Saturday, November 04, 2006

Back in the USA

Well, here we are, back in the USA for a week or so. Sir has business to attend to and brought me along again for the fun of it. We are in Orlando just now, then a short trip to Atlanta and finally a few days in Dallas to take care of some business around our house there.

It will be good to see the house again. I do miss it, even though we have a lovely one in Ireland now as well.

The weather here in Orlando is gorgeous, about 65 degrees and a light breeze under blue skies. I always love this part of the world during November.

I am not sure what we'll be doing...perhaps some Disney wandering, perhaps some dining in downtown Disney or downtown Orlando. We shall see.

In Atlanta we plan on meeting our friends Kermit and Annemarie whom we have not seen simce we left the Bay Area. They have relocated to Atlanta after their home in New Orleans was destroyed by Katrina. They still spend most of their time in Vienna but have just finished building a new home in Atlanta, which we shall see for the first time. Annemarie tells me it has a "wonderfully kinky" playroom (her description) which I am looking forward to.

Have no fear, dear readers, I shall describe it, and my experiences in it, in great detail in the days to come.

I suppose that is all for now. I believe we are aboout to venture out to lunch in a little bit, so I shall write again soon.



MJJLive said...

i love your blog. will you be posting anymore pictures?

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Orlando's not known for its fetish friendliness. Most of us are under wraps, so to speak. I trust you'll find a good time here regardless.

Anonymous said...

it is good to see u are getting out of the house and seeing ur freinds

Onij said...

Yay you will be in atlanta! man i wish i could meet you and sir, even if it's just for 5 mins.

unit1421 said...

Maybe your Sir will bring you up to NYC for the NY Rubber Ball/Miss Rubber World Contest on Nov. 11th. We're very modest in scope compared to Skin Two's events, but you have to start somewhere.

ti8shel said...


Dark said...

Don't forget to vote while you're here!

veiled slave said...

Hello, I am glad to hear you still go out fully covered. I am still required to live in full niqab & eyeveils with gloves over my gag, chastity belt & posture collar all day, every day. I have recently been taken out several times for long days in a black burqa, both locally & on trips to London on the train. There has been a lot of fuss in the British Press lately about veiled women, & yet to me it just seems so the right way for a modest woman of ANY origin or religion to dress. I think even if I did not have a master I would continue to veil fully on my own accord.
Best wishes, I look forward to hearing in detail about your adventures in your friends kinky playroom!
veiled slave

Anonymous said...

Dear veiled slave,

What kind of gag are you able to tolerate for such long periods?

Were you handcuffed during your outings?

veiled slave said...

It is a black rubber penis gag on a padlocked harness, anonymous. I have been wearing it every day for three yrs now. I am subjected to constant verbal abuse & humilation by Master centered around my 'loving to suck black cock'!
I have leather wrist straps padlocked on my wrists all day, usually with a 6" chain to match the 10" hobble chain on my ankles. When we go out Master can use a padlock to restrain my wrists either in front or behind me. If they are behind me two sets of standard ratchet lock handcuffs are added above & below the wrists straps.
Feel free to email me directly. (I didn't see your question until 28th Nov.)