Thursday, June 16, 2005

A Bit of an Adventure

I was out shopping today and stopped by the shop where I met the very nice lady a few weeks ago in the rain. We (maid and I) had a nice chat with her. I was in a long white dress and hood under my white burqa (it's been warm). maid was in her victorian uniform and a black hood under a black burqa.

We chatted for a while and drank tea. I bought a couple of pieces for the house. We talked about her time in Yemen and she asked about why we wore latex for our burqas.

We explained about wearing latex because Sir wants us to and how we enjoy it. She seemed quite comfortable with the notion of us being submissive. remember this is a lady in her 70's at least. She didn't seem surprised at the idea of two women submitting to a man.

After we chatted with her we went over to a local mall and did some more shopping. In one store we were trying some different perfumes and I am afraid we confused the shop girl by spraying colognes on our black and white latex gloves, then pulling them under our burqas to sniff them.

she was quite curious and asked why we were wearing burqas, why they were latex, and wanted to know what we wore underneath...we talked with her a bit and she let slip that she and her boyfriend like to get into some kinky rubber gear.

She told us she wore latex out clubbing sometimes, like a skirt or a top, but she was truly shocked when I told her that we were both in latex dresses and catsuits under the burqas.

And yes, I know cologne is not good for latex, but it wasn't much and we went and washed our gloves in the ladies room as soon as we had finished.

later, we left the mall and went to a cafe for a couple of coffees. Maid and I just sat at a table talking about some new latex clothing and some ideas I've had recently for restraining her during sessions. We attracted a fair amount of stares, but no comments. The waitress asked if we wanted refills. I suppose we did look a little odd, laughing and slipping our demitasse under our burqas to drink.

I tend to forget that we look odd to people now. The burqas look perfectly natural to me and I found myself the other day looking at a woman walking down the street and asking myself why she looked so odd. Then it struck me that I expected her to be more covered than she was. I have greown so used to the fact that maid and I (and even Sir) are covered in latex almost all the time that I am begining to find it odd to see flesh.

maid and I were talking about some new dresses Sir wants me to wear that are tighter and a bit more hobbling than my usual loose ones. Maid likes hers that are tiht and just below her knees. I like the look of them, but haven't worn them in public in years.

One of the things I want her to get used to is being tube fed and gagged for days at a time. I figure if I can do it, she should be able to as well, but she has never been comfortable with long term gagging and sleeping while gagged. But I was explaining to her over our coffees that I want her to be able to tolerate that and days of hooding and very long term encapsulation in the vac bed. I am certain that at least the couple next to us was listening in...people don't realize how closely you can watch them when you are the one in the burqa.

So we had a nice day out. Monday, we all leave for the UK for 2 weeks. We'll be touring the North and Scotland while Sir talks with money people. We have dinner scheduled with one of them. That should be interesting.



Z said...

Questsions, questions...

I'm curious about the vac bed - is it the version you can seal without leaving the pump running. If so does it really stay airtight for hours?

The only guys I know who make one like this are Maxcita did yours come from there or somewhere else?

Latex Lady said...

Sir's Vac bed will retain vacuum after the pump is off. It has a special valve and zipper arrangement. I do not know where he ordered it from, but Maxcita is a possibility.

We do have to vacuum it back down to full tightness eve3ry few hours, but it seems to hold the vacuum as long as he doesn't exhale into the bag.