Monday, May 03, 2010

A Walk in the Park

Sir took me out yesterday to a local park to listen to a live concert. The weather was lovely and it was in the evening so it was cool enough to enjoy the walk. But I get ahead of myself. First, I must mention that we have visitors at the moment. My niece Sarah and her three year old son Josh are visiting us for a few days.

We've been having loads of fun around the house, playing in the yard, and shopping. It does mean spending all my time encased in latex burqas which is a bit of a chore, but well worth it given the company and fun we've had. Per Sir's orders I am veiled at all times when someone else is in the house, although I am allowed to speak to her.

We decided to go out shopping the other day and I explained I would have to silence myself with a gag. Sarah helped me get ready to go out. I already had a black dress, gloves and hood on when she suddenly came into my dressing room to get something. I asked her to help me pick out a gag to insert into my mouth. The hood I was wearing allows a variety of gag designs to be chosen and used to fill my mouth. I have a selection ranging from small to large to inflatables. She suggested a medium sized inflatable with recessed valve. It is one of my favorites because it fills my mouth but does not have a protruding valve.

I inflated it to a comfortable level and she topped me up, giggling a bit as she squeezed the bulb twice more. Then, I pulled on my white burqa and she zipped its silencing hood closed for me. It fits very tightly when it goes over the black hood I was wearing and takes a bit of tugging to get the zip shut.

Usually, I do not bother with a gag inserted into my mouth under the burqa. The silencing hood is sufficient to stifle my voice and remind me that I must be silent in public. However, Sir has been having me actively gag more often lately and I thought I should for this outing.

My niece and indeed my whole family, is most tolerant of my lifestyle and it was fun to be out with another girl (woman, really, as she is in her late twenties) while I was fully covered and she was in fashionable, chic, casual wear. Since I was going to be in latex, Sarah wore her own tight, shiny real-latex leggings and a fitted, metallic red latex-look shell that came just below her waist. She is very fit and quite petite like me. We both favor four inch heels and were of a height while out and about.

Her leggings were footless and her shoes were a very pretty pair of metallic red Grecian strap sandals with laces crawling up her ankles over the leggings. I offered her a choice of black or red wrist length latex gloves with rubber ruffles at the wrist and she chose the red. I made a gift to her of those later as I seldom wear them anymore and she looked wonderful in them.

We certainly attracted our share of stares as we wandered one of the larger malls in Dallas with her little boy walking between us and holding our hands...hers in red rubber and mine in white latex over black.

Her little boy thinks we should all wear "shiny clothes". I nearly choked around the gag inside my silencing hood with laughter when he said that because it is the same thing my son used to say to me when he was growing up.

We enjoyed a nice day out at the mall, then yesterday the four of us went to the park for the concert. Saturday I was in a transparent skinsuit with grey tint, a long black dress, hood, corset, boots and gloves for our mall excursion. The burqa over this was my bright white one with its built-in silencing hood to limit my vision and speech. I also wore a second pair of gloves, white, so my hands would be covered securely and also match the burqa.

As I said above, Sarah had even helped me dress before hand and was fascinated to watch me pull on the burqa hood and helped zip it shut, sealing me in silence for the day out. She was not the least confounded by having to keep up both sides of the conversation and regaled me with stories of her job, co-workers, and adventures with preschool. For my part, the occasional "mmm", nod, or a flurry of my rubber gloved hands constituted my contribution, but we got on well. I could not eat or drink in the white burqa hood, but we stopped for sodas and she and Josh enjoyed themselves.

For the park last night I wore a blue tinted skinsuit, a blue metallic rubber dress with a fairly strict narrow ankle length skirt and black corset and boots. Over that I wore the blue goggle-eyed burqa and blue gloves. The burqa has the severe interior hood you've probably seen on my Flickr account. I once again wore an internal gag but not an inflatable one.

We walked to the park from our house. It is only about two blocks and was quite comfortable. There were about 200 people gathering to attend the concert and the weather was perfect, temperatures in the 60's and a lovely breeze blowing my burqa slightly.

