Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Summer Days in Latex

It's been a while since I made an entry. Things have been quiet and not much has been happening. We are preparing to travel again next week. Two weeks in the UK as Sir goes on a list of meetings raising capital for his new company.
The weather has definitely warmed here in San Jose, which has prompted me to stay indoors a lot. Sir has told me I may wear only the Burqa over my skinsuit if I wish, reducing the layers to only two. I have not felt comfortable with this, however. It feels like I am undressed if I just pull the Burqa on over my naked 'skin'. I am hoping for nice cool, wet weather next week in England.

Sir caught the cold this time. He has been suffering from a bad cold for almost two weeks now. He caught it on his last trip, I think. He is getting better now and is much more fun to be around

He did feel it necessary to punish me (a bit) for borrowing the neighbor's camera, but has said that, with his permission in advance, I may go online with a webcam. So, from time to time I shall. And we should have more pictures soon too. As many of you have mentioned, however, Sir is NOT a very good photographer. However, I intend to capture some photos of him as well.

Went out to see the new movie, Mr. and Mrs. Smith last weekend. It was hilarious and I love Ms. Jolie's latex outfit, but her leather coat was amazing too. And there is a lovely scene where she is meeting a bunch of other New York wives, but hasn't had a chance to pull off her kinky over the knee boots and fishnets.

We went to dinner after the movie the other night and that was nice. I have taken to wearing a gag that I can easily remove under the burqa. It is either a small ball gaga that fills my mouth or a short collar that wraps over my mouth and is zippered.

This way, I can go out in public gagged as I enjoy, then remove it at dinner. I was asked recently how I eat in the burqa. I have adopted a practice of taking a small plate or bowl under my burqa and just eating from inside. It is easier than trying to get each fork or spoon ful up under there.

I usually eat a little steak and vegetables precut into small bites. Teppanyaki restaurants work well for this. We do get a few stares, particulalry when my hands, gloved in tight latex, come out from under the burqa and pick up a bowl or a fork. People stare, but no one ever says anything.

I think that's about all for now. Hope to hear from everyone.



kapybara said...

Dear Lady
it is always very enjoyable to read your diary so please rest assured that your writing is greatly appreciated and that it's a disappointment not to find a new entry.
There was a big fetish club event here last weekend where I met up with a couple of friends who were wearing latex outfits I had made for them. They looked really good - it's a thrill to see clothes that you've put some imagination into, especially if it brings out a strong aspect of the person.
So far I haven't seen anyone here wearing a latex burqua, but I'll let you know as soon as I do.
Have fun in London, but don't wish too hard for cold and rain - we usually get their weather two days later and we've had enough of that. On the other hand it's great for bringing out pretty women in tasty rubber boots.
regards, K

Anonymous said...

It's not cool and rainy in Britain. It's sweltering, even out in the countryside. It'll be even hotter in the city.