Sunday, December 26, 2004

Reply to Dark's Questions

Dark posted some queries to my last article. I thought I would answer them here rather than in another comment to that article.

Very nice questions, Dark.

Sir and I have found that very thin latex is the least reactive. My transparent latex is very thin (and fragile) and for this new experiment in 24/7 enclosure, I am taken out of my full enclosure suits and bathed at least once, sometimes twice a day.

We lubricate the suits with a silicone spray or lotion, sometimes, but I find that I can usually slip into even tight latex with no lubricant. I have never had much skin reaction to rubber and I don't generally develop rashes or redness. Just lucky, I guess.

We have found that washing new latex items in a mild soap before we wear them helps a great deal to make them more wearable. Sir develops sweat rashes when he wears too heavy an outfit for too long or in too hot a weather.

I am a bit concerned that in the summer, when I go our fully encased, I may develop some heat-based reaction, but Sir assures me I won't be out that much in the sun. the weather here in Northern California is far more conducive to this experiement than that of Texas.

The biggest problem I've had in the last week is learning to sleep in my hoods. At first, I found that as soon as I drifted off to sleep I would wake up feeling that I couldn't breathe. But, after a few nights, I was much better. I have learned that sleeping on my stomach or on my side is better than on my back.

We haven't moved on to sleeping in the vac bed for full nights yet. I have dropped off to sleep in it or in my inflatable body suit on occassion after a heavy bondage session, but never for a full night.

I do not miss 'normal' clothes. Sir has had me dress formally for years...that is, no slacks or pants...always skirts, dresses, and suits. I enjoyed wearing my nice suits and dresses, but since I began wearing latex undergarments several years ago, I have become very used to the feel of latex against my skin. So, dressing in it all the time doesn't raise any nostalgia for wool, cotton, silk, or leather. I actually wore leather in my former life a lot. I have several very nice leather business suits and outfits because Sir and I both enjoyed the look of it.

Wearing rubber is not mundane, but it is normal. Of course, I have just begun to wear it exclusively and there is still a definite frisson of fear and excitement when I have to go outside. I don't have a problem being fully enclosed in the house. It just feels comfortable. I've been wearing full enclosure suits for many hours most evenings for the past couple of years, so the extended time has not been that hard to get used to.

I DO wear a lot of transparent clothing around the house. Enclosure suits, dresses, and catsuits and hoods. Sir enjoys the look of very thin transparent latex with color tints, so one of my favorite items is a thin, transparent lavender rubber nightgown.

I would have to ask sir about writing any sort of biography. He has ordered me to publish our latest experiences on this blog, though, so who knows. As far as pictures go, there will be some on this blog and there are some at my yahoo profile (latexladyll).

Whenever we go out, with me gagged and in full enclosure under the burqa, Sir has been with me so far. I do not know if or when he will require me to venture forth totally on my own. The other day in the mall, he told me to go shop for his Christmas gifts, but he was always nearby in case i had any trouble. In fact, he was just about to come help me out with the adamant clerk when i remembered I had cash enough for the purchase.

I DO wear the burqa out to dinner...I just am not allowed to eat!

I can't eat because I am gagged under the burqa when we go out in public. I will write about our experiences at a resaturant in my next article.


Dark said...

Thanks for some of the answers to my tirade of questions. It brings home to me that some people can wear latex with ease and comfort and others ... love it... but "suffer" a not inconsiderable amount of discomfort. I am referring ONLY to the physical and not the psychological. I know this especially true for wearing of hoods, because the desire may be stronger than the ability to endure some "ill fitting" head enclosures.

Of course "climate" makes a huge difference to physical comfort when wearing latex. Dry, relatively cool is much more comfortable. And of course the tolerance for variations in "micro climate" is amplified by rubber enclosure. Since you wear so many layers it would seem that you are "immune" to this, or "like" it... or have been largely in comfortable air conditioned climates.

Since you mentioned your family and you also mentioned that you and Sir have been rubber inclined for almost 3 decades it is understandable that they would "accept" you wardrobe preferences are "normal"... but this would not be the case for new friends and others who are not "aware". Surely you have developed responses when probed about your latex clothes? Have you found other rubberists specifically approach you BECAUSE you are wearing latex to strike up conversation?

The Dom sub aspect of your relationship appears to have been how you "learned" latex? It is not completely clear if you wear it because of Gent's desires or you are now a latex fetishist irrespective of him. Answering that may be almost impossible because you are almost as "one". So the question is... can someone... from your point of view.. "learn" to fetishize something like latex?