Fortunately, we were not required to tramp across much grass, certainly not as much as the ladies in Galway at the races have to. And our grass was not wet. We wandered the crowd for a while, then found a nice place to sit on a grass covered embankment overlooking the stage. After I settled myself on the grass, the blue latex swirling around my seated form, Josh crawled up into my lap to watch the show. Sarah, once more in her latex leggings but with a black top with long sleeves and black ankle boots sat next to me and chatted with me. Sir sat on the other side of me and talked with us.

The music was nice, covers of some fun stuff from the 80's and 90's by a local band. We had several many stares and a couple of people looked like they wanted to approach but in the end only one person came up to Sarah and asked her if I could see OK. She acted as if I was deaf, not just veiled. Or maybe she thought I was mentally challenged :-)

Sarah leaned over and asked me if I could see, I nodded and the woman moved off looking embarrassed. We all chuckled, mine a bit muffled, and Josh asked what we were laughing about.

Afterward, we walked home, my burqa flapping in the wind which had picked up a bit. The trip took a bit since I was severely limited in my gait. Josh was sleepy and Sir carried him on his shoulder. By the time we reached our home he was asleep.

Sarah put him to bed and then helped me remove my silencing hood and gag, but I kept the burqa on afterward as we gathered in our living room for drinks before bed. All in all, a wonderful couple of days.



Anonymous said...

Interesting that you inflated your own gag to a "comfortable" level then had Sarah pump it another couple of times. Is this because choosing your own level of comfort would have left something lacking in your dressing ritual?

Of course, this assumes that you invited Sarah to do this, rather than it being a spontaneous act on her part.

How would you analyse this episode?

Thanks for another fascinating post.


Andrew said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. Hope you had a very nice Mother's Day as well!

Veiled Wife said...

I totally understand about someone else pumping up your gag. When my husband/master helps me dress he always gives my inflatable gag a few more pumps & buckles my posture collar two notches tighter before padlocking them.
Another person will alwasy help you to push your limits further than you can yourself.

Anonymous said...

Dear Veiled Wife, thank you for your response. Your contributions, like those of Latex Lady, are a fascinating and valuable insight into the motivations of a submissive. I fully understand the notion of a Dom helping his/her sub to push their limits, indeed this is one of the cornerstones of D/s relationships and a can be a wonderfully intimate expression of love between two consenting partners. What surprises me in this account is that the act was performed in this instance by a visiting family member either by casual invitation or on impulse and yet was reported in such a matter-of-fact manner. I would have thought such an episode to be particularly rare and worthy of further examination.

Warmest wishes,


Anonymous said...

It is so wonderful that you have so much support / tolerance / acceptance within your family. So many others are treated as perverts by their family when outing their kink.

Thank you for your posting


Anonymous said...

Dear LL,

Where do you get your inflatable gags? I have not been able to find one that does not have a dangling bulb or sizable protruding valve?

pcm_man said...

I have never asked you before but since you are hooded most of the time (even when you sleep) what has been done with your hair???

Is your head shaved or do you just have short hair? I'd love to know because I am sure that in wearing tight hoods like you do something MUST be done with your hair.

Latex Lady said...

pcm_man, there's no mystery. I am shaven and keep my head shaved all the time now. I never had very thick or long hair, but a while back Sir decided that my being shaved was more to his liking and better for me if I was going to wear hoods mst of the time.

Shaving is often done by Sir and is a very sensual and pleasurable experience. I am shaved every other day.

pcm_man said...

Thank you for your answer. I suspected that you had and are kept shaved. It must allow for so very tight hood head bondage. I love to know that as I think tight head and neck bondage is important for a lovely woman such as yourself.

Your husband certainly IS a lucky man!

pcm_man said...
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Anonymous said...

So strange you go out with a young child all dressed up in latex and gagged. What happens if the child chokes on some food or gets lost? Could you help him when you are restrained or constricted? Could you run after him or call out his name? Be careful.

Anonymous said...

