Friday, March 10, 2006

Quiet Days

Nothing much has been happening. Sir is travellign an I travelled with him a bit recently. Different and somewhat disconcerting to travel without the burqa on. I think I may continue to wear it in public. sir says that's OK, if I wish. I was out yesterday and the day before fully covered with it.

I find not wearing a hood when I am outside feels weird. My hair is growing back excellently, although I shall keep it short..I have something in common with Ms Portland, I suppose...saw her picture on Vogue yesterday and thought, "oh yes, I KNOW how that feels"

Had a chance to chat with maid last week. Her new partner is very strict with her time and she does not have much freedom of choice about her life now. She's loving it. She said her partner is very structured and organized and it is her duty to help maintain the organized lifestyle. She's in heaven, I think !

Might be visiting my sister and parents later next month ... and they want me to be there for Easter. That could be fun.

Well, I am off to get lunch. I'm wearing all black today as it is cold and wet here. A simple corset, stockings, dress, gloves, and hood under my black burqa

Take care everyone


owned & marked said...

how are you adjusting to the new life without full enclosure 24/7? do you miss it?

from my personal observations while reading your posts, i do not sense the same joyful attitude as i had previously. i am sure this is as big, if not bigger, an adjustment than the initial 24/7 enclosure was, but now that it is gone how are you coping with the loss of it.

i always enjoyed reading your posts because of that joyful attitude, even though i myself will never practice the latex lifestyle to any degree near what you expierence, but i love learning about your life. it saddens me greatly to "hear" the joy gone from your posts. perhaps i am just misreading them.

my warmest thoughts and wishes go out to you and your Sir...everyday i am awed by your experiences and willingness to share them (i often go back and re-read different posts).

thank you.


Latex Lady said...

On the contrary, I am not intending to sound depressed. Just a bit of quiet time as I readjust to being more inthe world

Actually, I am very happy about maid and I am quite pleased that I can decide to cover when I go out if I wish


Dark said...

I also sense in your writing as certain "sadness" and longing. It may be unintended, but that is how I read it.

I am sure you are aware that almost "everything" "wants" to be evolving. We are not content with the "steady state"... perhaps unless we are very "zen" in our views.

This makes people easily bored and want more and different all the time. Good news for the economy! It makes people find pleasure in buying and owning new things.

Same may apply to things like your fetish journey. despite how "deeply" submissive your routine was... and how much it seemed to capture the "platonic" ideal of the rubber lifestyle, without new... more... and different... a certain ... "we're not going anywhere with this" feeling may set in.

Readers are always hungary for the next installment... the sequel. They want more of the same... but better , bigger, newer and somewhat different.

it's really the nature of the beast... our nervous system... and it may be what drives us to be creative... both the aversion of boredom and the thrill of the new.

What say you?

Rubberjohn said...

Thank you for keeping in touch after this thrilling year. Wearing latex will remain for you a very important part of your sexual life. I use to wear latex as much as possible in intimacy. I have disscovered a new fabric, made by Libidex, "raw rubber", matt and quite wearable in any circonstance. Giving the same intensity as latex it appears more "normal" to the outside world. So it is a wonderful opportunity for many of us, rubberists, less courageous as you have been, to wear latex permanently.

kapybara said...

Well, whether the tone is sad or quiet or just adjusting to the changes, it's still a pleasure to read your diary. It's good to hear about maid too, and yes of course there's an element of soap opera for us readers.
I just woke up from a night spent in latex and just had to get out and showered. In half an hour I'll probably wish I was still encased, but I still find it hard to imagine how you can live inside those layers. Fascinating. Love K