Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A Visit from an Old Friend

I had a question recently about how long I was going to remian enclosed. It came from a friend of mine who is a university professor. she came over a few days ago to discuss my collaborating with her on a paper.

She was aware, from some emails we had exchanged, that I was trying this new lifestyle as a fully enclosed rubberist, but she had not visited me since i left Texas. So she had not seen me in full enclosure.

She rang the bell one afternoon last week and as it happened, I was the only one home. Madi was out shopping. So, I had to drop my burqa on over me before I could answer the door...the rule being that I do not show my hooded face to the public. Actually, it porbably wouldn't be a big deal if I answered the door hooded (maid has on occassion), but it has become a bt of a habit now to just duck under the burqa before confronting the real world.

She was a bit taken aback at first, asked if it was 'mme' under there, and when I said yes, she came on in. I pulled the burqa off and left it on its hook by the door.

Julia looked at how I was dressed underneath and let aout a "wow", then, with just a bit of hesitation, reached out and hugged me. We've known each other for many years (more than either of us like to admit) and we've always been good friends. No, there isn't anything kinky or sexual here, we just tend to hug when we see each other, which is notthat often as she lives in a completely different part of the country as I (and sometimes a different part of the world).

I was dressed in a blue dress, ankle length, full skirted, long leg of mutton sleeves, high collar, belted waist, with ruffles at the chest, neck, and sleeve cuffs. I had a pair of lack gloves on under the sleeves, but no hood or stockings over my transparent skinsuit.

The skinsuit was my blue tinted transparent one. so julia got to see my face covered in transparent latex and the fact that I no longer have any hair on my head. Usually, I would have worn a black hood as well, but with the summer heat, I have taken to not putting it on as much, particularly if I am around the house.

Just as well because I had forgotten she was coming and earlier I had been contemplating a mouthless gagging hood before I decided not to put it back on after lunch.

I hugged her back and told her to come on in and we went into the living room. I asked if she wanted tea and she said yes, then followed me into the kitchen. I put a kettle on and she started asking about how I was dressed, how long, how much, etc, etc. Julia has never been known for her shyness.

She commented on how deftly I made tea in two pairs of goves (after I explained that) and I explained how I had been forced to learn whole new ways of doing things after I became encased.

That got us into a whole long discussion about being encased. I explained quite straightforwardly what I was doing and why and tried to answer her questions. Julia is very open minded and came quickly to understand my reasoning and rationale for encasing, for living a D/s lifestyle and even for adopting the burqa in public.

Julia was fascinated adn we talked for quite a while. She watched me very closely as I drank my tea and ate some cookies. Have you ever noticed how crumbs accumulate around the mouthhole of a hood. I found I was much more aware of them eating in front of her than I usually am. I felt like I was constantly wiping my lips and chin.

After a bit more conversation, we got down to the business Julia had originally come to visit for. She wanted some help on a paper she had an idea for. She had several pages of data having to do with my area of specialization and wanted some help with analysis.
As we sat side by side on the sofa going over her data, it very quickly became just like old times. She and I used to do this a lot during our postdoc period. We would sit side by side going over data and papers and computer printouts (this was a LONG time ago) for hours.

Pretty soon we were working just as we always had. The first couple of times her hand brushed my glove she flinched a bit, but very quickly she got over it. After a while she moved even closer as we got more and ore into the work.

When we were done, I got up and went to make us some more tea. About that time maid came in.I had told Julia that maid was out and we had discussed that she wore latex as well, just not always full enclosure. So she was somewhat prepared when maid came in in a pink rubber french maid's uniform with black gloves and boots.

Julia let out a "Whoa!" but maid was the funny one. She stopped when she saw Julia sitting comfortably on the sofa and looked around, her arms full of shopping bags, and just sort of stuttered,"uh...he-he-hello?" while she looked around for me. I swear that she must have thought she walked into the wrong house.

I came out of the kitchen, introduced the two of them and told maid to put the shopping away and bring us more tea. She had recovered her composure by the time tea was ready and Julia had the opportunity to see how maid acts as a real maid, serving tea, cleaning the kitchen, collecting the dishes.

We chatted another half hour and Julia broached the subject of me coming back into the university world. I obviously demurred, explaining that I was quite committed to the full enclosure lifestyle we have chosen.

Julia looked at me and asked, "How long are you going to continue the experiment?"

Almost without thinking about it, I said, "forever." And at that moment I realized that I have essentially made the decision to transform the 'experiment' into a lifestyle choice. After almost 7 and a half months, the latex just seems so natural that I can't imagine returning to to my old mode of dress and life.

Julia sat back for a moment and i saw her studying maid as she cleared the dishes from our last pot of tea. "You know what? You could probably find a nice liberal university that would accept your desire to wear the burqa. Why wouldn't they?"

