Thursday, November 10, 2005

A Week on the Emerald Isle

I have spent the last week in Ireland. It has been very interesting and the people are lovely. The weather has been wretched, unfortunatley, but I have ventured out shopping and site seeing a bit.

Sir surprised me with the trip on Friday last week, telling me and maid to get me packed and ready to travel. He has had business in Galway all week and I have spent much of my time in the room of the hotel. Monday was terrible weather. I tried to get out for a while, but the cold rain and gail winds were just too much. Actually, I was nearly blown away literally by the wind. I thought I was about to take flight.

However Tuesday was much nicer and we ventured out a bit in the afternoon for some shopping.

In the evenings we met with busniess colleagues of Sir, usually for dinner. However, I have not eaten at all this trip. He decided all my food should be liquid and piped in via tube. Those of you who have chatted with me in the evenings, I have been ingesting liquified mush most of the time I was chatting with you. usually pushing it into my stomach a few cc's at a time with a big irrigation syringe

Dinners are always fun because I am sealed, gagged, and burqa'd. The first night one of the colleagues was a woman and she kept asking me questions about it while I am sitting there unable to respond except with anod or shake of my head.

Whenhe takes me to dinner with colelagues, I am introduced as his wife (no name), it is expleained that I do not unveil nor do I speak or eat in public. Then he pretty much ignores me for the evening. i sit quietly and meditate or watch folks. My presence is distracting, though, and I think he feels it gives him an advantge in negotiating

If i am asked queries I respond with head movements or a shrug.

Most of the men are very distracted and the women are either disgusted or intrigued.

By the way, I saw a fair amoutn of veiled women in Galway and at the Dublin airport. about a 60/40 mix of nuns still in traditional habit, and muslim women, a few completely covered including their faces

All in all a good week. We had fun and saw some of ireland. Also have found new red burqa supplier and ordered one tonight from the airline lounge whilst waiting between flights. We have been looking for someone to make a new one. This wil be from Peter leth who is famous for his latex and pvc designs from Denmark. I am so happy to get one of his designs.

That is all for now...more later about the flights



gerda said...

Lovely to read you were tube fed. i adore having this done to me. Did the tube go all the way inyo your tummy?

Latex Lady said...

Oh yes, the tube went all the way into my tummy :)

I alos love havng this done to is positively dehumanizing ... I see food inching its way along the tube, I feel it filling me, and I feel totally disconnected from the reality of it...effect without cause.

Almost mystical

Guido said...

I read on Interview with JGLeathers, about a DBcatether for feed, can you tell more about these.
Is very intrigued for me.
Really is possible?
Thank Guido

Latex Lady said...

The double balloon catheter is available from DeMask among others. it is a long tube with a small round balloon at the end which sits in the stomach. Above that is a long thin balloon which sits in the esophagus. Once you have swallowed the tube and have just the triple nozzle end sticking out of your mouth, the inner balloon is inflated to hold the catheter in the stomach. Then the long esophogeal balloon is inflated to fix the catheter in your esophagus so it cannot go lower.

After that, food can be gently introduced. speech is possible but uncomfortable.

Someone Hope that helps