Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Maid Takes Flight

Well, we put maid on a plane today to her new partner and lover. I miss her terribly already, but I am very happy for her to have found her true love. They are going to live together, then, later, they will have a bonding ceremony...perhaps someday a formal weding.

Many have asked...maid's new lover IS into rubber and IS a domme. But she is not as intense as Sir and I and maid indicates she will not be a full time maid or even a full time sub as she has been for us. Theirs will most likely be a much more 'traditional' D/s lifestyle :-)

I cried on the way, cried at the airport, and cried on the way back to our house. Then spent most of the day im'ing with friends. I told Sir I wanted to be allowed to stay in my burqa all day and he said yes...It's a very nice garment to hide from the world in.

Well, tomorrow I must get up and bathe and dress myself, make sure I have a clean skinsuit and am very dry and properly lotioned. I do this in hotels sometimes, but now I have the future to look forward to without her to help, without her to love.

Damn, I thought I was through crying.



Cariad's Master said...

Friendly hugs!

Beauty Sin said...

it will be difficult, for a while. i cannot say that i know how you feel; every one has their own emotions. but i do know what loss is like, and the pain. i wish i could help.

LoveRubberGloves said...

My sympathy is with you. I remember you had a maid in Texas. Was she the same one ?

Anonymous said...

Wow, Lady, I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I wish you'd had more notice beforehand, to prepare yourself.

When things get really hard without her, just remember that she's fulfilling herself now. She has her Domme now just as you have Sir.

And what a wonderful example she's had in you! Maid has flown from the very best of nests- be proud!


Anonymous said...

I have only recently started to follow your blogs, and in that short time can tell how much you felt for Maid. The loss of her must almost feel like a death in your family, and make you extremely sad. Except that you should feel very happy and pleased for her as well, as she has gone to create her own close family with her lover. Any pain that you feel at the moment will pass slowly, but it will get better.

Anonymous said...

I, too, am sorry for your loss. You seem to have such a kind heart. I wish you all the best!

Anonymous said...

i feel so sorry for you dear lady, but with time you will adapt , there s no way to have prevent this from happening, if the right person cokmes by you just have to follow your heart, all my sympathy to you xxxx dutchbloke

Anonymous said...

dhisgeDear Latex lady,
I find myself thinking of you daily. Please to keep us informed. Much luck in securing yourself in sweating clothing daily.
ardent admirer

veiled slave said...

Dear veiled sister,
I am so sorry to hear your news, but as you say, we must be happy that Maid has found a life partner to love & be loved by.
I would have sent you my sympathy sooner but Master has been feeling especially cruel & sadistic the last few weeks & I have spent some extended periods in extreme bondage & isolation!
Love & Hugs
veiled slave

Michelle said...

Have you suggested they both come to visit you - in the hope that they both sort of don't feel like ever leaving again ?

Just a thought

Michelle of Tales of the Veils


Anonymous said...

Now THAT'S a good idea!

Assuming that you're life and home is ready for it.

But I think you said before that maid wouldn't be as deep into the lifestyle anymore. Maybe they'll change their minds after a visit.


Latex Lady said...

I wanted to thank everyone for the lovely comments and suggestions. I am doing better now; gettin used to maid not being around.

I hope they will come visit us sometime. We will attend their handfasting ceremony in June I think.