Friday, June 07, 2013

The Coldest Winter

Today's post title is a reference to the comment (often attributed to Mark Twain) that the coldest winter ever spent was a summer in San Francisco. Sir and I just spent 4 days there and it was, as usual in June, chilly and windy.  I know everyone wants to see more posts so I will make this one a short, quick essay.

We had a very nice time, doing very little. We were in a beautiful hotel, high atop one of the city's hills and during the day I went shopping and sightseeing while Sir went to a conference. I spent some time in the Haight-Ashbury district and toured the SF-MOMA. I enjoy its exhibits, but confess I do not care for the building. We did not have time to visit the deYoung which is one of my favorites.

In the evenings we went to dinner and once to a show. There is a huge variety of dining available in San Francisco and I must say the seafood and the Asian are my favorites, not least because I can easily manage the main course while still maintaining my burqa'd dignity.

Walking is always a challenge for me in this city, however. Sir still requires very high heels and the SF hills are a challenge at times in an outfit that routinely drags on the pavement. This was particularly so on Tuesday night when we went to a show.

Under my veil, I was dressed in the beautiful new dress Sir gave me for Valentine's. Tea length, tight bodice, flared skirt and ribbed at the waist. It is my current favorite cocktail dress. I wore it over a full enclosure skin suit in a matching transparent purple. I particulalry like this combination because the hood, sleeves, and legs of the skinsuit complement the purple of the dress perfectly. It looks as if I am a monochromatic rubberized mannequin, stepping down from a store display.

Over this I wore my blue burqa with matching gloves and knee high latex boots with 5 inch spike heels. For the evening I was required to wear the built in silencing hood and we ate a late dinner afterwards where I was allowed to remove it.

We spent our last day, before our flight back, shopping in a couple of malls and a very nice artisan neighborhood. We spent time in some galleries and Sir picked out a couple of new photographs for our collection. A couple of people snapped photos of us with their smartphones, but we did not have the opportunity to meet them or ask for copies.

I was in my red burqa and Sir was in black latex slacks and a black button down rubber shirt under a rubber jacket. The gallery people looked a bit surprised when we walked in, but each gallery seemed to warm up to us as Sir discussed different works and the possibility of acquiring something. I simply stood by, enveloped in red rubber, looking at the art...mostly photography, but some sculpture as well.

We returned home uneventfully. The flight was fairly smooth with only a short period of turbulence. As usual I was in all white, my white dress under my white burqa, an open faced hood later covered with the burqa's silencing hood.

I did have a moment during bag claim when a teenage girl sat beside me and couldn't take her eyes off my burqa. I was sitting waiting for Sir to collect the luggage. On a whim I extended my hand through the hand slit and pinched a fold of the voluminous white rubber and held it up for her to feel. She looked a bit amazed, but felt it and smiled.  I think she was as amazed by the sight of my white rubbered arm and hand as by the fact that I invited her to touch and feel the rubber.

More later


Andrew said...

See Lady, blog posting isn't that hard, is it? :) Enjoying your recent rash of posts!

Anonymous said...

I will try and keep this as neutral as I can. This blog has gotten extremely same-y with most content able to be distilled into three distinct categories:

1) A post by Lady where she goes into a vivid written description of her rubberwear and daily activities.

2) A comment praising Lady for posting, expressing interest and/or offering encouragement.

3) A comment debunking the whole affair, calling OP out, pointing out inconsistencies and all that.

And I can't see how it will ever change.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous: what makes you think that's a bad thing? :)

Personally, I don't pay much attention to trolls. If Lady continues to post, she will continue to have enthusiastic and grateful readers and also detractors.

You can't please everyone.

Anonymous said...

Your histories are interesting, but I would like to see more pictures of your outfits, HH that you say that you have under your burkas.
and of course your different hoods...



Anonymous said...

Did you ever where your latex catsuit in public before you transitioned to a burqa?