Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanksgiving with the Kids

Flew to LA this morning to see our son for Thanksgiving. We expected a larger crowd at the airport, but it was fairly quiet this morning.

I was in all black. The black burqa over a black open faced hood, black dress, corset, gloves and boots and a black catsuit with the grey transparent suit under it.

After we had our boarding passes, we arranged a private id check with security. They did not give me any problems, although the woman who checked my id in private said, "What is that? Rubber?" when she saw my open faced hijab style hood.

I told her yes and she asked why I wore it. I explained that I had to cover and doing so in rubber was to please my husband. She just shook her head and chekcked my ID. I am sure she thinks I am an oppressed woman with a misogynistic husband, blah, blah, blah.

I was wnaded and put through the extra checks for women in loose clothing as usual. No, there is no profiling go ing on...just any woman in a loose dress like a muslimah wears will be forced to submit to what Sir calls the "Anal Probe" option whether she has the dreaded four S's on her boarding pass or not.

Once into the terminal, I went into the ladies' room and fixed myself properly, covering my head with the transparent suit's hood, putting on a full head enclosure black hood, a half mask with no mouth (so I am gagged) and getting the burqa back in place. Much better than the half measures I have to adopt for airport security. I actually would prefer a hood with no mouth, but with the half mask gag I can remove it quickly in an emergency where I have to speak.

The hotel is quite lovely and we have been checked in successfully. The manager came down to show us to our room and was not the least put off by a woman in a burqa. He is mid-eastern and knew precisely how to act as he showed us to our suite.

The suite is also perfect. It has a room and bath just for me as well as the master bedroom. I unpacked quickly and then we went to meet our son and his girl friend for some shopping.

We met them at the mall. He, like Sir, was in rubber slacks and tee shirt. His g/f was in black and white. White tube top and wrist length gloves, black miniskirt and cropped jacket, all in shiny rubber. She wore knee high boots in black as well. With her short, spiky black hair and chinese features, she looked wonderful.

We browsed shops for a bit, ate a late lunch in a Rainforest Cafe (who were a little confused about four rubber-dressed folks bu took it in stride). I, by the way, am eating again, not just "tubing it" as sir says.

Several people have asked me abut how I eat in the burqa and hoods lately, so let me explain. I typically eat small meanls anyway. I cut my food (and yes, I cut it, with gloved hands out from under the veil) into small bites and place these on a small plate. I then take the plate in my left hand and a fork in my right, and bring both up under the burqa. This way I can eat easily in small bites, no one can see me, and Sir's rules for isolation and encasement are met.

We all had a lovely lunch, chatted about work and things going on in their lives, and his g/f and I exchanged notes on sme hoods she had recently acquired and what I thought worked best in posture collars.

After lunch, we sat around the hotel lobby for a bit chatting, watching the locals ogle us (such fun...everyone is always amazed when a voice emanates rom my burqa!) and then went out to see Happy Potter.

The movie was good, if a bit long. It is more adult and darker than the previous ones, but that's because the characters are growing up. The girls from the french school in their fitted dresses and half capes were especially well costumed, i thought.

Later, we went back to the hotel and the kids headed out. Sir and I retired to the suite and I spent the evening in some comfy bondage before being put to bed in my little room, tied to the bed. he put me in a pink nightie over my grey tint skinsuit and then bound my wrists and ankles and secured me to the bed. We bring our own latex sheets on these little ventures, so I had already remade both beds in rubber and he tucked me in. I slept like a dead thing, only waking this morning when he came in.

This morning, Thanksgiving, we have been lazing about. sir is bathing now and has allowed me to come over here and blog the past few days. We will meet with our sone again this afternoon for brunch, then Thanksgiving dinner later this evening. He and his g/f are treating us this year. her family is abroad and she is in town for the holiday.

That's as much as I have for the moment.

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving to all



skl52 said...

its great to read further about yr adventure and such deep submission is absolutly unusual.How is this possible to reach such a high level of submission that you can tolerate all these questions of the puplic who are not in your lifestyle.What is yr secret?

Cariad's Master said...

A belated Happy Thanksgiving Sir and Latex Lady.

Hope to email you soon, as you invited me/us to a couple of months ago. Have been so busy.

Master and Cariad

Anonymous said...

Since your son seems to be fetish centric as well, what do you attribute this to? Do you think your behavior influenced him? Or do you think fetishes are more "genetic" or biological predispositions?

Happy Holidays!

Dark (password problems)

kapybara said...

Dear Lady,
I read your interview with jg-leathers on Friday and found myself babbling on about it to a friend at a party last night. There were so many really wonderful insights into what it feels like to be submissive, how such a state of mind can arise and most important how thrilling and absorbing it can be as a way of life. I think I had some ideas about these things before, but I must admit I came away from reading your interview with a quite unexpected insight into and respect for nuns (which was perhaps not at the forefront of your intentions!) One question about the feeling of being withdrawn from the world: you obviously don't want to be completely invisible and out of touch with the rest of us, since you write to us all the time in your wonderful blog. How do you view that relationship (or how does a nun for that matter)?
My cat has just jumped up on the desk. I think he wants breakfast, so I'd better go.
Warm regards, K

Aint Nothing But A She-Thang said...

Latex Lady

This black burqa sounds interesting. Mind if I ask where you purchase it? Or do you make them yourselves?

Latex Lady said...

Thank you all for the wonderful comments and wishes.

I find that communicating with folks through this medium of blogging to be very satisfying which is why I ask for comments as much as possible. let me know what you think, whether you have queries, and how you think I should respond to events in my world. I am happy to converse this way.

I do have some sense of a dichotomy between enjoying my enclosure and my retreat from the world while, at the same time, enjoying the conversations here. But I see no real contradiction.

Contrary to what some people have inferred, I enjoy a very active, lively, and 'in the owrld' life while at the same time being kep tseparate from it by layers of latex and the psychological bonds of my D/s lifestyle.

So, are my interactions with poeple any less rich for all that I do not let them see my face (but I see theirs), I do not speak to them, but I nod and shrug, and sometimes write down my thoughts on a subject?

I think raising my son while wearing latex dresses and clothes and making it seem very normal probbaly let him get over any sense of it being strange. I do not know where fetish comes from, but I suspect it is more genetic than environmental.

Last but not least, the black burqa was made by friends for me. My new burqa is comig from Peter Leth of Denmark and you can acquire latex burqas from Nimue, Kastley, Sealwear, and others. I think they should become a standard catalog item, but so far they are custom made only.