It might be possile., but i don't think I will be returning to the classroom anytime soon. We'll see.
It is certainly something to think about...a professor teaching in a rubber burqa. Lord, I haven't a thing to wear! :)


10 comments: said...

Hi Latexlady,

congratulations to your lifestyle choice. It seems the natural one since you have cleared all the obstacles in those seven months. Do you think it will still continue to excite you in the long run or is there a chance of it becoming too normal or boring ?

Since when did you shave your hair off ? Didn´t you still have your hair at the beginning of this experiment.

best regards

Sealed said...

As always a fascinating read. I love this blog - I end up reading it & comments here and at IAR. A bit of a pain, keeping track of both (plus anonymous bogus stock scams!), but worth such a small sacrifice all the same.

One thing that I am aware of is the possibility of isolation in a latex lifestyle and the need to have a way of dealing with it. You have maid, Sir (when at home) and perhaps the odd regular fetish friendly acquaintance.

If it were not for maid, do you think it would be difficult to cope while Sir was away? I am particularly interested from an emotional view rather than the practical standpoint. Do you think the social isolation is part of the submission?

I would also like to ask a practical question, which has been troubling me in my personal efforts at latex lifestyle. I have been able to deal with many things, but one thing I cannot do is take any meaningful exercise while encased in rubber. Unless it is winter, I just overheat straight away, so it either has to be something I forsake altogether, or I have to compromise to do this one thing de-rubbered.

Did you take exercise before the experiment and do you take the same exercise now? Has a latex lifestyle effected how strenuous you can be in general activities?

Are you someone who is naturally fairly fit or do you have to exercise to stay in shape? Are you naturally trim or do you easily put on pounds? Are you preoccupied with your body shape or is this of little significance to you. Do you have to have a special diet?

One last thing, are you upset that some people have questioned your blog? (BTW some have with mine in the past). Do you think they have any cause to?


Latex Lady said...

Thank you for the comments. And for the effort to keep up with both blogs. I find it a bit difficult as well, but this lets me srpead ATA's word about and also reach more people...we at the IAR are a bit of a self selected group.

I am still waiting to hear about deleting spam comments...ohhh, this makes me angry...perhaps if I erase the entry and repost it withthe good comments.

Everyone seems concerned about my being isolated from humanity by being encased in latex. I must say I do not feel it. Not only do I have maid (whom I have grown to love over the last 3 years) and Sir, but I am no longer shy about talkign to someone and meeting people in my burqa.

Social isolation was not a particular part of my submission. Nor do I feel socially isolated. I do not know how other people live, but we have never had huge crowds of friends. We still go out quite often to theater or dinner and have even gone to a couple of dinner parties recently. At first, we did not know anyone in San Jose, but that is changing.

Not having maid would be difficult from a standpoint of logistics, of getting things done proeprly such as bathing and dressing. In this I am, I suppose, now handicapped. It would also be more lonely and I would miss her dearly if she was not here, even when Si is around. She and I have a very nice relationship and have fallen deeply in love with each other.

I have never been a big exercise maven. I am naturally slim (a little less so in the past couple years) and I have been corsetting since 1975 so I have never gained a lot. My diet is pretty much what it was before total enclosure...even back then I would often be fed through tubes as part of a BDSM ritual or scene. That has not changed much.

I have often written that wearing latex street wear will nonetheless restict you. I learned in Texas to walk slowly, stay air conditioned and drink a lot...and that was just with some latex undergarments beneath a linen business suit.

When I graduated to almost always dressing in latex streetwear, I adpated even more so and now, in Northern California, I still have to be careful of overheating. Any sort of exercise regimen is not for me.

I am quite fit and never have had a problem with weight...just lucky genes, I think.

We do swim a lot and that provides a lot of exercise with no overheating...swimming laps in a full enclosure suit is interesting.

I occassionally grow weary of the questions about authenticity. There is no way to prove that I actually live this life short of followin gme around with a camera for months...but I take the stance that I will not worry about those things. I am enjoying my life, ave friends and loved ones, am well cared for, and having fun!


Cariad's Master said...

Dear LatexLady,

Glad to read your latest blog. I was wondering if there was a problem. I and my sub look forward to them and it had been a whole 10 days since the last! :-)

You should be back in the UK temperature-wise. Here in Wales, it is a bit wet today too!

My sub, Cariad, would love to be in your shoes, and also have a maid. We've read back through your blogs, and unless we have missed something, haven't seen how you came across her, and took her on as Maid.

Latex Lady said...

Cariad's Master
Thank you for the comment. Turns out my previous post did not 'take' and so I wound up posting two at once to catch up.

Glad to hear you're having nice rubber weather in Wales. I've always loved the countryside in Wales and lived near Shrewsbury 25 years ago.

