Saturday, October 04, 2008

Spoke too Soon

Well, the lovely weather has gone away ... we had two days or so of sunshine followed by interminable rain. I am most definitely not typing these words while sitting on my balcony overlooking the bay. It has turned cold, rainy, and stormy. Even wrapped in multiple layers of rubber, it is miserable weather and we have been staying in our house.

We did go out a few days ago and went into town to do a bit of shopping and have dinner. we had not been out since dinner with my sister. The weather was not too bad that evening and there was a bit of life on the street. We had a nice dinner at one of the restaurants participating in the Oyster festival here. Sir even allowed me to eat oysters under my burqa. This was an interesting exercise, involving me wearing two hoods, one very tight with a small mouth opening and an outer hood with a wider mouth opening. This allowed the slippery oysters to get pulled into my mouth through a tight hole without getting a lot of juice on my masks.

Nonetheless, it was a challenge!

Not much else has been happening out here in the real world. In second life, I was visiting alisha's castle and met a new friend, Mayi. The three of us all dressed in Alisha's elaborate white nun habits (me in my white latex one of course) and went wandering around.
While at the welcome center I was IM'd by a person named Ballet who is a reader of this blog. alsiha took us to a very nice church sim and Ballet joined us, then also donned one of these 1000 prim habits and we were four identical ultea nuns. It was a wonderful sight and We have some pictures.


gummitaucher said...

Dear Lady,

I would like to hear more about your curious desire to be boxed an stored away - in rubber layers ?

best wishes

Stylish Computer Geek said...

Would this not be like the time SIR kept you in the dark bound and gagged all night Keep up the blog. I work daily to eventually achieve the state you currently inhabit. Finding my own "SIR" is difficult. You inspire me

Marley said...

Dear Lady,

I came across your blog by chance and started reading it, I couldn`t stop until I had read it in it`t entirety. I just have to compliment you on it, you write amazing! At first I found it somewhat extreme, something that made me interested in reading on to understand your way of life, you give such a wonderfully deep insight into your life and desires I was deeply touched.

Thank you for sharing your experiences and giving insight into your life choices, it has been both interesting and eye opening! I hope to read more soon :) I also have to say, you have a great talent for writing in a catching and personal way!

Kinds Regards,


Rubberjohn said...

Dear Lady
Your comments on your latex enslaved lifestyle are missing. Perhaps, Sir has decided to seal you in a permanent latex coccoon and to push you to your ultimate limits ! I don't think you might regret this fate, prepared by an intense training, but we, your enthusiastic disciples, we will regret you ! So whatever you decide please find a way to comunicate with us :-)