fishmonger!

Rubber is essential to our experiment/project/lifestyle because it is our preferred fetish material. It also is different fro the others Dark mentions. It does NOT breathe, it IS smooth and somehow unnatural (although not, an intriguing contradiction), and it DOES aid in my transformation to object. It suits our fetishistic desires...otherwise, we would be living and playing with cotton..."the fabric of your life".

Why should our experiment/experience, etc take any different turn? We have achieved much of what we hoped to a year ago when we began this journey. And, again, for the record, we both take great joy in my effacement, my retreat from the world. Sir does not see me as a memory of a person; he sees me as the culmination of both of our aspirations for me.

It sounds, Dark, as if you are growing bored with my story. Sorry to disappoint, but like most real stories, it is just day to day life and not much else. I chose this entry to mention some of my internalized feelings and fantasies because I thought they would provide more interest.

These are HARD things for people to understand...but real nonetheless. Like the monks, and ascetics , and nuns, and hermits, and eccentrics, and anyone else who chooses to live differently, we find tremendous satisfaction in our life style without needing to explain it or conform it.



DrBlack said...

Dear Latex Lady:

Thank you for sharing this very intimate and intense journey. Your immersion in latex (time, intensity,variety) has been beyond what most have ever experienced(at least what I am aware of). I have nothing but the utmost respect for you and Sir in pursuing this path.

Many of your readers (myself included) have thought and desired a complete surrender to a life of latex enclosure. You are cleary a pioneer to me showing that such a dream is possible. I dont see your experience as imposed isolation as much as a very deep internal personal trip. A deep and possibly beautiful meditation.

I only wish you nothing but peace and joy in the next leg of your journey.

Anonymous said...

I actually, really like reading about the mundane. I find it abosolutely interesting that someone with such deep personal convictions has decided to act on them with what appears to be a rewarding lifestyle.

As a non latex wearer, my curiousity has been aroused and encourage you to continue your lifestyle because it has ultimately made your life happy. Which, to me, appears to be the best, if not the only way to go through life.

Anonymous said...

dear lady, i am a non latex wearer,
i really find your blog facinating and so interesting. just wanted to send my best wishes your way on your continued journey!

Latex Lady said...

Thank you all for the comments.

i am particularly pleased with comments from non latex wearers who, nonetheless, seem to understand that someone can have a committment to this discipline.


lslv said...

You wrote "Like the monks, and ascetics , and nuns, and hermits, and eccentrics, and anyone else who chooses to live differently, we find tremendous satisfaction in our life style without needing to explain it or conform it." and much else that we find agreeable. Once again it is an amazing blog and it is your attention to and acceptance of the mundane that impresses us. Truly it is an incredible story (however one reads that word). In our own small way we are happy to say that for us too rubberisation, or was we sometimes call it "latexualisation" is a surpisingly profound, comfortable yet strange and stretching process. All the best lslv and his Mistress

Anonymous said...

deae Latex Lady :

I was wondering with now increased interested in knitting, sewing, and such have had any interist in make you own latex clothing ???

Dark said...

Dear LadyII..

Perhaps you could expand on how your response to latex has evolved over the years... and ask Sir for his own reactions.

I say this because as you have revealed the two of you have been into fetish and particularly latex for 3 decades. And not only that, as your economic situation and improved you have access to more gear even custom designed items.

Speaking for myself... my own fetish interest in latex/rubber began over three decades ago and for me then, it was intensely erotic. It is less so today and I am not sure if is because my own sexuality is "old" and I am not longer anywhere near my peak or if perhaps exposure to this stimulus over the years I have become inured to its power.

Others faced with this might try to increase the intensity of frequency of the experience. Whether conscious or not, you and Sir seem to have done this and so might give at least some anecdotal accounts of whether this approach can sustain some of the initial "erotic" power of latex. Of course, this makes sense ONLY if your responses decades ago mirrored the intensity that I had, for example.

Does the attachment to the erotic power of rubber become more a mental thing and less a sensory thing? I know that the primary reason for your latex enclosure is that Sir demands this and you comply, but you have reported that you do find latex as erotic... and I suspect Sir does / did as well. If I am correct, I recall you saying something to the effect that the scenes are what "does it" for you more than the material itself.