In Lady's defence, I think the account makes it fairly clear that she is not the designated parent or guardian of the child, and that she is accompanied on both outings by two other adults who do not share the same physical restrictions as she does. I am sure this responsibility would have taken precedence should circumstances have required it.

Lady, was your hearing impaired to any great extent under three layers of hoods and the burka?



Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter if the child is related to you or not or if you are the designated guardian or not. When you are around a minor, you are responsible for them in some manner. If I am with a stranger child and something happens to that child that could have been avoided if I had take proactive steps then I am liable. I could get charged with negligence. I cannot simply say, "Oh, he/she is not my kid." Besides, it be indecent for me to take that stance.

Don't take this as a slam or anything. I'm just saying be careful when you mix very adult themes with very minor children.

Anonymous said...

I since a long time came to the conclusion that most what is said in this blog is pure science fiction. Anyone who has ever been in full later enclosure know why many things just can't be true. For instance, try to wear full latex enclosure outside on a walk on a day with "nice weather", as said in the blog, for an extended period. You'll be lucky if you don't get a heat stroke if you insist too much. Any honest latex wearer can tell you that.
Yes, she owns all that latex, why not, yes, she owns and wears all those very nice burkas, but as often and more important, for as long as described in this blog? I just don't believe it.

Anonymous said...

I finally took the hint and created a profile :)

Hello Lady, despite the many sceptics that visit this blog I am prepared to believe your reports and am always fascinated by them. This report is very interesting in that it involves the willing participation in your dressing ritual by someone who is outside of what might be called your "fetish-circle". Were you surprised by Sarah's positive reaction? How did it make you feel when she assisted in inflating your gag beyond a comfortable level and then pulled the silencing hood tightly over your head and face?

How difficult was it to keep pace with her conversation in the mall under three layers of hoods and the burka? Did she assist in guiding you as you had limited vision?

Warmest wishes,


Judokast said...

Hello Latex Lady,

Took the time to read your entire blog, yes from 2004 up to now! and wished to say what an interesting and exciting life you lead. Granted alot of it would not be possible without some very understanding family and friends and of course such a totally wonderful Sir. Will have to admit to being a bit envious, however being single and not having anything close to your collection does limit the opportunities. However will say, enjoyed this last post and wished to ask, would you indulge the little ones with latex, like say if they ask if they could wear some? Just curious as you seem to have an incredible open minded relationship with family and friends. Hope your Sir stays healthy as do you,

Best wishes


Anonymous said...

No fresh news ?? Lost in .. .transpiration ?

Anonymous said...

It is impossible to stay sealed in latex 23/7 even if it is not that hot never mind it being a 'nice day'.
I once went to a party in a full latex suit, totally sealed with eye holes and a breathing tube. It was hot that night 32 degrees C. and had to take it all off after an hour or two. Anything over 20C and you going to have problems.

I am an experienced latex wearer. I wear it every day and have done since I was 16 (I am now 36). I love latex. I dress top to toe when I can and often wear a latex suit under my normal clothes sometimes plugged, sometimes I just wear latex out and about. I am telling all you latex loves who maybe inexperienced most of what is in Latex Lady’s blog is nonsense. Very good and sexy nonsense but BS none the less.

Are there slaves who were burqa, yes I know one personally. Latex body suits and rubber burqas all the time in the heat and cold, not possible. Even if she is the most dedicated latex fetishist in the world and can stay sealed 23/7 the thing is......

As far as I know there has never been a independent sighting. Everyone now has a mobile phone with a camera on it, if she was walking around in a latex burqa someone would have put in on the internet or at the very least wrote about it. She says in her blog that she lived in a relatively small town in Ireland. Believe me if someone had been walking around there in a latex burqa someone would have noticed it, photographed it, posted it! Also the Airport in said small town knows nothing of a strange burqaed woman arriving there and I don't think they get a lot. In fact the person I spoke to couldn't remember a single one. The airport in Huston knows nothing about it (I have asked, spoke to security in both cases) no one has heard a thing. I personally know a few cabin crew BA and none of them have heard about a latex burqa. People talk, but, not about this it seems.

