Saturday, July 02, 2005

Returning Home

We are back in the US now and I wanted to let everyone know how today's flight went. It was an interesting eway to spend my 180th day in total enclosure. Can you believe, this experiment has been going on 6 months? I must say, that, while there have been some challenges, I almost cannot imagine living unenclosed anymore.

I Was awakened at 7 this morning for our return flight. Maid had already managed our luggage and laid out my travelling costume for the day.

After last night's session with our friends I was, quite hnestly, exhausted and limp as a kitten. Madam has that effect on me since she has assumed a role more of dom and less of confidante. She is most extreme, strict, and quite unrelenting in her kink. Sir had granted her total access to me for whatever scenarios she desired. I shan't go into more detial here, but suffice it to say that she has an excellent imagination for dominance games, a tremendous energy for execution, and no inhibitions about how subs may be treated.

All in all, when we returned to the hotel around midnight, maid and I were both quite ready for a good night's sleep. Sir too was quite relaxed and had enjoyed himself immensely and in ways he seldom has opportunity to explore.

Maid, thank heaven, had prepared for a less than energetic return. She got me ready for bed quickly andI was asleep in skinsuit and nightgown within moments of our arrival. I presume she settled herself shortly thereafter.

Our sleeping arrangements for this last night in the UK were in a joined suite. The rooms were configured with double beds and Sir chose to sleep alone, also encased in latex, as he sometimes does. I was in the bed next to his, as I said, in a nightgown of lavender latex over my lavender skinsuit.

It has been a challenge this trip to get my skinsuits cleaned and dried in time to maintain our protocol as we only packed 4, But she has done well and has kept me in clean, dry sauits and my body well lotioned and shaved smooth.

Maid, with our luggage and hers has been sleeping in an attached set of rooms, also with double beds. she is charged with keeping my clothes ready, cleaning and drying and preparing them and of course bathing and grooming me. In addition, when we have not gone out to dinner, she is in charge of arranging our meals and, if necessary, feeding me.

She had prepared for a late night return by laying out today's travel costumes for both herself and me before we left and insuring that only the minimum packing would have to be done this morning.

Consequently, rising at 7, we were in plenty of time to get me bathed and properly costumed for my return to the states. Maid, as well, was under orders to dress very elaborately for this trip. First she bathed me as usual then I was slid into a transparent catsuit with no hood. This is the same suit I wore going through security to get here. An open faced hood in bright white was used to provide head coverage so that a security person could ID me.

Over this I was put into a long, straight, tight skirted travel dress with high collar and built in gloves at the ends of the sleeves. This is a new dress Sir collected from our friends and it has disctintly Victorian touches all over it. Ruffles at neck, bust, and cuffs, a very tight waist (I am corseted, of course) and the shape of the skirt are all very Victorian. The rubber is colored lovely dove gray with hints of silver. I have never seen anything like it.

It was actually quite hobbling and rather different from my usual travel dresses, which are full skirted, but Sir wanted me to be significantly restrained on the flight. Over the dress, I was wearing a matching latex Victorian bustle skirt. This quite dramatically enhanced my view from the aft as it were, but it was lovely. It draped over my hips in multiple folds and just looked beautiful

My boots were knee high, black rubber with 5 inch heels. The corset underneath was my black rubber one that actually laces over my hips for further hobbling.
Maid was dressed in her classic English maid's uniform with long a-line skirt and white high necked blouse underneath. She was also gloved and was wearing a black open faced hood so her identity check may be perfoemd.

Of course over all this we wore our black burqas. She has her own now as I think I have mentioned.

Once in the terminal we were met at the check in by a representative of the airline who escorted us through security and into the airline first class lounge. At security maid and I had to wait a few minutes with six other fully veiled women who were also being escorted through and checked in private by a female security person. These women were in traditional muslim clothing including niqabs and boushiyas, but we were the only two burqas. Two of the six were children, probably under 16, judging from height. were were all in black and maid and I did not seem to raise any veiled eyebrows in our latex burqas.

Once in the transit lounge, I swear we saw at least 30 other women who were completely vieled including their faces as well as an even larger number of women in hijab and jilbabs. Not to mention about 20 men in white saudi dress.

In the airline lounge maid and i went into a ladies room to redo our enclosure. She put me in a black hood with a small, rubber in-the-mouth gag and no mouthole and only a small pair of eyeholes. In addition, Sir required that I wear a mouth covering posture collar during the flight as well. So I spent the 10 hour flight with a soft rubber balloon in my mouth as well as my more usual mouth covering.

