Thursday, April 07, 2005

Just a Short Note

Nothing very interesting the past few days. We went out to see Sin City the other day. very violent, but it was intersting watching it in several layers of rubber. I must confess that it was quite arousing in some ways.

Other than that, I've been keeping well. I was thinkng the other day that I am becoming subsumed into my new role. That I am sort of dissolving into my covers. I don't think it is soecifically because of the latex, but rather because of the covering, the gagging, and the the fact that my face is hidden for so long.

I have found myself remianing gagged afte we retunr fom an outing for longer and longer periods. It feels right and Sir does not object.

After the movie, we walked aorund a farmer's market and I bought some fruit. Maid will make a liquid smoothie from them. But I was staring at it wondering what it would be like to stop eating altogether, to have all my food pumped in and just remain gagged. Weird thoughts.

It is geting warmer now and walking in the daytime out of th ehouse is a bit more intense. So far I don't mind, but Sir insists that we watch it carefully and particularly has ordered maid to make sure my face does not suffer. He says I may be going out nude under hte burqa. By that he means oinly the transparent skin suit, not a second layer of a dress.

I did have a little girl walk up to me as we were leaving the theater and ask me what I was wearing. Rather than just ignore her I stopped and squatted down and held a fold of the burqa out to her. she touched it and smiled then ran back to a VERY watchful mum yelling, "mommy, she's wearing a balloon!" at the top of her lungs.

We have some friends coming to visit us this weekend. They are very much aware of my situation, so there won't be any issues there.

That's all for now.


James said...

From James

Since Sir seems to be controlling your intimate functions as thoroughly as possible, the idea of being fed through a tube is not so far fetched.
It was once common, I believe, for cases where ulcers causes issues with normal food intake to feed the patients using a liquid diet introduced rectally so that the intestines could soak up the nutrient contents at their relative leisure. Of course for the patient this meant being attached to a large colon-enema tube for prolonged lengths of time and perhaps the use of rectal plugs to keep things in place but..... Just something to consider

Onij said...

Hello mam, how are you. I would of died laughing if I heard that lil girl say you were wearing a balloon. Having food pumped into you by a tube...sounds like another kinky experiment in the works. Til then, take care

Latex Lady said...

Yes, I have been fed through a nasogastric tube before. And Sir has mentioned to me that when he did nursing years ago, he had a patient who was fed through the method you describe, however, it is almost obsolete now. It would be interesting, though.

I did giggle a bit hearing her comment. I have had feedings from a nasogastric tube as I mentioned above, but my fantasy that day was certainly more extreme than what I have truly experienced before.


Latex Ninja said...

Perhaps, a new rubberist in the making:)

Rubbery Goodness said...

The innocence of a child can be quite entertaining. I found that comment to be quite cute.

The reaction the mother had is what concerns me. I guess that's the basis for my 'keeping it at home' as far as my fetishes are concerned. I would love to wear my latex out in public, but it is not something that is close to being readily accepted but it is people like you that are going to make the strides.

I have mixed emmotions about it. In the mother's place I guess I would be concerned having the stereotypical attitudes towards these kinds of things, but in my heart of hearts I would have to know that the person underneath all of those layers is just like me, a kind and loving individual with many unique interests.

I just struggle with the part of me that identifies with the mother and the part that identifies with the fetishist.

Take care Latex Lady,


Latex Lady said...

Your comment goes straight to the heart of why I mentioned the incident. The mother was just being cautious and actually, I admire her willingness to let her child approach a strangely dressed person on the street...with caution of course.

If my burqa was made of silk, the mother would have the same reaction...women in burqas are extremely unusual in this part ofthe world. But they are not SUPPOSED to be threatening so I suspect she still would have let the girl approach.

One presumes that a mother in Afghanistan might be just as hesitant for her daughter to approach a western dressed woman in cropped t-shirt and jeans.

If I were dressed in a satin evening gown, would the mother have been any less cautious? Jeans and a sweatshirt? Granny dress?

My point is that a mother would ALWAYS be VERY watchful. This woman was tolerant of both her daughter's curiousity and my strange attire...but I'm sure she was ready to step in if she even suspected there was anything improper about my behaviour. That's what mothers DO.

y thought was that the woman was very nice to allow her daughter to approach me. So, I take it as a small sign that being fetishistic in public can be OK. Yes, people will be cautious, leary, concerned, shocked, appalled, curious, intrigued, smitten and ridiculing...but mostly they will keep it to themselves and let each of us be as we wish.


Dark said...

There is a diffrence between the usual bondage themed fetish dress and something like a burqa... regardless of what it is made of. It is an unual an religious dress in USA... unusual for a child because they EXPECT to see the face etc... of females. Of course, some people could fetishize a burqa, but I believe in the instant case, it is employed more as a "safe" means to cover the fetish attire beneath.

I suspect that the mommy would be less prone to have her little daughter approach a female in more "traditional" bondage looking fetish attire... rubber, gags, collar etc...


Latex Lady said...

I have to agree. I'm sure the pseudo-acceptability of my burqa, percived as a religious garment, made it much easier, I am certain, for the mother to allow the child to approach.

Which raises a question in my mind...since fetishistically dressed subs, in bondage and hooded and gagged, are not likely to be 'dangerous' to ordinary people...(after all, what could we do?) ... should ordinary people worry about approaching or seeing subs dressed in such a manner?

That is, in some other world, should it be possible for subs to appear in public in full 'sub-mode', fetishistically dressed, hooded, and gagged?

I think we SHOULD, but I don't see a subs-lib movement anytime soon! :)


Dark said...

It is not that people would be threated by a bound sub in public. It is just that they simply do not now how to relate to a person who seems to be deeply engaged in some sort of "ritual" evidenced by their attire.

Our normal attire is reasonably open and inviting for others to approach. But if we see someone is something quite unusual... and out of the context we are in... we are very confused as to whether this person is "one of us" or simply into their own thing... and just doing it in public.

Bondage attire would either be "just" a fashion statement... or defintely indicate that the wearer is in "scene mode" and this is akin to "having sex". As we typically don't move in on strangers having sex... I don't see why we should "move in" on those in some sort of ritual bondage scene.

Even at clubs, BDSM ones... it is rather poor etiquette to approach a sub I thought. Perhaps I am wrong...

Were I to see someone in "full bondage" rig I would think that there was some sort of "exhibitonist" thing going on... perhaps a humiliation thing... but I don't see the point of a sub in full kit going our for the newspaper...

Maybe some day... who knows?