Friday, April 07, 2006

Finally a Little Peace

It has been a very hectic and sad couple of weeks but I am finally feeling better now.

First, we heard of the death of a friend of ours in the UK. It was most tragic and unexpected.

On top of that I have been busy with household things and some writing and have not written here for a while. However, things are much better now. I was truly distracted after hearing about our friend, but I am getting my equilibrium back.

Went out yeasterday and had lunch with a colleague. I am considering a return to teaching since I do not have to be completely sealed in latex anymore. That is all startng to take shape. However, I find I still WANT to be covered in public and truly do not feel comfortable on those few occassions when I have ventured out with my head and face uncovered.

For the record, that is still the ONLY part of me that is ever not rubber covered when I go out...and the last time I went out with an uncovered head was in February.

Of course the weather has helped here in the bay area. It has been raining almost non stop throughout March which makes it perfect for rubber burqa wear!

I also had to deal with Sir being gone for a few days and that has always made me restless, particularly since maid is gone. BTW, maid is doing very well and we are expecting to visit her and her partner/mistress sometime this summer.

But the past two days I have spent chatting with friends over the net, wrapped in my dress and hood and burqa all in a wonderful sense of comfort and protection.

Sir and I are getting back to normal after a very busy time. I hope to be writing here again soon. It has been lovely the past two days talking to friends. I hope those of you who were online with me had an enjoyable time too. I truly love chatting and camming with you when I am allowed to do so.



Leader-Phil said...
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Leader-Phil said...

Dear Lady

I'm truly glad to see that you and sir are doing fine.. I am glad to hear that you're going to go back into teaching that's great to hear.

I realize you miss the 23/7 encasement However you're staying true to your word that you have become a total slave to wearing latex i am so happy for you in that manner.

I sleep on occasion totally encased in my PVC suit. I invite you to take a look at my blog and leave comments as well as..


beautysin said...

thank you for your update. it was very nice to have talked to you online recently, and to know you are doing well and are happy. my best to Sir and you, always.

Dark said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Death is something we never get used to.

Good to hear that there is some spring in your life.

hotgentleman said...

Thank you for again posting. I was afraid we had lost you forever. You are an inspiration to us all. hg

veiled slave said...

Sorry to hear about your friend, glad you are getting your balance back. I am pleased to hear you are still wearing a burqa to go out. I am forced to wear a burqa all day now, with hijab & niqab underneath & gag & posture collar under that.
Take care,we all wish you well.
veiled slave

Anonymous said...

I still expect a lot of involvment and intelligence about fetichism and slavery when I go to your blog. You are still a model for many of us ! In my case, my mistress have decided to add more tattoos to my pubis - a kanji meaning "obey" - to show me that I am for ever a slave to her and to latex I now wear on a 10/24 h bases on week days and 24/24 on week-ends... Of course this implies also an enforcement of my chstity ordeal, from 6 to 12 weeks. Thank you for showing the road !

mayfleur36 said...

Dear Lady,

Please accept my condolences, on the loss of your friend, in the UK. I can empathize, with your grief.

I know how hard it is, when you lose a good friend.


Cigamybab said...

Wazz up Latex is hot and so is your blog

Hedley Kingzdcanoj said...

hello lady,
your diary is quiet exquisite and interesting about your daily life in rubber and your experiences with sir as a master of you.
i love chatting with you online and being able to keep up with regularly and i thank you for that.