Sunday, November 06, 2005

Halloween Cookies

I promised to write about yet another adventure in cooking in rubber.. As my long time readers may recall, a few months ago I made chicken fried steak one evening for me and maid..she was otherwise occupied. That attempt did not end in disaster, but it did include your humble author dressed in black latex from head to toe and dusted in white flour.

I have since mastered the art of cooking in latex which mostly involves me staying out of the kitchen. But from time to time I enjoy baking. I particularly enjoy baking cookies at holiday time. Halloween cookies, Swedish tea cakes at Christmas, that sort of thing.

So the other evening I decided I would bake Halloween cookies. Big orange sugar cookies with dark chocolate pumpkin faces. Sir was in a mood to relax in latex enclosure so after maid and I finished a session with him, we left him dosing in his vacuum bed in the playroom. We girls, on the other hand, went downstairs to bake cookies. Because it’s important, let me state here that we were both dressed totally in black including inflatable hoods with eye lenses and tiny mouth openings.

Cookie dough is much tamer with respect to flour and what not than chicken fried steak mix. We made several batches of cookies with no major incident. We were having loads of fun, chatting, and joking with each other. Maid has a great sense of humor and is always very affectionate and loving.

As we were cleaning up, maid became giggly at something I said. You’ve never seen anything stranger than a young woman in a full enclosure rubber hood, with the giggles. I honestly do not have words to describe how strange and funny she looked in a French maid’s uniform, black gloves, stockings and fat, inflated hood, laughing her head off.

Of course that got me laughing and then, before either of us knew it, maid grabbed a god of leftover orange dough and smeared it on my forehead and around my eyes. I retaliated by doing the same to her. Then she threw a glob at me and I did the same.

Within moments the 26 year old and the 50 year old were involved in a full on food fight with bright orange cookie dough! In a few minutes we both looked like weird pumpkin heads. Our faces completely covered in sweet orange dough, I could barely see through the lenses and we had made a mess of the kitchen.

Finally, we clamed down and stopped laughing. Then we took turns ‘carving’ jack-o-lantern faces in the dough on each other. It was hilarious.

As a final bit of fun, we went back upstairs to the playroom and released Sir from the vacuum bed. He was shocked and amazed, then started laughing too. Finally, maid and I went to clean the stuff off our faces.

So that was my adventure in cookie dough!



Onij said...

Lol absolutely great, you need to get some pics of maid if thats ok with Sir. Boy if making halloween cookies is that much, then i cant wait to see what youll do for thanksgiving and x mas.

Latex Lady said...

Swedish tea ckaes are covered in powdered sugar...I am afraid...very afraid :)


Theodore. said...

You talk about your vacumn bed, but if I understand it correctly you have to keep a vacume cleaner running all the time for it to work, right?
I saw a video once of someone using one of these space saver bags to do the same thing. A breather tube installed so the victim could breath, but otherwise she was curled up in the bag with all the air sucked out, and once sealed the vacume was disconnected and she couldnt break free. Would that be something that would interest you?

Latex Lady said...

Most vacuum beds you do have to keep the cleaner running although I have heard of new designs where that is not needed. Mine however, is of th eoriginal design.

Sir has used a 30 meter length of pool hose and a wireless remote control to position the actual vacuum device a long way from our play room. This means that while there is some noise, most of it is attenutated. I find that it is like sleeping next to a noisy surf...I drift off quite easily now.

Also, I sometimes am put into an inflatable hood before goign into th ebed. I do not know exactly why, but with the hood inflated and the bed defalted around it, i can hear absolutely is the most sensory epriving ararangement I have ever experienced withrespect to auditory sensations.