Monday, December 20, 2004

New Requirements

This is my first real entry. Sir has had me start blogging this to document my experiences in very heavy latex-centric restriction and submission now that I can stay at home and in rubber all the time.

By very heavy I mean the following:
  • I am dressed completely in latex every day...
  • undergarments, dress or skirt and blouse, gloves and shoes
  • When at home, at his whim, I may be in bondage much of the day...
  • armbinder, gagged, even tied to a bench or bed...whatever he wants.
  • I have to learn to sleep in full enclosure including hood
  • I have to learn to sleep in a vacuum bed.
  • When we go out I am to be in full latex enclosure including head, hands, and feet
  • I am forbidden to show my face or any part of my body in public
  • I am forbidden to speak in public
  • Unless told to do so, I am forbidden to sit in public

Around the house, it's not too bad. I wear full enclosure catsuits a lot, or just a full latex ensemble such as I used to wear out in the evenings. Dress or blouse and skirt, latex undergarments. I have learned to spend up to 8 hours in an inflatable hood as well.

Sir prefers me to be in a catsuit under clothes or to wear one of the full enclosure suits, but he doesn't require it all the time or all day...he knows my limits and doesn't want me to ruin my skin or develop an allergy.

To meet the outdoor requirements is harder. Used to be, I would just wear a nice full length latex dress and not think about it. I have even worn full skirted, long sleeved latex dresses while flying.

But now, I can't show my face or body in public. To facilitate this, Sir has me wear a burqa in public. The first one he got me was an authentic, Afghani blue georgette burqa with all the pleats and the little perforated panel in front. I got used to wearing it with normal clothes under neath, then with latex underneath. I had to learn how to keep it closed around me while walking. It's actually a hoot. Poeple stare, but they don't say anything. it makes me feel very protected and safe.

Then he had one made in thin black latex. It is very thin, but I don't have to hold it closed as it is fully closed all the way round. It drapes over me and has a form fitted sort of hat like the cloth one does. There is a panel in it that is perforated so I can see a bit.

When we go out now, I have to wear it over my other latex clothing. Now I had done this a few times in Dallas and it's one ever really looks at you that much even though the burqa is latex, not silk. But now I am to be hooded and gagged under it as well. That ups the ante a bit on scary. I don't know what will happen if someone soemhow figures out how bound and restricted i am underneath.

He has also said that since I'm a stay at home slave now, I will be encased for up to a week at a time in the same suit to build endurance. We've tried before where nothing but Latex touched my body for a week, but that included me being naked between rubber sheets.

Finally, he wants to test intubing endurance and I am to be cathetered for up to a month if I can tolerate it, with the catheter being changed every two days. I love the feel of being cath'd, but I don't know if I can take it for a month..and I worry about infections.

I am agreeing to all this for the usual reasons...I love him, I'm his sub and I love to please him. We've just never had the opportunity to push the endurance and lifestyle this much, but since I am no longer employed and can just stay at home, it makes for a great opportunity. Also, I am setting an example for maid.

Maid wears a rubber uniform around the house but she has never been required to be encased and sealed for more than a few hours during a play scene. She doesn't know if she can take it. So I intend to show her that her mistress can take it, there fore she should be able to.

More later...we are going out this weekend shopping for the first time.


Onij said...

Wow, that's just down right sexy. I have a big latex fetish as well, but your master has done what I can't do at the moment. How do you feel about all of this? Well I guess you love every bit of it since your willing to do it. By the way, my name is Drew from Atlanta, 22yrs of age. My interest includ latex, fashion design, cars, and techno music. Someday I plan to have my own latex clothing company called Onij (own-age). We would make latex clothes with a hint of urban class to it so it doesn't look one dimensional and bornig. I have tons of ideas which I'll post in my lil blog. Til then, happy new years, and take care

Dark said...

Great to see you have started a blog. I assume you are one and same from the IAR. I have started a "blog" over there and invite you to do a diary of some of your experiences. You and Sir respresent a unique and very small segment of the rubber "lifestyle" and have acheived what many "dream" about.
I am sure you have traveled many many thoughts during your journey that you could share some of your experiences is wonderful. I'll be following your blog.
Happy New Year to you and yours.

Latex Lady said...

Thank you both for your comments. I am adding an article to include some of the holiday experiences we had.

STEFFY said...

Hello Lady,
Dark told me of this blog of yours. I didn't realise that you had given up your job. I trust that the lifestyle will be all that you dreamed it would be. Stay in touch if you are permitted.
Rubber Hugs,
STEFFY (Canada)