Saturday, January 14, 2006

Wonderful Weekend in San Francisco

I apologize for having failed to make an entry over the last couple of weeks. I have been rather busy and involved over the past 2 weeks.

first, let me thank everyone for the lovely comments to my last post. The comments and encouragements were delighttful.

Sir and I have just returned from a few days in San Francisco which was fun. We went up there to let him attend a business meeting mid week, then to attend a party with some friends.

In particular, the last couple of days we have spent wandering the streets of San Francisco (A very fun old TV show ...Michael DOuglas' forst) shopping and siteseeing. Today we went to the new de Young museum (a disappointment) and spent time in art and photography galleries.

The weather was fine until late last night when we were returning from our firends' house in Pacific Heights. The rain was actually quite nice for being covered in a latex burqa.

We visited our friends and I was subjected to a wonderful session by the very dominant woman we visited. She had me selaed in an inflatable bag, suspended form her ceiling, able to see bu tnot speak as she severely dominated two male slaves in total latex enclosure. She did some very heavy things to them (and to me for that matter) and Sir, enjoyed himself watching, and participating.

It was a lovely time.

Maid has been away for the last week visiting her family. She asked for the opportunity to do so andwe allowed it. However, I am misisng her incredibly. The little trip to SF was a wonderful distraction although bathing and dressing by myself in our hotel suite was a challenge.

Things should get back to normal this next week.

My encasement remains total and the friends we visited were very impressed with Sir's training of me. Of course I was subjected to her commands and attentions as she felt were best, but I have to say that watching how she dommed her two male slaves (one her hsuband) while I was immobilized, silenced and with my breathing controlled was amazingly exciting. Sir agreed and he stood behind me while I was supended, whipping me through the bag and watcing what she did to her males.

While we were in SF, we also had the enjoyment of meeting a very nice young lady at the hotel bar. She was dressed in beautiful red rubber...a corsage dress, tight around her bust and down to just above the knee. We chatted and shared a drink. She was just waiting for her boyfriend after work. She was a little tentative about my burqa, but I was ungagged and was able to join in the chat.

So 'street rubber' is coming...slowly, but surely.



Cariad's Master said...

An eagerly awaited for and wonderful post again.

Sounds like a good trip all round apart from the disappointing new gallery.

The "playtime" sounds wonderful.

I wonder if you have heard of the "more than rumblings" going on in The Netherlands, where they are seriously thinking of banning the Burqa. Saw a TV report on Friday about it (more here... For a country so liberal to be doing this shows the impact of the politics of terrorism. Sad, the world is changing rapidly.

Anyway, enough of that. Your blog posts cheer me up no end to know that there are people enjoying themselves and not harming others.

So a belated Blwyddwyn Newydd Dda (Happy New Year in Welsh) to Sir, you and maid, and I look forward to your future posts.

Cariad's Master

LoveRubberGloves said...

You are leading a fascinating life. It would be interesting to hear how Sir initially started being involved in this rubber world you now both share. How and when did he start this and when and where did you become a part of his pursuit of rubber pleasures. Just a thought.

LeatherLover said...

I can't believe that a beautiful women such as "Latex Lady" walks the earth where I've walked.Someday I will have the pleasure of bowing to her as a slave, and love doll(I hope).
Keep me posted to all your adventures and encounters in San Francsico.I live in San Jose just 45minutes south of there.

txbrit said...

Dear Lady,
I too travel to Europe and within the USA and have been subjected to to numerous ID checks at checking in, immigration, movement within different gates at an airport.
I was wondering what you wore on your most recent trips? Surely you were asked for an ID and had to show your features also how did you get through the metal detectors
if corseted and bound?

UrSinho said...

Seems to be a wise decision... afterall, you've experienced it and you can say now that you are capable to live like that. That's the major proof. Now, have a nice return to the "ordinary" life and enjoy it, because it has also exciting points to explore. Kisses from Portugal

Talon said...

What hotel was that? lol