Saturday, September 10, 2005

I'm in ... Japan????

I awoke this morning in Tokyo.

I didn't expect to awaken in least not until two days ago.

Sir has had a trip to Tokyo planned for several weeks, but it came as a complete shock when he told me Wednesday night, that i was joining him on Friday's flight!

I've never been here before and I am looking forward to the adventure. I was not sure how my appearance would be dealt with, but, surprise, surprise, it ahs been no great thing. I was in white burqa and gloves, with white open faced hood beneath for allowing myself to be identified.

The passport control woman barely glanced at my passport, smiled and wiched me a nice stay. The customs inspector only asked to see our return tickets.

It was a long drive into the city, but interesting. it actually reminded me very much of parts of Britain...perhaps because we were driving on the left. The architecture is all newer, of course, but we passed through industrial areas and even passed a gasworks that would do London proud.

The hotel reception, doorman, an bellman were not at all nonplussed by attending a woman in a white rubber burqa...actually, I felt precisely as invisible here as the burqa is supposed to make you. They instinctively gravitated to and interacted with Sir, and effectively ignored me. I stood to the side like a satue as we were checked into our suite.

Then last night we went to dinner at a very lovely restaurant where we sat on tappan mats and ate Kobe steak. It is nice that Japanese cuisine tends toward small, pre-cut bites. I wore the red burqa over a long white dress. It is quite warm and humid outside and I am taking care to watch my temperature and hydration.

The red red burqa has red gloves to go with it and Sir let me wear a pair of black boots that look good with it. The white dress is long and straight although not terribly tight. I wore a white hood with it, of course, which has a very small mouthhole. This DID make eating a bit challenging, but I managed.

There were several other couples in the restaurant, including two beautiful women in kimonos, about 25 years old. While we certainly turned heads when we arrived, we were quickly assimilated into the crowd and ignored by the other diners.

Sir wore latex as well. His dress slacks, rubber tee, and rubber blazer, so we looked a right pair. We were met at the restaurant by a business colleague of his with a lovely young lady who I presumed was neither wife, nor niece, if you take my drift. Unfortunately, she did not speak English, so we largely spent the evening dining and staring at each other. She DID reach out and feel the fabric of my burqa and recognized it as latex...spoke several syllables two of which I recognized as 'rubber'.

She did not seem disturbed by this at all. I suspect she adorns his arm on a regular basis. He and Sir discussed business a bit toward the end of the meal, but we were tired and he seemed just as happy to make it a relatively quick dinner. We all left shortly after our meal. he asked Sir if we were going on to one of the clubs, but Sir explained that we were going to get over jetlag. The fact that Sir was in rubber too didn't seme to faze this man at all.

Today we have some siteseeing and shopping planned and I am looking forwad to seeing the Ginza district.

I shall blog more later.


dutchbloke said...

dear lady, whats that about japanese people, they just smile and never show their really thoughts , it s all about politeness and pleasing the guests , sort of honour thing? i wish you both a nice stay , (with maid?)about the rubber , japanese may be just as kinky as we westerners , are many famous examples on he net, check on he net for kariwanz and you know what i mean , they have the greatest latex collection in most astonishing outfits.

lovely greetings


Latex Lady said...


The Japanese are very polite and, I have noticed, most quiet. The hotel lobby, the shopping street in Ginza were, and the airport were very quiet.

I am certain they are as kinky as we westerners, but my experience has been that it is in different ways than we are used to. Japanese rope bondage for example is as much about art as it is about kink.

That said, Zentai lady is VERY understandable to me. She's at:

And the Kigurumi crowd are wonderful. we saw some of them yesterday in a park. I particularly like LoveFace at: