Monday, September 26, 2005

A Night Out in Tokyo -- UnVeiled

I have been slow to write about the rest of my visit to Tokyo. No particular reason except that I have been very jet lagged and lethargic the week I've been back.

Sir took me out to a very interesting club in Tokyo one evening and did not require (or allow) me to wear my burqa. He decided that Japan is so accepting of masked women, strange costumes, and the like, that we could easily go out for the first time in many months with me unveiled.

I was in my red rubber kimono, over a black catsuit, gloves, boots, and a very severe black rubber hood. The hood covers my mouth and has perforated openings for me to see through. i was, as usual, in a thin, transparent skinsuit under that.

Finally, I was placed in a neck corset that covers my lower jaw and mouth as well, so there was no possibility of speech for the evening. Nothing unusual about that!

When we stepped out of the lift (Sir in a latex catsuit with slacks and blazer over that), we definitely stopped traffic in the lobby, but as we climbed into the limo for our trip to the club, the staff all bowed very deeply. I suppose they assumed I was in a CosPlay or something (where people dress up in manga or anime character costumes).

The club was down a side street from a very busy and lighted street, but I do not recall the district. It might have been the Shinjyuku district. The club had many people in it, a karaoke room, and fetish wear was not unusual, although not required.

I think I saw at least three other people hooded, perhaps not as severely as me. We were treated with respect, the hostess bowing to us and we were shown to a booth where we could watch the show. The show was, shall we say, exotic and erotic!

The door people and the hostess, waitress, etc, didn't bat an eye at a woman in latex kimono and hood coming into their club. Sir had drinks, the waitress spoke pretty good English and didn't seem worried that I was not imbibing. She acted like it was the most normal thing in an evening.

We spent abuot three hours there, until quite late, then walked a bit from the club to the big, lighted street with huge electronic signs and people hawking their stores with bullhorns. It must have been 2am, and it was very strange.

Lots of people were still out and they looked at us oddly, but we weren't the only ones in latex and I wasn't the only one with a mask or hood on. It reminded me a bit of mardi gras.

We went home a bit after that. I confess, I was extremely thirsty since i could not even drink in the outfit, and was quite tired by the time we arrived back at the hotel around 4am. It was wonderful, though (and a bit scary) to be out in public unveiled, but still hidden and silenced. I founf I missed my burqa, but felt comfortable by the end of the evening that I was OK to be out in total enclosure without it.

It was odd that, at first, I felt naked, but by the end of the evening, I was happy to be able to show off my kimono to other people than Sir.

I think I could come to love Tokyo, just for its willingness to accept the unusual.



Cariad's Master said...

Wondered where you'd got to, as always enjoy your blog entries LL.

The Kimono outfit sounds great. Did Sir take any pictures of you?

It has been 10 years since I was in Tokyo last, but even then it was a "strange" place. There are always "sites" to be seen!

Anyway, great to hear from you again, and look forward to hearing more from you, now that you are back home.

Latex Lady said...

C's Master
Thank you. I too found Tokyo strange, but wonderfully so.


veiled slave said...

When I was just a fetish S&M slave, before I became a veiled slave, Tokyo was the only town where I could be walked down the street on a leash & in a gag & chains without being stared at or attracting adverse comments.
Glad all seems well with you, we always look forward to your blogs.

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jiri said...

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Thanks again and I'll be sure to bookmark you.