Friday, April 29, 2005

Four Months - and I can Talk Again

I do apologize to everyone. I have been terribly lax in writing for the last three weeks. My only excuse is laziness, I'm afraid. Well, there were those several days in immobilized bondage, but I should have found the time.

Let me bring you up to date:

1) I am finishing my 4th month, still encased 23/7. Everything is fine and, due to the extended rainy and cool weather here in San Jose, I have had no heat issues. I expected to be encountering warm weather problems by now, but we've been lucky.

2) I have travelled, recently, to Washington, DC with Sir and we had a nice little stay and visited my parents again (they live in Maryland). I am happy to report that they are more comfortable with my lifestyle choice. My father is still a bit leary, but he was very pleasant and seemed much more at ease with my mode of dress. My mother escorted me to Georgetown center for some shopping one day and we had no problems with me being in a burqa.

3) I DID spend a few days in some very severe bondage as Sir wanted to experiment with how long I could tolerate immobility. It was interesting and after a while quite pleasurable. I was left completely encased fo rthose three days, never allowed to remove my skin suit and not bathed. I was fed and watered (rather like a plant) by maid and she also massaged my muscles to keep me from being too stiff.

During that little experiment I was bound to a leather upholstered Coubosier recliner and it was laid back at bedtime for me to sleep. I had some difficulty the first day with cramps after about 6 hours, but maid massaged those away and then after the first night I became very accustomed to not moving. For those of you interested in the plumbing issues, yes I was "medically managed" with regards to waste. When I was released and bathed, I was a bit red in places like my shins and inner elbows, but it cleared right up after a long bath and fresh emoulients.

4) Sir is returning to the UK sometime this summer and may be taking me along, he hasn't decided yet. He will be in Europe in early May and I will be here in SJ, but that is not unusual.

5) I find it very odd to be ungagged when out in public now. As I wrote last time, Sir now allows me to go out ungagged after my hundredth day in total enclosure, unless he decides for me to wear one. So suddenly I can speak to the woman at the bookstore when I purchase something or I can chat with my parents when we are at dinner. But I find it very odd sometimes and I confess, I still gag myself on occassion just because it now feels more natural to do so. Sir laughs and generally allows me to silence myself if I wish.

Nothing much more has happened these last three weeks. The neighbors are used to me now and I actually had a conversation with the woman who lives next door. She was a bit uncomfortable talking to someone covered in a white burqa at first, but after 10 minutes or so, we were pretty much over the shock and awe stage.

I am noticing that people have a bit of trouble talking to someone who is talking to them from beneath a viel lik ethis. They don't seem to know when to start responding...rather the way some telephone conversatiosn are stilted because the parties are not in sync timing wise. I'll speak, then I'll wait for them to respond, but by the time they do I have given up and start to speak again. I suspect it is the lack of visual stimulation they recieve from my burqa. No facial cues to trigger their repsonses from. I wonder if it is an issue in Muslim communities that veil heavily or does everyone adapt after a while.

I ordered a coffee at a cafe the other day and it took twice as long because the man behind the counter couldn't seem to get all the questions out in a timely manner.

Well, must go now. Please sned me comments and questions. I love reading them and I promise to be quicker about posting. It is interesting, but I have received only 1 negative comment on my lifestyle change in the last 4 months. Everyone who has read this blog (and its copy) have been most supportive...even the skeptical ones have urged me to continue. I am very grateful for the support.



Rubbery Goodness said...

I cannot express enough how much discipline you have shown with your devotion to this 'experiment' and I want to thank you for sharing, in detail, all of those thoughts and experiences that you've had.

I also am quite impressed with the results you've had in public so far. Perhaps more of us should wear our favorite latex-wear out. The more the public sees the more it will become second nature.

If I were that barista, I would probably purposely mess up your drink just so you would stick around a little longer...but that's just me. (By the way, I make the best latte this side of the Gulf, no question!) Ha-ha!

I can't wait for your next post to hear what you've been up to; I always look forward to them. Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

If i didnt know otherwise i would take all this as the stuff of fantasy, except its not, its 100% real and i think it - you - are fantastic.

I can only dream what it would be like to spend an day, let alone 4 months, covered in and bound by latex.

I wish you every sucess and hope - in the nicest possible way - that you never make it out of you rubber Heaven


Latex Lady said...

Thank you both for the kind words.
RG, I suspect that, on occassion, some of the clerks I have been dealing with in the grocer's or the coffeshop are, indeed, prolonging the transaction on purpose. That's OK...they are usually quite cute, so I have fun too :)

Anon... I hope to continmue this as well. I've been quite lucky so far in that the weather has cooperated. I do not think I could have been outside as much as I've been if we still lived in Dallas. It has begun to warm up here as well, but nowhere near as hot as DFW. I am, for th emoment, quite content to remain encased.


Anonymous said...

If you were to move to the UK with Sir where do you think you'd like to visit first? London would love you and your lifestyle!

Anonymous said...

content to remain encased

WOW WOW WOW :-D - four of the finest words i have heard for a long time. Encased......... fantastic!!


kapybara said...

Dear Lady,

I hope all is well with you and that your break from writing your diary will be short. Think how anguished the readers of Samuel Pepys diary are that he stopped when he did and his lasted for six years.

As well as enjoying reading about your experiences and sensations your diary has inspired me to make a catsuit for a friend, who is coming round today to talk about the design. I have some very thin, semi-tranparent latex which I wondered about using to make for wearing next to the skin. Then I could make a second suit to wear on top. Would you recommend this for comfort and movement?

Be inspired, pound the keys, your audience awaits.

regards, K

Latex Lady said...

I would hardly compare my musings to the writings of such as Pepys! But I do hope to get back to blogging my experiences soon. Just haven't had much to write about lately.

Your idea sounds good.I would recommend the chlorination procedure to make the latex very smooth and slippery.

Will your firend be wearing the catsuit for endurance level periods (> 12 hours)?


kapybara said...

Sorry - comparisons can easily be invidious and it really was as a gentle joking way of expressing appreciation. Who on earth was Pepys writing for? Diaries with no audience can be so intimate, but your blog also has a lovely public intimacy.

The catsuit is coming on and I'll phone my friend to arrange a fitting after I send this. She liked the semitransparent, but I don't think she will wear it for long preiods. I'm sure you're right about the chlorination. I wore a treated pair of boxers and vest over the weekend and they felt very smooth, cool and comfortable.

Coming over your way next Sunday for a meeting in Victoria, so I'll send a telepathic greeting. K