Saturday, October 08, 2005

A Night at the Cinema

Wallace and Gromit make me laugh. We went to see the new movie last night. Very funny.

I needed a bit of cheering up as, by the end of the day, I was a bit sniffly again over the cat. So when Sir told me we were going to go see the movie when he got home I got dressed up in shades of tint skinsuit, red corset, gloves, catsuit, and hood with built in gag. Then red burqa over all that. maid also bound my arms to my sides with a waist/wrist belt on the outside of my dress.

I have been feeling the need for a lot of restrictive bondage since kitty passed...i think it just makes me more comfortable to be encased and secured.

He got home just as I finished getting dressed and I was waiting for him in the living room. we were very short of time, so he just changed quickly into a catsuit with slacks and blazer over it, then we hustled into the car and headed for the cinema. I should mention, He likes to wear a gloved catsuit when we go out so he is almost as sealed as I am.

It felt a bit weird to be going into a G-rated film all sealed, gagged, and bound. The audience was predominantly junior high and college age as far as I could tell with my limited vision. We garnered a lot of looks, particularly as Sir was obviously in latex too. I do not think anyone confused my burqa for red silk last night!

We made our way to a seat high in the cinema, and moved into the center of the aisle. Watching kids scramble to let the weird flowing woman pass was fun...I know how nuns felt in the 60's now!

The cinema was full. After we were settled, Sir on my left and a girl of about 16 and her boyfriend to my right, a little girl of about 12 was heading for her seat when she tripped over my burqa as it filled the aisle in front of me somewhat.

I, of course, could do nothing being restrained beneath the red rubber, but Sir reached out a gloved hand and caught her. I saw her eyes widen as she felt the strange material and knew she would be gossiping to her friends down the aisle when she returned.

Sure enough, when she came back from the snack bar, Pepsi in hand, she surreptitously (but not very) managed to brush her hand on Sir's knees and then on mine, through the rubber. Fortunatley, she was sitting at the other end ofthe aisle so we did not have to listen to the chattering that i feel sure occurred.

I was glad that the female half of the couple next to me was sitting directly to my right...I am certain the 'feeling' incidents would have been much higher throughout the evenng if her boyfriend had been there.

The movie was fun. Wallace and Gromit are cute and Gromit is always a delight as he plans things out and communicates his emotions and intents without the aid of dialog (perhaps that is why I like him so much).

The story was silly and the scenes were ludicrous and I found myself laughing behind my gag so much I was in danger of choking :) is a very cute movie.

We ALWAYS wait for the credits to play out and this was no exception. This is our way of shoig respect to all the people who make a film atually happen. So much of the aisle's inhabitants passed in front of us as we watched the credits with their cute floating bunnies (I shan't say more for fear of spoiling it).

But I do swear, my burqa must have been brushed against by naked hands 3 dozen times! For a moment, I though some of the kids were circling back to the other end of the aisle so they could pass by us again.

We made our way out and then went to a quiet restaurant for a light supper for Sir. I did not eat, of course. I was fed later when we arrived home.
sir and I had a good laugh over the movie and the reactions. I felt much better after that, but did request to be allowed to sleep in my laceup bondage bag. He agreed, so i spent the evening immobilized in heavy rubber, hanging from two hooks in the playroom...hammock fashion.

I feel much better this morning and do not feel any impulse to the sniffles or tears...which is good...crying in a rubber hood is less than perfect.


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