Thursday, March 31, 2005

Day 90 -- Learning to be Rubber

Well, this is something of a crossroads.

Tomorrow, April 1, will be my 90th day in total enclosure. I wanted to recap a bit, then proceed a bit to explain the title.

I have now been enclosed fully in latex for 90 days. My head, face, hands, feet, and body are covered at all times except for an hour or so each day when I bathe. During that time I am bathing in a bathtub lined with a latex sheet, so I never touch anything but latex or water. We follow a special protocol that insures that I never see myself uncovered; there is at least a mediating layer of transparent latex between me and the world at all times.

My "skinsuits", as I call them, are transparent, thin latex catsuits with attached hoods, feet, and gloves. These are changed daily and they form the fundamental barrier between me and the world. Over a skinsuit, I wear catsuits, corset, stockings, dresses, boots, hoods, gloves, or anything else my Dom husband, Sir, orders. Typically, around the house, I wear a corset, a second, opaque hood, a second pair of gloves, and a long sleeved, full covering dress, ankle length.

When I go out in public, I am dressed in these multiple layers and then covered with a rubber burqa in the afghani style. I now have a black and a white one. The burqa is a socially acceptable manner for me to appear in public with a covered face. Under it I may be wearing an inflatable hood with nose tubes and gag and I may be restrained in armbinders, hobbles, or chains. It is all up to Sir. I am not allowed to speak in public and this is enforced with gags everytime I leave the house. I am quite often not allowed to speak in the house eiuther and went for a week blindfolded and gagged while Sir was out of town.

We have a live-in rubber maid who has been with us for over two years now and she attends to my needs in aid of this experiment in endurance and enclosure. hse wears latex maid uniforms (english or French) all the time, but does not cover her face with hoods ALL the time and does not have to sleep in latex everynight. She is submissive to both me nd to Sir and we love her dearly. She is a natural female, 26, and experienced in living a submissive latex life. hse has just agreed to stay with us another two years, at least. We call her maid.

maid is responsible for bathing me, dressing and undressing me, insuring I am well cared for in terms of my skin and health and also for doing the laundry, housecleaning, and cooking for us. she is the only person, myself included, who has seen my body and face uncovered in the last 90 days.

So, in 3 months, neither my husband nor I have seen my face or any part of my body without at least one layer of latex covering me. In fact, Sir has not seen my face even through transparent latex in over two months as he decided that I should be covered in an opaque hood at all times except bathing and he doesn't intrude upon me then.

More details of our protocol, how I avoid skin issues, me having a cold in a rubber hood, and my disastrous attempt at cooking in latex, as well as other day to day issues of living a life in rubber can be found in other entries in this blog. I just wanted to bring new readers up to date and to recap where we stand.

I now venture out in public quite often with or without Sir. maid accompanies me and is either dressed in her uniform or is covered by my spare burqa...We need to acquire one for her I suppose. I have actually gone out on my own when I could walk to my destination. A gag sits on a table by our front door and the burqas hang on hooks next to it, so I never forget to cover properly before leaving the house. Our neighbors have grown used to seeing me step out with Sir and maid and climb into the car, fully covered, but they have no idea how boud and restrained I am beneath the latex shroud of my burqa.

Just the other day I was out walking, alone, when I saw four muslim women emerge from a museum with their children in tow. They were all four covered and veiled completely, in niqabs and abayas. I was across the street in my burqa and we just looked at each other for a moment and nodded. Of course, they had no way of knowing I was gagged, but i wasn't heavily restrained that day.

My life has settled into a very comfortable routine of daily care, sessions with Sir and with maid (we share a fairly kinky lovelife together) and simple things like blogging, reading, knitting and embrodering, watching TV, chatting with friends on the web, etc.

Of course, I have also travelled a bit recently and am anticipating more trips soon. sir has determiend how to take me in full cover to other countries and other cities and we've had quite a nice few trips in the past 3 months.

What I realized a while back was that i was learning how to be a normal human being with regular interests, activities, and lifestyle while being covered and almost always silent. It has been a revelation to me. I no longer consider my latex life style to be at all unuusal. I would feel completely naked if i were to even venture out of the bathroom without at least a hood and a long rubber dress on over my skinsuit.

I am loving the submissive nature of this existence and the kinky play that goes with it. But I am also coming to realize that I am losing any sense of novelty about it. I have to force myself to notice the unusual aspects of my life sometimes...they ARE unusual, but they no longer seem so to me. I suspect this is similar to someone who loses their sight or hearing and adapts over a period of time to their new circumstance...someone who reflexively reaches for their cane or their dog's harness thae way I do for my gag and burqa.

Well, those are my thougths for 90 days into the experiment. I hope everyone is having as much fun reading about it as I am living it.



Anonymous said...

Latex Lady ur trip is most exiting to read about$ I am in awe of you perservence and focus . Your clear embrace of the experience This total enclosure scean is a real mind melt for me. Hope to try it over a period of time Do u have any suggestions

Larvatus Prodeo said...