And finally, some wear latex for its sexual power over them.. or have their partner wear it. Others wear it because they like it's sensual qualities. I suppose some wear it for different reasons at different times. Obviously an inflatable hood is different from a latex business suit. Could you comment on how you relate to latex wearing and enclosure in different circumstances.


Latex Lady said...

yes, my family accepts my latex predilictions with an aplomb built over 30 years of fetish. I'll write a bit more about that in my next full article.

Sir and I keep the temperature in our home at about 68 most of the time to avoid heat problems. he wears full enclosure a lot as well and is a big man so that can be an issue if he doesn't keep himself cooled off. I personally seem to regulate temperature better and have no problems even in warm weather...up to about 80...beyond that, yes, it is a burden to wear latex in the i don't often do so.

I wear latex because I love it. It was new to me in 1975 and i learned about it as part of my submissive relationship, but I embraced it very quickly and now i don't think I would ever willingliy be without a lot of it in my wardrobe. I like the color, the shine, the tight feel, the slinkyness and the smell...although I prefer the modern material over what we had 30 years ago.

I certianly think people can learn to fetishize anything. Sir has conditioned me to enjoy things over the years that I would never have expected to provide pleasure. And many did NOT provide pleasure at first...suffocation scenes for instance took a while to click into the pleasure center of my brain.

I have had people ask me in public where I got a dress or why I wore rubber. I just say that i like the look and feel and the practicality. Wearing rubber dresses while raising an infant in the UK made a great deal of sense.

I've been approached by a few people who have told me they were rubberist ... even that they were wearing rubber ... but that happens very seldom. I've had some nice conversations though.

People do wear any amterial for different reasons at different times. sir and I wear full enclosure suits because we enjoy the feel of rubber hoods and masks and body coverings. I wear dresses and blouses/skirt sets because I like the look of it as walk and sit...and I always enjoy the a silk that pushes back a bit when you move.

But heavy rubber costumes and breathing hoods and sexual appliances we wear for the fantasy and the reality of domination and submission...totally differnet reasons that come together occassionally. i suspect people who wear leather skirts and coats out in public, then wear lkeather hoods and armbinders in private probably feel the same way.

Onij said...

Hey Latex Lady, who's your favorite latex company or companies? Mine are Simon O, Marquis, HW Design and Fierce Contoure

Latex Lady said...

I find the best quality from Demask, Studio Gum, Simon O (my new condom hood is from them) and Cocoon. I like the styles of Libidex, Honour, and Polymorphe. Style O.G. has nice things too. But Sir collects rubber from all over the world for me, so I don't have specific favorite vendors.


Dark said...

Happy New Year Lady and Gent.

Loved the christmas story!

Since you and Gent have been wearing latex and rubber for decades, would you mind commenting on how the rubber garment Industry has changed over the period? What was it like getting fashionable street-wearable rubber back then as compared with now? Do you have mostly made for measure garments or are you a size that fits into "off the peg" models. Do you prefer glued or sewn rubber for fashion rubber? Sizing standards are noticeable variable in the rubber garment industry and this is a problem when we can't try on an item.

Have you had any of your wardrobe treated or chorinated so that no lube is needed? Do you never, occassionally, often or always polish your rubber?

Have you had any "wardrobe failures" to use the Janet Jackson term, where the latex ripped catastrophically when you were out... since you wear you latex so often and so much. Many of us do not have the experience of putting our latex to such "endurance" tests. How often to do "retire" an item from active use and for what reasons?

And finally, aside from your enclosure suits, or even including them if you like.. do you think you might take on the task of describing your entire latex wardrobe, not in detail, but in suffiently for us out here to understand what the wardrobe of full time latex wearer is... styles, colors quantities etc.

I know these many questions may appear to be an invasion of your privacy. They are not intended as such... and if you choose not to answer for this or any reason I accept that. I do believe that your and Gent's experiences are unique and learning about your solutions some of the "technical" and practical matters would be most helpful to others.

As usual I thank you in advance for your blog and openness.



Wow, gagged under the burga, and no one can see you…
sounds sexy!! Damn…
Well, if Sir get’s “overheated” in the latex suit in the summer, why not just
cool him off by dumping him in a pool..*giggles* Just kidding..
He shouldn’t wear so much, but it’s his choice…