Friday, July 22, 2005

The Family Reunion

I just realized I never actually got around to blogging our Family Reunion with Sir's family. With all the trouble in London, I suppose I forgot that I had not actually detailed our visit to Sir's family.

After we checked into our hotel (and after a very long flight from London) we waited a while until our son and his girlfriend, Wei, checked into the same hotel. So, we met our son and Wei for dinner.

For dinner we went downtown to a very nice restaurant. I wore my white burqa and Sir wore his black latex blazer and slacks. I have mentioned before that our son came out to us at Christmas about his own rubberist predelictions. He wore black rubber slacks and blazer too over a red catsuit. Wei showed up wearing a cute little sailor outfit in latex. She had picked it up in Japan. It has a very short blue skirt and a white top with blue sailor collar, a big red bow, and long gloves, all in latex. She was just gorgeous.

We had fun at dinner and got to know Wei more. she was fascinated with how I have to eat in the burqa and I just loved watching her and the two most important men in my life.
The next day we went to see Sir's family. Wei wore her sailor outfit again so as to make me feel more comfortable with two of us in latex. Sir's family were very shocked when we first showed up and I was afraid they would not be accepting of me in my rubbered state.

Sir and I had decided that, as with my family, I would remove my burqa and let them see me with a transparent faced hood. Once I removed my burqa and we explained that this was smply how I was dressing now, everything pretty quickly got back to normal. Certainly, they think I'm weird now, just as my own family does, but they were already sure of that with respect to Sir. It helped that Wei was with us in her latex skirt and top.

For the first day I was wearing my long white dress and a white hood with transparent face. I was still wearing a transparent skin suit underneath, so I had two layers of transparent latex between me and the world. There were miscellaneous niees, nephews, and cousins and Sir's great nephew whos only 1. His mother was a little leary of handing him over to me until I smiled at her and told her, "it's ok, I'm sterile". I wasn't of course, but it broke the ice.
I had never held a baby while covered in latex. it was just a bit strange feeling his skin under my fingers, but not feeling it, if you take my meaning.

The next day I wore my grey victorian which garnered quite a lot of comments and even compliments from sir's sister who sews like I do and was amazed at the accuracy and detail of the bustle skirt and blouse styling. I must say I missed hte matching hood, but chose no tto wear it that day. I wore a black one with transparent hood. Wei wore a very pretty, short black rubber jumper over a white latex blouse. It was really a kinky english schoolgirl costume, complete with white rubber knee high socks and a little redstriped rubber tie but I don't think anyone in sir's family recognized it as such.

We had a wonderful time and it was great to be able to share our rubberized life with our son and his girl friend. It made things a bit more acceptable to his sister and nieces and nephews that Wei wore rubber too. As we were saying our goodbyes back at the hotel, I thanked her. She seems completely comfortable with being a rubberist. I think her combination of Asian and Manhattan upbringing has something to do with it.

We flew back the next day with, once again, no issues, then Sir had to turn around and fly to London where, of course, the bombings happened. We had started to go out again last week, but since the second round of attacks this week, we have decided maid and i should stay indoors mostly. of course, she can go out in just her maid's uniform with no hood for food shopping and such, but I am to remain indoors until Sir feels it is safer for a burqa'd woman to be seen around San Jose. Right now, i probably WOULD be stopped by cops and forced to show myself.

Everyone take care and I will write again soon



Onij said...

Hello mam, just the other day i remembered you mentioned to me about a possible family reunion some time ago, and now i see you have posted about the experience, what luck. So i take it that Sirs family became more comfortable with you and Weis lifestyle. How did that the nieces, nephews , and younger kids reacted. Are there any reunion plans for your family. Please becarful in London, I can imagine how hectic things are there. Overall, Im doing good, I still have plans to make custom latex clothes, when I do, you will be the first to know. Take care mam

Latex Lady said...

The other relatives handled things quite well. There weren't any other children than our great nephew, but sir's Nieces and Nephew were not too put off. They are young, in their 20's and pride themselves on being 'cool'.

By actually joining us in latex wear, our son and his g/f who are also in their 20's made us look 'cool', I think.


Veiled Slave said...

Hi, good to hear your family visit went so well. I am always so pleased my family are supportive of my veiling. I do beleive my father would be happy for my mom to start dressing the same way!
Yes, my Master/husband has kept me locked up indoors in purdah since 7/7 also, He says it may be some time before he feels it is safe for me to go out except with him in the car at night, especially as our police seem to have become quite trigger happy.
Take care, your blog is always interesting.