I put maid into a similar hood and collar (we carried these in her carry on luggage as usual) and we both kept the open faced hoods on under these so we were wearing three layers over our heads and four over our mouths for the entire trip.

Maid also placed a waist/arm restraint around me and secured my wrists to my sides so I had no use of my hands or arms from that time until just before we landed. Sir had, again, very arbitrarily decided that I should be heavily restrained on this flight.

We boarded and had an excellent flight. We, of course, had to go to the lavatory to change our hoods before landing, but that went just fine. There were two other women I saw board in niqabs, one up in first class with us and one in business or coach.

I must say the customs people here in the US were not as comfortable this time with handling veiled women, but they gave us a female examiner and handled it in the end.

We are now in a hotel and tomorrow will visit Sir's family for a reunion. It is very warm here in Texas, but maid and I are doing OK. The hotel is very nice and well air conditioned.
That is about all for now.


Sealed said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip to the UK - even with our erratic weather. I am finding it difficult to handle life in rubber when there is a sudden increases in temperature, so am very impressed with the relativly active time you have had travelling around the country (even with AC on the trains).

I was interested in your description of the strict attire you wore on your air trip back to the US. Very hot. Did you have any feelings of apprehension in obeying Sir's wishes in wearing this attire? Is there an element of challange or excitment in pushing your limits? Or maybe this was a walk in the park for such a pro?

Best wishes with the family visit,

Latex Lady said...

Thank you for the kind wishes. The weather was hot and it was the most burdensome aspect of the trip. I have traiend myself to deal with it though and we specifically had air cponditioned hotels, autos, and even trains.

Regarding attire. I always have a bit of apprehension but i also know two things:
1) We are not violating any legal issues
2) I refuse to be embarrassed about my predilictions

I WISH sometimes that I could NOT wear the burqa, but just go out in black hood with nice trim and just my eyes showing. However, this WOULD get me in trouble. The way we do it now, after several trips, seems to be the best way to effect our desires while confomrming to society's tolerances.

But it is ALWAYS exciting...I often wonder what I would do if a flight attendant accosted me...but these things just seem to work out.

Meeting Sir's family now that I am encased was far more challenging and scary..but went well...more on that in my next entry


Rubberjohn said...

Thank you for sharing this exciting adventure with our community of rubberist enthusiasts. You are becoming an icon for your determination to sustain long term encasement, which is a dream for many of us. Living since 6 years in full time chastity and part time rubber, I envy you but I have to share my passion for rubber encasement with social constraints, working and making money for example. And as a male, I don't imagine wearing a burka to hide my rubber garments even if I don't hesitate to go outside in full latex catsuit and SBR macintosh.... But I can't imagine living without rubber and chastity ! . Go on with passion and enthusiasm,I fully support your predicament.

Latex Lady said...

RubberJohn: Thank you for the kind words of support. You must also be deeply committed to your lifestyle to have spent 6 years in chastity. Are you in latex enclosure all the time except when you are in public?

It does take some work to arrange but it is certainly worth it. I now find I can hardly imagine life not in latex.

We have discussed and experimented with chastity in the past and certainly I am restrained from access to myself quite often, but the formal wearing of a belt has never been one of our fetishes. But I can certainly understand the attraction to a submissive person.


Rubberjohn said...

Thank you for your comment. Chatisty is not a fetish for us. I discovered that chastity and frustration enhanced my pleasure to wear latex and to sustain long term bondage. So we decided with my wife to reach a higher level of commitment and to make a decisive step forward in modern servitude. I has been a conscious decision, based on love and mutual consent. My life is now, six years later, split in two parts : social and business visible life, and internal slave ordeal. Chastity is a bridge between these two sides while I wear full time 24x24 one of my chastity cages (The Curve, CB3000, Remy's Tube), even during business trips. Moreover I am now deeply tatooed - large ownership slave marks on pubis -and pierced in the genital area which is no longer my property. My dedication to latex is now total, while I have no other possibility of pleasure. Sexual denial has an intense compensation through an extensive use of latex and rubber garments of all kind. My wardrobe is diversified, as well as accessories. I live and sleep in full latex as often as possible, and I can sustain long time wear, every night in full latex gear and hood under latex sheets or rubber sleeping bag, always on the floor. I am in chastiity 98 % of the time and latex (only) 25%. But we have already decided that after the end of may active working time the target will be 85% in rubber and 100% in chastity...

Anonymous said...

I love chastity belt too.