On Monday, December 20, 2004 you wrote:
"I am setting an example for maid.
Maid wears a rubber uniform around the house but she has never been required to be encased and sealed for more than a few hours during a play scene. She doesn't know if she can take it. So I intend to show her that her mistress can take it, there fore she should be able to."
Is it still your intention that your maid should join you, at some stage, in being permanently hooded and enclosed in rubber? Has she expressed a view on this? Also did your Master at any point consider not permitting you to ever see him unmasked, or did the obvious need for him to be unmasked, in normal attire in public, while you are permitted the use of your sight through your burqa, while accompanying him, mean that it would have had no resonance within your domicile...?

Trussir said...

Again, my thanks to you for sharing your thoughts so intimately and literately; also my respects to Sir for making this possible.
Like the other respondents, I'm brimming with questions and suggestions.
If any of my questions are too personal, please feel free to let me know. I don't mean to pry, but these things are sooooo close to my heart!
First question: you mentioned that you were approaching the age of 50, My wife is also at that age. She covers for intimate times only, usually in vinyl as well as latex. One issue that has arisen is the occasional hot flash, when the enclosure becomes unbearable.
Is this something that you have had to handle, and if so, how? just endure it?
Next question regards hard Ds play. Do you find that the loose clothing sometimes reduces the intensity of the stimulation (ie flogging or caning)? or do you do other activities that are not impeded by the presence of delicious total cover?
Question3:Do you get any exercise? Your pics show that you do not have a weight problem, but your constant restriction would seem to prevent any exertion. Or is it just that your wonderful face covering keeps your food intake down?

In admiration for all of you,


Anonymous said...


trussir said...

...and what makes you think that, anonymous? You could at least have the cojones to put a screen name with that accusation! Sure, Latex Lady could be some 350 pound assistant manager with a laptop on night shift at a convenience store in Duluth, but until proved otherwise, suspend disbelief and enjoy the damn blog!

Onij said...

Hello mam, I posted your blog on my fetish site, so you will more than likely get some new visitors.

Latex Lady said...

Onij, Thank you
Trussir, Thank you for the defense...WHAT an image...brrrr

With respect to your questions. I have not begun to experience hot flashes. I can tell that I am approaching menopause because my periods are quite irregular now, but so far no other symptoms.

My exercise is mostly walking. And, due to issues of overheating, I walk slowly and we keep the house at 68 degrees all the time. We have done this for years, even before I was totally covered.

I have never been heavy and am quite petite. I haven't noticed any significant changes based on the latex covering, but of course, I am wearing a few pounds more weight all the time now.

When we play hard D/s games I am usually in tight outfits, multiple hoods, tubes and plugs.

I do notice that my morning whippings are a bit less intense if I am in a dress over a skinsuit and sometimes I have a catsuit on under the dress. But most of our heavy games involve significant restraint and extreme stimulation (electric or heat or breath control) so it makes no difference if I am in a catsuit or a burqa

We are still working on maid. She goes hooded and sealed for quite some time now, but has not agreed to full 24/7 enclosure. She does wear my other burqa sometimes, but must be able to drive, so she goes out without a hood.

Sir and I have discussed me never seeing his face unhooded, but this is not practical at this time...maybe when he retires :)

Anonymous 2
Thank you for the kind words. If you read through the blog's December and January archives you should see tips on our protocol for total enclosure ove long periods.


Worst Weather Ever said...

your blog came befor emine in the next blog ring. this is pretty hardcore, i can only imagine...

kapybara said...

Just came back from three weeks of no internet travel and soon logged on to read your latest postings. Congratulations on reaching day 90 and thanks for writing such an enjoyable, funny, interesting and exciting diary. I've read a fair amount of erotica and enjoyed it as fantasy, but it's a big thrill to read an account which is close enough to the reality of my own life to be very enviable. Sir is a fortunate man, as I am sure he knows and shows.
If your travel brings you close to this part of the world (Denmark) it would be a pleasure to meet you.

trussir said...

"Sir has not seen my face even through transparent latex in over two months as he decided that I should be covered in an opaque hood at all time...."

Makes me wonder...if a woman like you were to be masked for a very long time, would her master eventually forget what her face looks like, yet love her more dearly than ever? How romantic!

Regards, Chris

Latex Lady said...

Worst Weather:
Thank you...I think. As a psych student and a music lover, perhaps you'd care to express an opinion. By the way, some of my favorite bands and musicians are Bif Naked, Kanno, Dandy Warhols, Clan of Xymox, New Order, E.S. Posthumus, and Dashboard Prophets.

Thank you for your kind words

I do not know if Sir will forget what I look like if I remain covered and sealed long enough. I DO know he will continue to love me and that I will continue to love him and to desire to be submissive to his desires.

I'll let you know when we finish our experiment...whenever that is.


trussdoc said...

Mine was more a rhetorical question...a musing after a glass or two of a very decent cabernet!Having a Master forget his beloved's face just seemed like a great step towards her utter objectification.


trussir said...

oops..used wrong name..that last was trussir

trussir said...

Would Sir ever consider allowing maid to post some of her thoughts on this blog?

Drblack777 said...

Latex Lady

I have been following your latex adventure with awe and great respect. Your total surrender to the experience and the loving way it is progressing is very inspiring. Look forward to hearing about this intense trip.

Best Regards

Dr Black