Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Dog Days of Summer -- The A/C breaks

It was warm yesterday and our air conditioning failed in the house. Dealing with that is a bit of an artform. I could sweat it out, literally, in skinsuit and dress only, or we could head for the nearest cool mall and shop.

Unfortunately, they do not cool the malls here all that efficiently and I was concerned that with the high temperatures, it would still be uncomfortabe in three layers of rubber (four if you count my corset).

Also, we needed to await the repairman as Sir could not be at home yesterday. So, maid and I adopted plan B. We bathed.

To make it a bit more interesting, I had maid dress me in my most extreme skinsuit. This one has no mouth or eye holes so I can see only smokilly through the grey tinted latex. I made her wear a hoodless suit with matching, but separate hood. Her hood has a small mouth hole for speaking, which we covered with a black lower face and chin gagging harness that fits over such hoods to prevent speech.

We dimmed the lights, closed the drapes to block the sun, lit a few scented candles, then climbed into the big tub which IS built for two people with enough bubble bath to create a wonderful amount of sound deadening foam and proceded to relax as only two women can with a lovely bath and a hand shower to play with. "Calgon, take me away :)"

The issue of the repairman we handled by simply awaiting his call on the intercom. When he arrived and rang the bell, about 90 minutes into our soak, maid took off her gag and answered, telling him she would be down in a moment.

Then she removed her hood, slipped out of the tub, dried quickly, and threw on a tight skirted French maid uniform over her transparent suit. She went downstairs and let him in and explained the trouble.

Yes, he was taken aback by her clothing, but she didn't allow it to distract him. she showed him the defective unit out back, told him to get to work, and in about 2 hours he had repaired it.
I, on the other hand, continued relaxing in my cool tub in the upstairs master suite and never saw him. There is something incredibly decadent about lounging in a cool tub, covered completely in transparent latex, unable to speak and barely able to see while life goes on, bustling about downstairs. I believe I understand the whole concept of Upstairs, Downstairs better now. :-)

I tried to read a bit, but the words were too fuzzy, so I just sank down in the cool water and actually dozed off a bit. It was lovely.

A couple hours later, maid signed off on the work, our AC was functioning again, and she joined me in the tub for another hour or so until the house was cool enough to think about getting out and resuming our usual routine.

I have not spent such a day like that in a long time and it was wonderful. Constant meditation, a certain level of sensory deprivation, listening only to my own breath and watching my chest rise and fall. All in all I spent about 5 hours in that tub and it was one of the most enjoyable times
I've had in a while.

I did not mind being unable to speak, and although I worried at first about the foggy vision, I quickly accepted it and just ignored it as much as possible. the sensation of the latex covering my face and neck and bust as I settled amid bubbles and water was just exquisite.

Must do that again sometime whether the Aircon is dead or not.



gummitaucher said...

Dear Latexlady,

there is something very relaxing and soothing in watching owns on breath - listening to it and watching/feeling the chest rise and fall. I do that as a meditation in preparation for a breathholding exercise but it´s also good for just calming down.

To do that in a skinsuit like you are wearing sounds very interesting. It´s good to hear that everything ist working again.

best wishes

Sealed said...

As we have all requested, you have dutifully filled your blog with day to day living with your rubber TE experiment over the last half year +, as well as all the practicalities and techniques. So, what an extra treat when you branched out in the last few posts and started to concentrate on describing the positive aspects of a latex TE lifestyle and about how you enjoy yourself.

Now don’t get me wrong – I love all the incidentals of your life and am absolutely fascinated by all the protocols, techniques and challenges, but it’s all got to be in context. After all, the rest of it can only make some sort of sense when put into the perspective of your submission and your pure enjoyment of your situation through the fetish side of your personality.

Knowing about your interactions with the rest of the world, and the worlds reaction to you, make it all feel very real. Its also revealing of the perceived, or real prejudices (or lack of them) experienced for those who chose not to comply to societies norms and specifically those who would wear latex. But I feel that also knowing more of what drives you and something of your particular preferences is both further inside into your life / personality as well as being stimulating reading.


BTW – it’s been very interesting to hear about experiences in sensory deprivation type scenarios. Like many, I don’t get opportunity to try this often, but can agree with the waking-dream like states that occur. It’s a real luxury for me to find time to explore this introspective experience. Fascinating – but for the moment, you are going to have to live that experience for me! For know I am just grateful that I can wear latex TE all day, most days.

And now the question: do you think that any of the people who are closest to you would be interested in blogging about your experiment. I am thinking of Sir, Maid, your Son or his girl friend. Either their own blogs, or occasional guest entries on your blog. What do you think?

Sealed (AKA Vulcanised)