Thursday, April 27, 2006

Visiting Ireland again

Well, we are back in Ireland. We were last here in November. Sir has more business and has brought me along for a holiday.

Went out yesterday in the cool blustery wind and did a bit of shopping and siteseeing.

Much more pleasant weather today. Yesterday reminded me more of San Jose.

Not much else going on. Sir has given me a new white burqa with a full face hood built into the inside. The hood has no mouth and the eyes are covered with perforated latex. This means it obscures my vision because i have to look through two layers of perforations. That is actually si very snug and comfortable.

All else is fine.

I shall write again soon about our furhter Irish adventures



Leader-Phil said...

Great to here your enjoying yourself in ireland and it great chatting with you the other evening let's do it again. I glad to see that as agreed that your to remain covered in public agaian.

inltxalwys said...

We are pleased to hear your continued adventures. Thanks for sharing as always.

Onij said...

Lol do you ever stay in one place? Please continue your wonderful adventures.

Anonymous said...

glad to hear you are travelling through the world in this way (gagged and hooded). your story has been a great inspiration to me :)

Anonymous said...

Are you still wearing latex underneath?
How many masks are you wearing?
Is it possible to get a picture?
I have been following this blog for sometime now and I would love you to get back to more detail on how long you spend in your burka's and what you are wearing underneath. Because I can't wear this full time I am enjoying it through you.


Cariad's Master said...

Great to see more blog from you.

When are we going to see you and Sir in Wales. It is just as beautiful a country as Ireland!

Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Hedley King said...

Hi Lady and Sir,
It is always great to chat with you about your experiences and because i live by myself it breaks the loneliness i sometimes feel. I like yourselves love wearing latex and rubber and enjoy the dress of othe people.
You have some lovely latex wear and i thank you for sharing it with me

Limerick Rub said...

Dear latex lady,
greetings from down the coast from Limerick.
I have been reading your blog with intense admiration and incredulity!Especially about you going around Galway and Ireland fully rubberised!Fair dues to you and sir for being able to do this without any bother or hassle from the natives,as I find we are a most suspicious lot and not able somtimes to handle weird or anyway "abnormal" dress and behaviour here in Ireland.
Just once my girlfriend wore a black latex knee length skirt to a night club here.The comments,looks and sheer hostility made it a decision for us to leave early.It was a supposedly modern and trendy nightclub as well :[
But anyway,again congrats and keep up the lifestyle you chose.Regds
Limerick Rub