Friday, September 10, 2010

A Break in the Heat

At long last, we've had a nice break in the heat. The temperature has dropped over the past few days and we had two days of torrential rains as a side effect of Tropical Storm Hermine. Unfortunately, that rain (about 30 cm in a day) cause flash floods and the weather spawned some very destructive tornadoes.

Sir and I spent much of the time indoors, however, and were quite safe. Our home is well above the flood plain and in a part of town not typically prone to tornadoes although any part of the DFW area is subject to them to some degree.

Nothing much to report. We took the opportunity of lower temps and rain to go out and have some fun. Dinner and movies in the cooler evenings. It was quite nice to go to a steak house and be able to eat a small plate of teak bites and potato under my red burqa. Sir allowed me to be un-gagged for the meal although I happily wore a very tight red silencing hood to and from the restaurant.

He has ordered me a new burqa in response to the comments from folks reading my last post. It will be in metallic platinum. Peter Leth, our master of rubber burqas, has come up with a new addition to the design which Sir likes a great deal.

I am looking forward to wearing it, as this new burqa will have three layers of occlusion and veiling. The new third part is supposed to be quite sever according to Sir.

For Labor Day we had some friends over, Sir cooked, and I was allowed to float around the pool in my white skinsuit and burqa. We even played a bit of pool volleyball and it was most fun. I must say, however, that a burqa is not the best attire for spiking the ball while standing in a pool. :-)

Floating in the burqas is amazing...all the rubber wetly flowing and settling and weighing me down, Our friends gently holding me up and caressing me, and being silenced and tightly wrapped and restrained...fantastic!

And, do not worry...we are always most careful with latex in the pool...I am never in any danger. If I don't say that I will have 20 comments about being careful ... please believe me when I say we know what we're doing and I don't recommend rubber enclosure in a pool without watchful, aware friends around.

Our friends were also in full enclosure for at least part of the day, although they shed their TE suits down to just briefs and bikinis for Sir's steak dinner. I, of course, was not allowed to shed anything, but was given a nice liquid milk-shake for my dinner. Sir was very nicely covered in an elaborate enclosure suit which he then took off to cook in. Under it he wore a rubber t shirt and rubber biking shorts of a most enjoyable nature.

Not much else to report. Sir is talking about us going to see Blue Man Group while they are here. That will be great fun, particularly swathed in multiple layers of metallic blue latex! I shall report back once we have seen the show.

It is once again clear and hot today, but with September here, the cooler temperatures of autumn are not far away.



Andrew said...

Can't wait to here all about the extra features Sir has planned for your new burqa. How long will it take for Peter to create it?

Latex Closetman said...

Great to see you blogging again Lady. Like you, it's been hot where I live and my rubbering does not get further than imaginings at the moment so let's hope we have a long fall and winter and that the oppressive heat goes away and stays there for a long time so that I can play catchup!

Looking forward to hearing about your new burqua when you get it!
As ever,

Anonymous said...

So you were in a pool, covered in rubber, practically blinded and gagged, playing volleyball? I hope you understand from a safety aspect how absolutely dangerous that was. It sets a poor example for others. You're lucky you didn't slip in the pool and drown. Your lifestyle has overwhelmed your logic. Thankfully, almost all of this is probably fiction anyways (remember, pics or it didn't happen).

gummitaucher said...

Dear Lady,

please let us know the details of your new burqa once it has arrived.

best wishes

Anonymous said...

Milions of people around the globe believe in fairy stories made up thousands of years ago by people with less innocent intentions than Latex Lady here.
Yes am talking about religions and gods and profets etc ...
The most horrible sufferings in the world have been inflicted in the name of those phantasies. Hatred is spread as we speak in the name of these fantasies. Not to speak about the discrimination of homosexuals, women, ...
All for the sake of power of the chosen few over the rest of us.
A few decennia ago, and rightly so, the world reacted with disgust against the apartheid regime in SA. Whites treating blacks as inferiour. Making them sit in seperate train cars, buses, not allowing them inside white bars, cinema’s, making them walk on different sidewalks, not allowing them to get an education, not giving them access to proper health care. Just because they were black.
Do the same thing to women but do it in the name of religion and a book written 2000 years ago and suddenly it’s allowed. It’s even your god given right to do so. Y’all have to be tolerant there.
Of course this Latex Lady thing is a fantasy. I’m not fooled and so are most of the readers. But so what? It’s innocent, it’s fun, it takes my mind of the ugly outside world for a few moments. You don’t like it: move on. Get out of here!
Maybe in 500 years from now this will be a new religion and the followers will make all women wanna walk around in rubber burkas with gags...well let our grand grand grand children worry about that than. At least I don’t see Latex Lady (and I also do think it’s a guy) go out in her rubber burka and blow up anything else than her mouth gag ;-) She’ll not blow herself up in the middle of a crowded market yelling Allahoakhbar the way the atrentive readers of those other fantasies books do.

Peace now wouldn’t that be great?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to hearing about your new latex burqa

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