Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Halloween time -- and 10 months on

We had a wonderful time Saturday night to celebrate halloween. Followed by yet another culinary adventure Sunday as I tried to make Halloween cookies.

The celebration was both for halloween and to mark my 10th month in total enclosure. I have been very tardy in blogging things this past month, but there has been little to write about.
I finished working on a paper with my colleague Julia of whom I have written and it is being reviewed now.

Time to recap life a bit, I suppose. For new readers: I spend all my time completely enclosed in latex. At least a thin suit that covers head, hands, feet and everyting else. usually covered by a layer of undergarments or another catsuit, opaque gloves, opaque hood, and rubber boots, usually knee length.

Then there is a streetwear type of dress...full skirted, loose, ankle length, long sleeved, high collar. A posture collar sometimes and a gag much of the time but usually by my own choice now. To go out in public I cover all this with a latex burqa that hides all of me from sight. Burqas are in black, white, and red, but the red one has been torn by accident.

My DOM husband, Sir, and I started this regimen on Jan 1, 2005 and I have just completed 10 months. In those 10 months neither I nor he have seen my face or any other part of my body without at least a layer of transparent latex between. Nothing but rubber and bathwater have touched anypart of my skin.

We have a live in rubber maid, called maid, who has been in our service for 2 and a half years now. she dresses, undresses, bathes, feeds (sometimes) and takes wonderful care of me.

We have made our families and our son aware of my new lifestyle and in previous entries I have written about their reactions. the lifestyle is a D/s one and i have been sub to my husband for 30 years...we've been married that long too. he travels a lot for his business and occassionally takes me along. We have developed a travelling protocol which allows me (and even maid) to travel in total enclosure, under our burqas except for private ID checks by female security officers. To date, we have encountered almost no opposition or restriction. My most recent trip was to Tokyo.

I used to be a professional educator, but retired from that when we moved to the Bay area so that I could pursue this total enclosure life. It has been challenging, sensual, wonderful, and occassionally funny.

So that brings us up to date.

This month, I have had no skin or health problems except for a bit of arthritis pain in the shoulder as the weather has changed. By the way, Sir and i have both found latex to be a wonderful way to treat arthritis. The pressure and the warmth are very helpful to our joints when they act up.

Maid bathes me and dresses me each day as usual. The transparent suits are tinted grey, lavender, pink, or red. These rotate so that I am always wwaring a clean, dry one each day. Being dried well and put into a dry clean suti is the most important thing to avoiding skin problems during such long enclosure.

To celebrate 10 months of encasement, Sir took me to dinner Saturday night. We went to one of our favorite places and I was allwd to be ungagged and eat. However, I chose, as I often do now, to be gagged until the food arrived and to gag myself again when dinner was done. I ate, under the burqa as usual, by holding a plate with small buites on it and conveyin geach to my mouth while never removing the shroud or allowing my hands to be seen. I got a LOT of stares, but it is always fun to watch other patrons react. The staff know us now and never have any problem. In fact our waiter brought out my steak already cut into small bites.

We chatted a bit about Sir's day, his travel, my paper, and othe rthings of no consequence. finally, when dinner was done, I retired to the ladies to gag myself befor leaving the restaurant. While I was doing this, under the burqa, but in front of the mirror, another woman walked in. she was putting on lipstick as I was buckling my gag which is a half mask over my mouth and jaw. to watch us in the mirror was very strange i thought, but more so for the fact that we were both altering ourselves for the purpose of presentation to the world. She with bright red lips and I with silence and cover.

She stopped and stared at me for a moment when she walked in, but then just went to her sink and her reflection and began fixing her face just as I was fixing mine.
I then left and Sir took me back to the car and helped me in. He took us to a little theater in San Francisco next where we went in to see a performance of Rocky Horror. It was crowded, mostly with goths, and there was a fair amount of SM themed costume, lots of leather and lace and abit of latex. I, however, was the ONLY person there in a rubber burqa. Caused quite a stir.

While Sir was getting a drink (I remained gagged and so did not need one) I was approached by some kids probably still in university who wanted to know what I was wearing, why, how was I dressed underneath, etc, etc.

I tried to signal that I could not speak by putting my hands over the burqa at my mouth, but I wasn't getting through. fortunately, Sir came back and he explained I wasn't able to talk, yes I was in rubber and bondage underneath, and yes we had seen RH before...back in the 70's, the 80's and the 90's. The kids were, however, not impressed that we had seen the London production with Richard O'Brien because they had no idea who he was...ah youth, wasted on the young!

Sir was COMPLETELY up front with these young people about my level of bondage, encasement, and the whole 24/7 regimen. One of them scoffed, until he raised the burqa for just a moment. Not completely off, but enough to show my dress, boots, gloves, collar, and gag mask. "Man, that's sick" was the appreciative response!

The play was lovely if a bit amateurish. But then, the best RH productions are rough around the edges, aren't they?

Later we went to the home of some friends and had a lovely couple of hour visit with them.
These are our friends from witzerland who had their new orleans home destroyed by Katrina. That clean up and repair is still on going and they moved back to zurich, but decided to come back to the US and leased a town house in SF. This is good because it places them close enough for us to visit from time to time.

We had a lovely time there, then headed for home. We were exhausted and very relaxed when maid met us at the door and proceeded to get me ready for bed. Sir ordered me to be put to bed in my vacuum bed which I have not slept in for a couple of weeks. It was wonderful and i fell aslepp almost immediately.

Enough for now...I'll blog about Sunday in a while...let me just say...cookies are messy!



Onij said...

Wow, 10 months already? I though you started this in Dec? o well who cares, but congradulations, this experiencement is turning out great. Im gonna have to disagree agree with your youth is wasted on the young common lol. Are you and Sir planning to visit any fetish conventions, I would love to hear about the response, and also your latest cooking adventure lol. Much love

Paul said...
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LoveRubberGloves said...

Thanks for the update. Some of your previous comments concerning wearing two pairs of rubber gloves and having minor difficulties can be alleviated. Some of the newer hairdresser style rubber gloves have a slight roughness. Wearing one pair smooth on the hands and the second pair smooth on the outside seems to eliminate the slipping of one glove on the other. However, these rubber gloves are not as thin as the description you give of the rubber gloves you wear. I also experience that feeling of being undressed without rubber gloves on my hands.

Latex Lady said...

Thank you both for the comments.

I have seen the roughened gloves, but Sir does not like them.

I am, however, very glad to hear my feelings toward gloves are understood


LoveRubberGloves said...

I understand SIR's aversion to the roughened gloves even though they are only slightly so. I wear the roughened surfaces out only when doing tasks around the house. The other times when I am wearing my two pairs of rubber gloves, I have a smooth inside surface against my hands and the smooth surface of the second glove outside.