Thursday, January 02, 2014

New Year's Day - Time for Resolutions

We have had a delightful holiday season. For Christmas our son and his GF came in from California. We had several days with them, shopping, going to Christmas events, and then Christmas day. Nothing too exciting to report, but we all exchanged some very nice gifts, both ordinary and fetishistic.

In an unplanned bit of synchronicity, Sir and I got each other very nice Gas masks. These have become an interest and a standard in our dress and play recently, so adding two more to the collection made sense. I acquired a nice Russian mask for Sir and he got me a custom made Gas Mask hood with built in gag. This fits remarkably well and slides down under my catsuits or under my big black burqa very well. Sir is seeking one with a very low profile, however, that could be worn beneath a burqa without detection. This is difficult because of the burqa design, but he may yet find something.

I have also ordered him a British mask with the big round exhalation port you see in many photos, but it has not arrived. He wants to get me one in bright red, but we are not sure where to find such. Anyone with suggestions, please comment.

Another gift he got me was a new, bigger, better keyboard for my computer. The one I have been using was not well suited to rubber gloved typing by someone in vision obscuring hoods and /or burqas. This one is much better, although I have contemplated one of the truly BIG Key keyboards with 1 square inch key caps and even colour coded vowels and consonants.

I also received a new catsuit and a new hooded bodysuit in latex which are quite lovely. Plus, a metallic purple rubber burqa ... a colour which gave me a somewhat regal air if I do say so.

And...Frabjous Day...son gave Sir a new camera! A very GOOD camera, that takes very GOOD pictures. This gives me hope that he will take, and allow me to share, more photos. If only the camera has a 'take only good pictures' setting.

Yesterday, New Year's, I spent the day in my red latex nun's habit with my new gas mask hood worn under the white wimple. So I presented a fascinating black gas masked face, white hooded, red veiled nun aspect. Coupled with my black gloves and boots it made quite an ensemble. I wore a white total enclosure catsuit under it which looked excellent peeking out from the sleeves around the gloves and out from the hem of the habit dress. Sir took some photos with the new camera. I shall see if he will allow me to share.

We went out on Saturday to see Saving Mr. Banks, an interesting film about the making of the movie Mary Poppins. I wore purple...a catsuit, a dress, and a burqa. Corset and gloves were black, though.

New Year's we spent in this year. We had a couple friends over, and played a bit with vacuum beds in the playroom. It was delightful and I find I truly enjoy playing with a helpless female encased in a sealed vac bed while I am wearing a burqa over several layers of latex. Sir took photos of this as well and they are fascinating. He had tried to convey how alien I look when shrouded and draped, my arms extending from the burqa's slits and someone laying on the table helpless in rubber encapsulation, but I had never quite 'got it' until I saw the photos he took. More permission to ask.

So welcome to 2014 and another year of me probably breaking my resolution to blog more frequently. I hope everyone is going to have a happy one.



Anonymous said...

If you are looking for a gasmask with a low profile (for burqa-use), I could suggest this: . It also provides a lot of other options... Additionally, if you want a little more colour-variation for gasmasks, I would suggest an overmask, which is an additional rubber hood going over, and conforming to the contours of, the gasmask. Obviously they are made for a specific model of gas mask, but they are usually not that expensive.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lady, great to see another post!

The best thing to do with the British S10 mask (the one you refer to) is to get someone to make an external red cover for it, or get someone to remove the plastic parts and paint it with red latex.

The best low profile gas masks have basically a large transparent panel at the front, like the SGE150 and the MSA MCU masks. They are low profile but not too enclosure-like or fetishy. A more suitable one for these purposes might be the Canadian C3 mask.

gummitaucher said...

All the best for you for the new year !

Are you going to continue your story ? Please ;)

best wishes

Anonymous said...

Thank you for again posting! I have been wondering how you and your family are doing and how your enclosed life is coming along.
I will continue to monitor your posts and look forward (Sir allowing) to your pictures.


Anonymous said...

A belated happy new year to you and Sir.

Enjoyed reading your post as always.

gummtaucher said...

I love your story "Entering rubber society".

I wish you could fast forward five years within it where Katherine would maybe become a permanent rubber gimp, trained to live with the strictest breath control and tube feeding - with maybe the same mindset as the friend that she met in the last part.

best wishes

Anonymous said...

Happy new year Lady!

I will continute to read your blog, it's been 9 years already since you started it!

I hope you will get permission to show off your new purple burqa though, will be interesting to see what it looks like.

Bob Shafer said...

Hi Sir and Lady. This is Bob Shafer from detroit. I was thinking about you and wondered how you were. If you can, give me an e-mail.


Anonymous said...

I hate to be the one to remind you but your last batch of pics was posted almost exactly a year ago. Any chance of any updates?