Thursday, June 16, 2005

Rubber Enclosure for Sir

Several people have asked about Sir and his interests aside from being my Dom and maid's. He has suggested I document the last few days here where he has largely been at my disposal.

Sir has had a bad flu for the last week. no stomach issues and not even a headcold, but he's been feeling bad and wanted to stay home. This means he has been staying home all week. We decided that, as long as he was going to be home, he could be in Latex 24/7 like me (if he could take it)

The idea was his and we started about 4 days ago. Sir has a very elaborate suit with black and red stripes and a very alien style helmet. He often wears it around the house and he decided to see if he could keep it on for 4 days.

We started by me undressing down to my transparent skinsuit and bathing him. I shaved him and then dried him and lotioned his body that way is done by maid each morning.

We then slid him into the suit and hood. They are actually one piece when properly attached as the hood goes on to the suit with a zipped enclosure. It is possible for him to drink in the helmet, but there is no mouth and even the eyes are covered by mirrored goggle like lenses. The only air comes through hoses that curve around the head. But inside the hood he can breathe quite comfortably.

The suit can be locked on and I did so, then put him to rest on the couch watching TV for the day. He was fine for several hours, and even responded well when I played with him with a high power vibrator through his suit. Even though he was 'being ill' he was quite easily aroused.

We both had a nice liquid dinner. That is, we had milk shakes for dinner while we were both fully encased. Usually, SIR has something solid while I get to have the liquid dinner, but it worked out well this way.

Afterwards, I knelt on the floor beside him on the couch while he used me orally the way we like.
Then we went off to bed. He stayed in the suit all night without any trouble. In the morning I left him locked in and he asked to be put in the vacuum bed while I was bathed. But he got to watch through the clear latex when maid undressed me from my latex nightie and then when she brought me back to the bedroom and dried and dressed me.

Sir almost never watches this ritual for the last six months. He usually just lets me and maid do our thing as it were. But, since he was in double layers of latex bondage that morning, maid and I decided to give him a bit of a show.

So we played around a bit while maid dressed me in my most vistorian outfit. Heavy body corset, bloack shoulder length latex gloves, high necked ruffled white blouse with 3/4 length sleeves to show the gloves off more. She pulled smoky latex stockings over my legs and attached them to the corset's garters, then knelt down and put my nicest pair of knee high black rubber spike heeled boots on.

Finally, she slid a very tight ankle length skirt over my hips and knelt behind me to zip it down to the hem so I could barely move. Finally, she put one of my most restrictive hoods that has a condom gag, long nose tubes behind my head and straps and buckles.

With some strategically placed mirrors we made sure Sir, in his rubber bondage, got to see everything. maid was in a short french maid's outfit and we could both watch Sir respond to the show. It was loads of fun. We kissed and played and generally made him very anxious while pleasing ourselves more than usual.

I was supposed to free Sir for the morning, but insttead we girls decided to let him stew. Sir was in the vacbed sweating out his illness for about 3 more hours. Then, we let him out and maid took him to the bath and cleaned him and put him in another suit.

So the past couple of days have been like that. Sir has stayed in latex 23/7 just like me and is feeling much better now. We went out to a movie this evening ans he wore a catsuit under latex trousers and jacket ...just no hood. He even wore gloves out.

It has been a bit different with him encased almost as much as I, but the last few days have been lots of fun.



kapybara said...

Wow, next time I have flu I'll send for your expert team of nurses. I'm amazed that Sir wanted to, or managed to get better, with all that highly dubious medical attention going on - your usual wonderful combination of ordinary, extraordinary, humour and kink.
Have a good time in Scotland, which is home for me, although I live abroad just now. I'll be over there in the next few weeks and will keep a keen eye out for unusual burqua clad figures.
regards K

Onij said...

one word, Hot! make that 2 words, freakin hot! I need to see you next time I catch a cold

Latex Lady said...

LOL...I am happy everyone enjoyed my story of Sir and his recuperation.

Thanks for the fine comments

dutchbloke2005 said...

i was quite surprised Sir being encased aswell, and you taking the lead, seems yuo have a dom side if needed, thansk for sharing it with us.

peta said...

my is peta would love to be like you because i love wear letex to my life and the way look is beautiful and a friend to be in love with latex