Monday, August 05, 2013

August Heat

The thermometer says it is 108F outside (42C)

I only ventured out last night to go see a movie; the first time I've been out in days. Our traditional August heat wave has arrived with a vengeance.

For the record, no, I am NOT in total enclosure latex this past week. I have been allowed to wear a single layer and I have opted for a loose, semitransparent purple dress  with flared skirt and short sleeves. no hood, no skinsuit, no gloves and most of the time, no shoes or boots.

When not wearing that, I have opted for a loose, blue rubber kimono, or a mid-calf loose skirt and blousy top.

The house is at 68 degrees and I shudder to contemplate our power bills. We have already had to have two units repaired this summer and will probably overload a third (out of 4) before the heat breaks.

I am NOT attempting to garden, under mist or not. We have used the pool a bit, but the water in the pool is at blood temp, so it does little good.

We did venture out last night, at nearly 10pm, I in a thin, loose rubber dress, gloves, and platform pumps (yes, 5 inch spikes) under an appropriately blue  burqa, to the cinema to see Smurfs 2...A fun movie in the 97 degree evening, but in an over-air conditioned theatre. Thank heaven for that. The trip from door to car and car to entry was like a blast from an oven, but fortunately short and uneventful.

Today, I discovered that the SL Fetish Fashion blog written by my dear friends Deirdre and Lelo, mentioned me in their Thursday post on Mariko Demonia's new outfits for the Latex web, where I make my SL home. Mariko is delightful and oh so talented. The Darkadia sim is gorgeous and relaxing.

She has created rubber veils, abaya dress, hijab, and niqab in two flavors in glistening SL latex. These are beautiful designs with a hint of Spanish Moor in them as well as Arab seductress. One could act out scenes from Othello or Lawrence of Arabia in these beautiful outfits. (she also gave me a beautiful photo of myself for my Sl profile. Too nice!)

If you are a resident of Second Life I urge you to travel to Darkadia, the home of the Clan of the Latex Web, and experience a blending of Japanese and mid-east culture inspired by the art and writing of Michael Manning.  Gardens, water features, sculpture, a tea house...and there are beautiful outfits in the shops, too.

We'll, I go to enjoy a cool, liquid dinner of chilled wine, rapidly melting ice cream, and crisp, cold salad.

Stay chill



Anonymous said...

Sounds difficult in the weather - but thrilling all the same.

You know I'd choose this life also given the option to.


addiktd_photography said...

Must be hot in latex yes!! Lots of water is a must ;)

Would be awesome if you did a 365 day outit of the day photo blog , showing how you dress up every day:) i've always been wondering :) and thx for the updates !!

enen said...

Just to say thank you for the update to your story on the Confining Clothing group. It was indeed a long wait , but worth it although the story did not progress as I had expected, which looks as if it might be in the next part with Katherines dressing for her 'date'. Hopefully part three will not be so long arriving.