Can you comment on this and ask Sir for his reaction as well?

Sealed said...

Latex Lady,

Thank you so much for this latest incite into what drives your lifestyle. Although your dedication to the lifestyle is more absolute than mine and your motivation to latex is a little different from mine, I find it easy to relate to and I read every post enthralled.

I found the passage “he sees me as the culmination of both of our aspirations for me” particularly inspiring to me.


Pendragon said...

Dear Latex Lady:
I came across a dear friend's website last night and saw your interview. I jumped to your Blog and read every page with bated breath. It was almost 4am when I finished and I had to get a little sleep before work today.

I can only second the recent reply by drblack, but would like to add something of my own.

I have dreamed of total enclosure in latex since my earliest dreams of childhood without even knowing what latex was. Pandora and I use every opportunity to dress in latex and when the occassion permits we seek total enclosure. We enjoy wearing latex in public situations and have trained some of the better local restaraunts to expect us so. You can see Pandora in one of her total enclosure outfits on several websites right now, but ours is at

We wear latex often in public and usually try to integrate it into fashionable ensmbles that seem tasteful (to us anyway). We have had very positive responses almost everywhere. Occassionally it gets too enthusiastic when some inebriated person wants to sit at our table and find out all about it. Or, some free-spirited couple wants to rip our clothes off and swing with us. They just don't get it.

The only time we have had really negative responses (, has been when Pandora is in total enclosure in public at other than fetish events(one of us needs to drive). It then jumps to both poles of the emotional scale for some people and occasionally gets mean spirited. This doesn't deter us and we try to handle all of these situations with grace and dignity as if we were emmissaries from the fetish world.

While the thought of living in total enclosure (especially for Pandora) is very exciting, we both feel that something might be lost if we tried to live that way 24/7. Latex represents a transformation for us... something special to look forward to... something that excites us. We fear it would remove the electrifying aspect of it for us to do it professionally or continually. The parallel is having a hidden playspace. If you lived in it, somehow it wouldn't be as exciting as knowing it is there for escape from everyday life. Sort of a mini-vacation.

Without invading your personal life, we would be interested in reading more about how you combat satiating to the excitement of latex when living it.

Also, I have been a photographer most of my life and I can't help but think that the world is missing a great deal by not having your diary skillfully documented through video or, at least, photos.

All our East Coast best,
Pandora & Pendragon

veiled slave said...

Dear Latex Lady, As always a pleasure to read your blog. I was interested in your comments. I am firmly gagged & heavily veiled or burqa'd all my waking hours now. (I haven't spoken a word or maide a sound in over a year.)
My Master & I love my being 'dehumanised' or 'depersonalised'. As I may have mentioned that there is a hard S&M element to our relationship Master/Husband admits it is a lot easier to be 'cruel & heartless' (his words) to a featureless, silent 'doll'. I have spent hours forced to stand in 4" heels & fully burqa'd in blistering hot sun, or crouched bent over in a tiny cage, my release ineveitably followed by an extremely severe thrashing. Master says he would not have had the strength of character to push these cruelties so far had his darling wife's face been visible. But for a faceless pain toy...
I do agree with another post though that as one gets used to various BDSM elements one seeks to push the envelope further. Twenty years ago I would never have gone out in public gagged & in chains, even under a burqa. Now I do it regularly & derive great amusement & pleasure from shuffling through the Mall in a 6" hobble chain!
As always a greta pleasure, I hope you can continue to post & keep us up to date on your adventures. Lots of love & luck from another covered slave. said...

Dear Latexlady,

it is still a great pleasure to follow your blog.

I am very much looking forward to the second year of your experiment with even more restrictive costumes.

I am still discussing all of this with my lady friend - at the moment we are still working on the interview that you gave to JG Leathers. My friend always says that she can very much understand how you like to be completely covered.

best wishes

Encapsolater said...

Been following your blog since almost the start and always amazed by the level of your commitment to the rubber lifestyle. If it were given the option by your master to take one trip out of the house per month not wearing any rubber, how would it effect how you feel about the lifestyle? Would you jump at the chance or would you decline?

The number of comments you get here and elsewhere show that nobody is getting bored by your diary.

Cariad's Master said...


Keep up the excellent blog and enjoy whatever you wish!