Saturday, January 21, 2006

A Big Change

We have had a major announcement in our rubber household.

Maid is leaving us. She has met a girl and is leaving us to be with her. I am devastaed and elated at the same time. When she went home at Thanksgiving she met this young lady, about the same age as she is, and they have been corresponding a lot since. When she went back recently to see her family, they hooked up aagin and she has just told us she wants to leave our service and be with this young lady.

I gather that this new lover is interested in fetish and is dominant and maid has fallen in love with her and wants to serve her, but also wants to share their lives together.

So, at the end of this month she is moving out. I have been crying and hugging her for two days since she told us. Crying because I will miss her and her wonderful style and sense of humor. Hugging her because I am very very happy she has found someone. I guess I always knew she could not stay with us forever. She has been with us almost three years now and has been a wonderful maid

Of course, those of you who read this blog regularly knw that she has also been a member of the family too. She and I have had a wonderful loving relationship and she is deeply submissive to me and to my needs.

I do not know what we will do without her, but I guess we will find out.

I have to go cry some more now...and you know what it is lke to have the sniffles in a full face hood.



beautySin said...

while you are sad at maid's leaving, be happy for her at the same time? it will be difficult to find another maid, but you will.

Cariad's Master said...

Difficult time for you. Such a shame, but like you said she has found someone for herself. You have Sir, and I am sure he will continue to be a comfort to you.

I remember you said you had interviewed several applicants when you took on maid, so hopefully you will get the same if not more interest in the role. I assume you will want to replace.

I/we wish you well!

Onij said...

Wow, im sorry mam. A terrible shame, but I guess maid has to follow direction of her heart. Where will she be moving too? Im sure Sir will confront you and make things alright while the search for a new maid continues.

Latex Lady said...

Thank you all for the comments and know that maid thanks you as well.

It is important to me that everyone understand that while I am sad and devastated at her leaving our household, I am also very, very happy for her that she has found someone she wants to spend the rest of her life with. She is a lovely girl and will make a fine wife to her new partner. They will have a level of relationship which, quite honestly, she could never find with me and Sir. As much as we love her dearly, she would always remain our maid, and not a wife. Her new partner (WIFE) will offer her the deepest level of commitment and love, I sincerley believe.

So, I am incredibly happy for her least half my tears are those of joy. All of which have, thank goodness, abated now. She was having to clean me up and dry my face and eyes every hour it seemed over the last few days.

We shall adapt, but Sir and I do not knwo what we will do next. Finding her was a long and chancy process. Replacing her is impossible. Finding another suitable maid is improbable at best.


atomage02 said...

I add My sympathies to you and Sir and My congratulations to maid. May she and her new wife have a happy life together.
You will be getting quite a few applications now I believe

Ghost said...

O! For a Muse of Fire, that would ascend
The brightest Heaven of Invention;
A Kingdom for a stage, Princes to act
And Monarchs to behold the swelling scene.
-Shakespeare's Henry V
Even in the depths of loss, there is hope. Maid is going to be leaving your warm embrace but go instead to that of one who completes her. Rejoice in her happiness and in yours! No loss is infinite, you shall recover and be stronger for the experiance. You time together and your parting will better all involved and strengthen your love for one another. Tho she can never be replaced, you will find another to help warm your hearts.
Ciao for now!

Anonymous said...

No one can ever exactly fill the hole that a loved one leaves, but my hope is that you will find one that fits that hole as close as possible. My prayer is that a new one will come and you will not feel that she isn't as good as maid was but that you will appreciate the uniqueness that her being brings to your life. My hope is that your new one and maid are two shapes that fill the same poverbial hole.

Fred said...

Sry to hear about maid leaving you and sir. In her place have you and sir thought about hiring a butler who do the same jobs as maid did In addition submitting to the same 23/7 requirement as Sir has requires of you. Just curious...

Skye said...

I am sorry to hear that you are losing your maid.Im sure there will be a veritable flood of applications coming your way,from those seeking to be her replacement.On a side note, seeing you so wonderfully positive as you face each challange and watching your journey, you are truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Be well

LoveRubberGloves said...

My comment on the SanFrancisco Blog appears even more appropriate considering the number of hits you get on this Blog. Many would be fascinated by Sirs history as well as yours.

Trussir said...

My sympathies to you and Sir; I admire how you are handling the situation, without anger or bitterness. It may be trite, but you will all grow from this. Just a question: is Maid's new relationship also rubber-centric?

Anonymous said...


I have been reading through your fascinating blog for several days now (and I know that this entry is rather old but bear with me...) I was most moved by this particular entry.

As a non-rubber fetishist (as much as anyone is non-rubber fetishist ;-) ) some of your blog is slightly incomprehensible to me. There was, however, a universality to this entry which conveyed more to me about you and your life than many other entries have been able to.

I will continue to read with interest and delight. Thank you for sharing such a unique and idiosyncratic view of the world. Thank you for providing such an honest account of your life.