Thursday, December 23, 2004

Christmas Shopping

We went shopping several times last weekend and this week. During all of these trips, I was in full enclosure and covered by the latex burqa.

On the first trip on the weekend before Christmas, I was dressed in the following:

Black latex corset...with bust cups
Stockings, and panties in clear latex
Black, full length skirt...Not a hobble skirt, but straight and narrow
Black long sleeved blouse with high collar
Black elbow length gloves under the sleeves of the blouse
Black full face hood with no mouth hole
Black, knee high latex boots with 4" spike heels
Black latex burqa

The first place we went to was a Christmas tree lot. Sir and I wandered the lot, looking for a good tree. There were lots of stares, of course, but he picked one out and I went to stand by our car while he paid for the tree. Watching people watch me was hilarious, but no one approached or said anything to me. I noticed a few people talking to each other and looking our way as Sir loaded the tree onto the car roof. I wonder what would have happened if I had slipped into the driver's seat

After dropping the tree at home and getting it set up (during which I was not allowed to change clothes, just to take off the burqa), we went shopping at a large mall. Sir valet parked the car and I did get a "wow" from the valet as he opened my door to let me out. I was riding in the back seat and the windows are tinted, so he didn't see what I had on until I got out of the car.

Nothing much happened while shopping with Sir. I actually saw two other women dressed in Muslim dress (but not in burqas) and they gave me some odd looks, but we just passed each other by. Sir would steer me into a shop, hold up an item or two or I would point something out and he would finally take it up and pay for it. I just stood a few feet behind him and acted like it was the most natural thing in the world. The clerks in the department stores gave me some curious glances, but the clerks in the more upscale boutiques seemed to hardly notice I was there.

I did run into a bit of trouble when Sir sent me off alone to shop for him. I went into a large bookstore and located the books I wanted to buy for him, but the lady behind the counter was unhappy with me paying by credit card. She wanted to see a photo ID, which I presented, but she couldn't verify it against my face. She was quite polite, but also adamant that she needed to see my face and I don't think she understood why I was not speaking to her.

I could not speak and I couldn't see Sir anywhere nearby. Ultimately, I pulled out cash and paid for the books that way. Sir had made me carry a small purse under the burqa for cash and credit cards. So the lesson I learned was that I will most likely be limited to cash for shopping. EVERYONE is likely to want to verify my face against my photo ID and that's just not going to be happening.

When the clerk had bagged my books and handed them to me, I turned around and saw Sir on the other side of the store. He was laughing to himself because he had seen me having to deal with the woman (who was not particularly amused, I must say). But afterwards, he told me I had done well, and he was quite proud.

More later...We went to dinner one evening after shopping! And then there was Christmas with family!

Latex Lady


Anonymous said...

This is Dark... I am having password problems...
Wonderful diary! Since you wear latex all the time now and have been doing so for a while... what sort of "training" was involved.. not so much for the psychological issues, but for your skin?

As much as many of us like to wear latex... it is not easy on our skin for long term and many hoods put pressure on nose and jaw and can be uncomfortable.

I find that thinner latex looks the same but is much more comfortable for long term wearing. But I have also suffered from skin irritation from some long term sessions. What is your experience with this? If you had "comfort" problems... how were you able to overcome them?

Now that you are covered most, if not all of the time... do you ever miss "normal" clothes? Do you miss the excitement that "normal clothes" wearers experience when they get dressed in rubber? I wonder... does rubber wearing ever become "mundane" to YOU despite how radical it will appear to others?

Do you wear much transparent latex clothing aside from undergarments, such as tops and hoods? I hope you don't mind these questions, but your stories raise so many questions in my mind... and you and Sir seem the most qualified to answer.

Would you consider writing an "anonymous" biography... and include photos from your life together?


Dark said...

Got the password sorted out!

Do you go out alone completed covered and gagged... or is Sir with you when you are out like that?

You don't wear burqa when dining out... just full faced hood?

Best on '05

Onij said...

Wow, what a shopping experience. I would of followed you around from store to store if I lived there lol. Did you get nervous when the clerk at the bookstore asked for your id? Yea cash will end identiy asking questions lol. Take care, ur fan #1, Onij!


Well, that’s something to be proud of…
He knows he can trust you… xD