Friday, March 25, 2005

Life in Latex -- With a Cold

What a week.

I have not kept up this blog for several days because I have been in bed much of this week with a head cold. Only today have I begun to feel good enough again to actually spend some time typing.

So how does one live in rubber and have a cold? I am always almost completely covered, often wearing a gas mask, HOW did I ever catch a cold?

I don't know, but let me say it is NOT a pretty experience.

The messy part, of course, was the sneezing. And Sunday and Monday, the sneezing was terrible, frequent, and gross. I shan't go into much more detail except to say that despite the rather elaborate results of sniffles and sneezes in a full enclosure hood, I remained true to my goal of staying covered.

Maid had her hands full, however, since my refusal to give in to a silly virus and abandon almost 3 months of enclosure meant that I had to have my skin suit, the transparent full enclosure suit I wear all the time, changed at least three times a day.

Sir was most supportive. He left it up to me as to whether I would abandon the experiment or continue to persevere. He also made it clear that if it looked like developing into something more serious we would quit. But this cold never even moved all the way into my chest.

As you know, I have several transparent skin suits as I call them and I am put into a freshly laundered one each morning. Well Sunday and Monday I was put into a freshly laundered one three times each day. Maid was a wonder, helping me change, helping me soak myself in a warm, rubber lined tub, then bringing in a suit she had just cleaned and dried and slipping me into it. And she has remained gas masked and filtered during all that so as no tto contract it herself.

By Tuesday, the sneezing and concomitant fluidic ejaculations (not the fun kind you understand) had ceased and I merely felt miserable. I was sore, stopped up, doped up on cough and cold medicine, and generally no fun to be around.

Maid and Sir conferred, and I have spent the last three days in confinement and bondage...again, not the fun kind...I was ordered to stay in bed, still rubbered and covered in latex sheets and duvet, my stuffy head floating on three latex pillows, and to get better.

Maid fed me, Sir held me, they pushed fluids into me and helped me push fluids out and I spent three days virutally a prisoner of my own rubber cocoon.

If I had felt better, it would have been heaven. In fact, as soon as I am recovered I want to do it again...without the aches, pains, cough, and inflated head. Because, when I look back at the last three days, all but chained to my bed, I realize just how nice and comfy and warm and cozy it was being in rubber bedrest for three days!

We did discover that an inflatable hood makes a stuffy head feel long as you can at least breathe. But sneezing into a gas mask is just gross!

So, today, I am still a bit stuffy, but feel 1000% better and have come downstairs for the first time in a while. I am sitting here sipping a nice hot cup of soup (I developed a craving for chili while I was most ill), and blogging this little experience for the rest of you.

In the end, there was little difference between having a cold while encased in three layers of latex and having a cold wearing silk pyjamas. Except for the sneezing. I actually got pretty good at slipping tissues under my hood through the mouth hole and over my nose before I blew. But the pressure changes on my ears were not fun.

I have been un corsetted for three days which felt most odd. But today I am back in my little rubber corset (lavender) and lavender skin suit with a black dress over all that. I feel much better now and do not expect to have to change this suit until tomorrow's bath.

Quite honestly, while my first reaction Sunday was that a cold was going to be hell to bear with latex all over me, I have found that I had very little desire to remove my rubber. It is so second nature to me now that I really only feel comfortable with a couple of layers on. I was snuggling down deep in my little rubber cocoon bed and actually slept quite a lot over the last few days, feelig most protected and comforted.

I'm going to watch some TV now and then go back to bed...even this little bit of typing has tired me, but be assured, I am recovering.



Dark said...

Do take care of yourself and a speedy recovery to you.

gummitaucher said...

It´s so exciting to hear from you and your still ongoing experiment in total enclosure. I am sitting here in Germany and every other day click on you blog page to see if there is a new entry.

Right now I hope you made it through the cold all the way. I know how you feel. The sneezing must have been awful. But you are really something to still carry on.

Best wishes to you and take care.

Onij said...

Interesting, how did you manage to get a cold when your zipped up tighten than a ziplock bag? lol. I must praise you for seeing through this cold while still in latex. Being confined to your bed sounds very nice though, and relaxing. Anyhow, make a speedy recovery, chicken soup with rice or something like that.
Your #1 fan, Onij