Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Lovely Holiday

Back in Ireland now. We had a wonderful three weeks in the US.

Our son visited us for a few days and brought his girl friend. She received a pretty blue catsuit that is a bondage suit as well. It locks on and has hood gloves and feet, but also has attached straps to bind hands and feet. It came with a matching blue arm binder too.

I received a nice white total enclosure suit that has catheters builtin so it cannot be worn unless I am tubed.

Sir also gave me a new red rubber blouse and we gave our son a very nice latex top in black.

Nothing much else happened. We went out to a nice New Years Eve party and my red burqa attracted quite a lot of attention, most of it positive...I was actually dancing with Sir while wearing it as the ball dropped surrounded by hundreds of people. Underneath I was wearing my red condom hood and a very tight red dress down to the floor.

Our travels were relatively uneventful. The flight back today was not very comfortable as it was very bumpy and quite hot in the plane. The flight attendant did not seem able to get it adjusted to a comfortable level.

I was online and on camera a couple of times while we were in the US but I think the time change was such that most of my acquaitances were not onlie.

I am very tired and jetlagged, so I will close this now. I have been wearing my white burqa over a black dress and hood all day (the whole trip), including now as I write. But I think it is time to go change into a nice rubber night gown and head for bed.



Anonymous said...

Hello Lady. Happy New Year. Glad to see you back posting again. How difficult was it to dance in your New Years' outfit, especially as you could only breathe through your nose? Was the condom hood the one Sir gave you last year for your flight, as described in "In Flight Entertainment"? Best wishes, RollyMo

Anonymous said...

Glad you are well. I look forward to reading more!

Take care

Anonymous said...

Hello Lady. My lady and I enjoy your blog. She has expressed an interest in trying a full coverage latex catsuit (attached hood, hands and feet) and we are both intrigued at the possibility of having it lock on. So your comment about the suit you and Sir gave your son's girlfriend caught our eye particularly with the addition of the attached straps and the armbinder. Might it be possible, as your schedule permits, for you to post some details as to who the maker was and how they can be contacted? We've seen several suits on the net that come close to what you described and what we are looking for but are generally missing one or more components. Your insights would be greatly apprecaited and we look forward to your future blog and photo postings. Thank you.


Ruri Muni said...

Hiya Lady!

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<3 ya!

-Ruri Muni

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