Sunday, November 09, 2008

A weekend with friends

It has been quite some time since I blogged last. We have had tons of very bad weather (it is hailing and blowing a gale right now) and we have had a most historic election in my home country. Sir and I stayed up the whole night watching the results come in and were absolutely overjoyed. In celebration I got to wear a red white and blue bondage ensemble for the next couple days :-)

It was a red catsuit with bright blue hood, gloves, and boots and a white rubber corset, posture collar, and monoglove harness. The hood had a big blow up gag in it and pepperpot eyes to limit my vision.

We were saddened to hear that California passed proposition 8 defining marriage as solely heterosexual even after the State Supreme court had ruled it legal. We hope the ludicrousness of denying the full enjoyment and benefits of marriage to any people who love each other comes home to the people of California soon.

We spent this past weekend in Dublin and met our friends there. We had quite a nice dinner the other night at a very exclusive restaurant. My lovely friend Annemarie wore a dark purple rubber evening gown over a very dramatic matching catsuit with open faced hood and a bizarre high collared corset. Kermit, her husband wore a black latex pair of slacks and red shirt under a black blazer. Sir wore a similar outfit, but a full body catsuit under the pants and blazer. I was in a bright red dress over a red transparent catsuit. The dress was complemented with a corset, hood, gloves, and boots in black. the hood was full face, gagging with pepperpot eyes.

Of course I was in all that under my red burqa. We ate a nice meal and then went back to our hotel for an after dinner where Annemarie and Kermit put me through my paces in a very long scene that lasted most of the evening and into the next day. it involved severe bondage and breath control.

At one point, I found myself hogtied, in an inflatable bag with my breath being provided from Kermit's gas mask as he was being stimulated by both Annemarie and Sir simultaneously. That meant I was trying to breathe (while orgasming) on his exhalations as he became more and more excited by the two of them both pleasuring and torturing him.

The elaborate gear they brought was almost all from Studio Gum who make some of the most astounding and heavy rubber wear in the world.

None of us rose until after noon the next day and enjoyed a long sunday brunch with me on the floor beneath the table, dining on liquid nourishment provided by the three of them through a funnel hood.

We drove back home from Dublin and I was able to completely wrap up in my black burqa beneath which I was still in heavy gasmask gear and bondage. It was a wonderful weekend, the slashing and driving rain notwithstanding.



Anonymous said...

Dear Lady,
I stop by on an almost daily basis to see if you have posted another interewsting and exciting installment to your blog. I have to say, this one did not disappoint! Thank you for sharing once again. Can you clarify what your liquid lunch was exactly?
Warmest wishes,

Conor said...

Hello Latex Lady,
As a resident Dubliner I'd love to know which restaurant you went to!
Myself and my wife are off to California for honeymoon in December - any pervy suggestions/links?
Best wishes,

goooooood girl said...

your blog is good good good......

Anonymous said...

You need to send me pictures of the outfit so I can make one in SecondLife !!


gummitaucher said...

Dear Latexlady,

please let us hear more about the "doll mode".

best wishes

maxine said...

A great lifestyle, Im very impressed!
Thank you for sharing your life with us *smiles warmly*

sincerly Maxine K.

veiled wife said...

Latex Lady, always a pleasure to read detailed descriptions of your life.
During the wet weather my master/husband has repeatedly required me to spend many hours outside in public wearing my black satin burqa, especially as Xmas approaches & there are lots of people about. Underneath I am gagged, posture collared & handcuffed but otherwise nude. It is a very wet & cold experience but I love being seen in public in my burqa.
I now almost always wear a black rubber penis gag with breathing tube from I can be fed liquid through the breathing tube so I am often gagged for days on end.
Good luck with your rubber lifestyle.

Latex Lady said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments.

My liquid nourishment typically consists of milk shakes, yogurt, and sometimes liquified vegetables. It is actually quite a balanced diet.

If you are travelling to California for a kinky honeymoon I would certainly recommend San Francisco's Mr S and Madame S store as a source for both wonderful gear and current event and clubbing information. In LA, Pleasure Chest in west Hollywood is the best place...Sir has found great things there.


Satisfem said...

The liquid lunch sounds fantastic, a pleasurable way to dine. Not only do you remain sufficiently gagged, but this mode of feeding must also add to your discipline, since you must accept without complaint what you are fed.

What position are you in under the table? How are you restrained?

RedThread said...

"the hood was full face, gagging with pepperpot eyes."

I found your blog today and am enjoying reading it very much! How do you eat when you are wearing the mask with the gag? You did not state you had a feeding tube in this instances. Also, how do waitstaff, etc, react to you when you are out to dinner?

Ilmimo said...

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Your experiences are really extremly and I have never enough from reading your stories.
Dear reagards from