Sunday, June 19, 2005

Fascinating story here

Just came across this link. It is fascinating story about a young woman's experiment in veiling. I have to say I have not experienced as MUCH discrimination as she, but I have not been as analytical about it either.


Fred said...

Hey Lady I went to eastern Michigan University from 4/88 to 12/94. Interesting you should find this story. I saw alot of woman who wore veils when iwent to school their..

Dark said...

It cannot be denied that the wearing of the burqa represents a fundamentalist islamic view of the realtionship between males and females and the roles a and behvior which are permissible for each sex.

While some may argue that you can choose to wear the burqa and live by the fundamentalist values... and that your choice is the only thing that matters. Others will argue that the choice severely limits what a female can do and experience and this is a kind of restriction akin to slavery.

Although a female is who she is under the burqa... to the public she has surrrended most of her identity... especially when she is forbid to speak with strangers, men or even go about her business on her own... as is the expectation in some fundamentalist cultures.

These rules are so rigidly enforced that breaking them leads to honor killings which occur at the rate of 2 each day in pakistan. One might call this a small genocide of women.

The burqa is both a symbol of oppression and a means of oppression. Only those whose minds have been destroyed will embrace such life 24/7.

I haven't a clue why islamic fundamentalists would want to live amidst the satanic western cultures... in america and europe?

However if it enlightens people to the oppression... it may lead to the liberation of these oppressed females in the long run.

Beware of cults...