Sunday, June 19, 2005

Here is a recent photgraph. I thought the camera caught the light very well in this one.

Swathed in latex burqa
Interesting event occurred earlier today I was shopping in a bookstore when a woman woalked up and began explaining that I should not be wearing a burqa as it symbolized oppression of women. She went at some length about how should not let a man do this to me, etc, etc.

She was polite, but firm. However, as I was gagged underneath I could only shrug my shoulders and walk away. Then it occurred to me that I was actually 'oppressed' in much the manner she meant...allowing a man to control my actions and dress...

But she thought I was rude...

I doubt she ever considered the possibility that I was gagged...much less that I might be pleased with the situation.



JudiBootie said...

Some people have brass balls the size of Texas.

Good thing you were gagged, although (from all the months I've been reading your blog) I'm betting you would have been much more polite in your explanation than I.

I have often thought about my submission in the context of oppression and have asked myself if I'm having a hand in setting back feminism.

I tend to think not because, although I was raised in the 70's in a decidedly feminist household I can (and do) keep my submissivenes mutually exclusive from my feminist side (neither of which is, by my own admission "hardcore.")

Anonymous said...

I am very pleased that you were gagged for shopping, woman voice should not be heard,and your husband is a wise man to insist on you wearing a gag

Latex Lady said...

I am so happy everyone enjoyed my little experience. It was truly the first 'negatve' reaction I've had presented to me.

Judi: I agree with you completely. Waht many people do not understand is that our submissiveness is a liberation not an oppression. It is the liberation of letting ourselves live as we choose.

Oppression only begins when choice is removed. But to make the choice to submit to another's will...for whatever purpose...can be one of th most liberating and fulfilling experiences.

Anonymous: I am happy you agree with my husband's dictates and my decision to comply with them. I am confident that I comported myself in the proper manner, although the poor woman did leave thinking I was rude. I thnk you for your comments. Please let me know if you have other thoughts about my experiences.

Dark said...

I have to disagree with your comment about submissiveness is not anti feminist because submissives choose to be submissive.

This is argument does not wash certainly with all feminists. Some, for example see porn as liberating to feminists because the performers chose to do porn.. and others see it as projecting a very negative image of females.

The notion of CHOICE is not at the heart of feminism. CHOICE is at the heart of freedom. Equality is at the heart of feminism. People who are free to make choices are not considered oppressed. But can you chose to be a prisoner, oppressed... in bondage? Obviously you can make such a choice. The appearance of the choice... the result as perceived by others is not the CHOICE... but the image and the result.

There is no "equality" in dom sub relationships... or where "power is exchanged". This is the truth... the fact that one may chose to surrender their equal position does not change the fact that the result is that they have LOST the standing of equality.

When we view porn we don't know the intention of the actors... we see what they portray.

Women have been oppressed in varying degrees in MOST cultures... fundamentalist islamic ones rank high in oppression of females. So being submissive and parading around appearing to be a muslim female IS reinforcing the image of oppression of females... WHETHER OR NOT THIS IS YOUR CHOICE or if you are "getting off" doing it.

I do not advocate restricting the freedom of people to do as they please. Yet, the perception of what they do by others is something we must consider... and may, in fact override our own desire to do as we wish.

Women is islamic cultures are being FORCED into the burqa... are being harassed and even murdered as if their lives do not count.

How to be submissive and wear a burqa? Do at home and not out where innocent people are being influenced by the oppressive and misogynistic images of oppression (submission) and anti women attitudes of fundamentalism.

Latexboy said...

Who in this day and age have the right to tell anyone what to wear. Good for you for wearing what you like even if sir tells you if you didnt want to do it you wouldnt. You seem a very strong person and well mannered, so keep up the good work. I have read all your post and enjoyed all of them. I wish i could wear latex like you. But alas i have a wife who hates any type of unusual fetish and two young children.

Latex Lady said...

DARK: I shall not engage with you on this issue of equality in power exchange relationships. It is a book length debate at least. I did not, however, mention feminism. I do not equate anything about feminism (or most other -isms) with equality or with choice.

But I have a question. If I convert to Islam, is it ok for me to 'parade' around in my burqa? Am I still a symbol of oppression.

If I 'parade' around in leather biker girl clothes am I a symbol of Anarchy? If I join the Hell's Angels does that make it OK?

This dichotomy confuses me. Everything can be a symbol of something.

Perhaps I at least call attention to the idea that women do wear burqas and soem are forced to. certainly, I provided this woman I wrote about the opportunity to express her opinions and attitudes about it.

LATEXBOY: Thanks for the kind words.


Dark said...

To answer your question... if you are a convert to Islam is it OK for you to wear their garb?... It would certainly be more authentic... and not a "ruse" to cover your "kinky" life style.

Having conceded the authenticity, I still argue that women in fundamentalist cultures are repressed, oppressed and diminished by being forced to wear anything...especially full cover. But males are equally oppressed by being forced to wear whatever their "religion" dictates... whether, Sikh, Jew, Christian or Muslim. Oppression is oppression.

Clothing can be used to send a message about the wearer. Bikers wear their leathers, presumably for safety reasons whilst biking. But many bikers are clearly rebellious outsiders... despite the fact that many "insiders" are getting into the harley thing. Many of these insiders embrace the biker scene precisely to let the rebellious side out.

There is no dichotomy if you look like a rebel and you act in an anti social manner. There might be one if you look like a monster and act like an angel

When you have the time...please feel free to engage in the debate about "equality in power exchange relationships". Do it at the IAR... where it makes more sense...