I am happy to hear that your sub enjoys the blog. I'd love to converse with you and she by email if you'd care to elaborate on your lifestyle and experiences.

Re: maid
We found maid through after interviewing several possisble live-in rubber maids. She was the only one to arrive already dressed in a nice little rubber dress. She is 26 (almost 27 now) and has been with us 2.5 years. She was a sub to a master in Los Angeles prior to coming to us from the time she was 19.


veiled slave said...

Hello, As always I eagerly await your blogs & have great pleasure when they appear. I also enjoy the comments, although I think this is the first time I have seen spam in a blog! :(
I too had wondered about your level of social isolation, as I endure extreme total isolation as an integral part of my submissive lifestyle. As I am kept gagged all the time I am veiled I cannot use the phone & I am not allowed out alone, so my only appearances in public are heavily veiled, with a gag underneath, one pace behind Master. Except for my parents I have had no direct contact with anyone for a long long time now. When we visit Master's business acquaintances or some of his few friends I am of course 100% veiled, earplugged & silenced.
This of course has the 'Stockholm Syndrome' effect of making me more & more dependant upon & emotionally tied to my darling Master. In our case this is the desired outcome as part of our ever growing & developing Master/Slave relationship.
I think the Stockholm Syndrome has much relevance for lifestyle slaves & it is useful to have read up on it. I can definitely recommend
but the essential points of the definition are:
Emotional bonding with the captor/abuser
Seeking favor and approval from the perpetrator
Depending on the perpetrator for security and purpose of existence
Befriending and caring for the captor
Resenting police and proper authorities for their rescue attempts
Losing one's own identity in order to identify with the captor/abuser
Seeing things from the perspective of the perpetrator
Valuing every small gesture of kindness
Refusing to seek freedom even given the opportunity
Doesn't most of that sum up a slaves feelings towards her beloved Master?
Good luck with everything you do sister, take care.
Love, veiled slave

Latex Lady said...

Do you miss the interaction with others or does your enjoyment of submission superceded that. WHat I have found is that whatever limits may exist with repect to my social intercourse, it is more than compensated for by the sheer pleasure I feel at submitting to my husband's control.

I had not thought of it in the context of Stockholm syndrome, but you have a point. As he became more and more my conduit to the world and my controlling force, I found myself relying on him more and more.

Wen I was working we had rules about me having to call and ask him if I could join colleagues after work for a drink and he had to approve my participation in any extra-curricular activities such as seminars or symposia or even birthday parties. And many times he would say no on a whim. This caused resentfulness in me for a time, but later I became quite comfortable with transferring these decisions to him.

Ultimately, of course, I have yielded all such decisions to him. Indeed, I have to ask his permission to do this blog and these postings.


Dark said...

Dear LadyII and Ms Veiled:

I must say I find this a troubling development... that you have essentially embraced the "stockholm syndrome" as a positive notion.

LadyII sems to have some contact and of course maid is there by her side 24/7 and she has son and parents and even Julia came by penetrating her fetish lifestyle somewhat.

I serously wonder if in the case of such isolation if the "authoirities" might intercede and consider such a level of submission as Ms Veiled described as spousal abuse.

Whilst I marvel at such levels of commitment and devotion to your partner and the idea of submission, I am troubled that your isolation may be robing you of so many important and wonderful things in life. LadyII at 50+ has led a full life, but I wonder about Ms Veiled.

Do you two think that psychologists would find this an acceptable lifestyle at the level you are living it? I am not saying they should deceide on anyone's lifestyle... but I am wondering if you believe that it would be considered "healthy"?

Latex Lady said...


let's just call it 50, shall we? I don't think the + need be there :)

Seriously, I should not worry too much about Veiled slave's isolation. It is consensual and if she has chosen to sink her own identity into that of her master it is, I feel certain, a choice made willingly.

Should authorities intercede when a young girl fresh out of college or a widow of 54 chooses to join a cloistered convent and never see friends or family again?

As the 'bottom' in a D/s relationship, VS always has the power. It is she who must, moment to moment, agree to remain submissive. She who can say NO.

If she finds peace and fulfillment in her life as it is, why should any of us question the choice?


veiled slave said...

Thank you for your concern but I am fine, as LatexLady said my situation is consensual. I too am a married woman in 'middle age' who has already lead a full life, including holding the post of Practice Manager at a large, busy, Doctor's Practice.
Believe it or not I now enjoy my isolation & my dependence on Master for all things, including access to food & water. When you love someone as deeply as I do my master Stockholm Syndrome is a pleasure, not a burden. I love being in submission to him, being veiled 24/7, kneeling when he enters a room, being forbidden to speak (I have not spoken a word in over 6 months now)etc etc. That is what being a lifestyle slave is all about.