All the photos the Lady post are taken in her home. There has never been one taken in a public place, even by her Master. I would guess a photo or even video taken at the supermarket or at a music festival with little boy in hand (block out his face, no problem) wouldn't be to much of a problem, I am willing to bet it will never happen.

All the events her says she has attended. Not one person in the last 6 years has taken a photo or wrote about it, come on! You notice when she writes about any small event she never gives enough details to identify when and where it was so it is not easy to find people who were there or the people who organised it to ask them if a woman in a burqa was in attendance. Maybe she could say when and where the music festival so we could all try and track down anyone who was there and saw a latex burqa wearing woman with a small boy...... they could all post the pictures they took that day on facebook, she must be in at least one.... Or maybe the wedding she went to, people love posting wedding pictures online, where are they? Again she must be in at least one.

Also according to the blog her family is cool with it, great, but none of these people have mentioned their odd ball relative on the net. She says she has friends staying, those people have never written about it. As far as I know no one has met the lady, no one has seen her, photographed her or wrote about her, other than the people who comment on her blog.

I know a number of people have offered to meet the lady anywhere in the world (in a public place) none so far have done so as she always has to rush off and do something urgently.

If there was just one sighting, one photo, one blog or comment on the internet, one person who had met her then I might reconsider it being nonsense. The fact is there just isn't, but dear Latex Lady carry on writing because I love it. I look forward to the next update!

Anonymous said...

It is impossible to stay sealed in latex 23/7 even if it is not that hot never mind it being a 'nice day'.
I once went to a party in a full latex suit, totally sealed with eye holes and a breathing tube. It was hot that night 32 degrees C. and had to take it all off after an hour or two. Anything over 20C and you going to have problems.

I am an experienced latex wearer. I wear it every day and have done since I was 16 (I am now 36). I love latex. I dress top to toe when I can and often wear a latex suit under my normal clothes sometimes plugged, sometimes I just wear latex out and about. I am telling all you latex loves who maybe inexperienced most of what is in Latex Lady’s blog is nonsense. Very good and sexy nonsense but BS none the less.

Dosman! said...

Latex Lady, we miss you!

I hope someone can clean up these anonymous hater posts!!!

Anonymous said...

Hate? Not hate. I never said anything hateful. I just pointed out why I don't believe it to be true, although I would love if it were and I would be very happy if the Lady or anyone else proved me wrong.

I love the blog. It is just that it is not true, it is a fantastic work of fiction which I enjoy very much.
I think if the lady were to write it up as an erotic novel she would do very well.

I am sure she does the things she writes about but just not sealed in a latex suit gagged under a latex burqa, a normal burqa maybe....

To believe it to be true shows a lack of understanding about a lot of things chiefly how the body reacts to long term confinement in latex. How the body, and indeed the latex reacts to the ambient heat and the heat generated by the body. Never mind the loss of body fluids....I could go on.

All I ask is some one who has seen the Lady in public make themselves known. Any photos, videos, reports by people who use the net, a resident of the places she has lives saying 'ohh yeah the woman in the latex burqa I see her all the time she comes in to do her shopping, nice woman but doesn't say much' , a security person at an airport or family photos (there must be some, she could black out the other faces). I would settle for the name of a place she has been. She seems to have an active live, music festivals, restaurants (one she goes to a lot and the people there know her), art galleries and so on; she even had a day at the races. I could call them up (we all have phones and I get free calls on Skype so that is no problem) and ask them. As I said before people remember stuff like that. A woman wearing a burqa, latex or not is going to get noticed.

BTW I said Huston before when I meant Austin.

And again, I love the blog, long may it continue (maybe with a disclaimer saying its fiction)

Anonymous said...

Lovely message, and what thrilling ideas for new levels of control. No point in half measures. Surely hobbled skirts and arm binders. Try the backward prayer position with gloves and thick latex mittens making balls out of your hands - fantastic. And an occluded helmet which is locked around your neck. Anything less would not be a big change. But such helplessness requires safety measures. Sir needs to chain you inside a small cage for your own protection.