Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Weekend Party

This past weekend Sir took me to a private party for latex fetishists. He has communicated with the couple we met in the mall and it turned out they were going to this get-together. An invitation from the host of the party appeared in Sir's inbox a few days later. We barely had time to plan, but managed somehow. He thought you might enjoy reading about some of our time there.

The venue was a large private home in a town north of us. There were about 15 people (7 couples and 1 threesome) and our hosts provided rooms for everyone. The only requirement was to be in latex all the time from arrival Friday afternoon until leaving Sunday afternoon.

We drove up on Friday with me in my blue burqa over a blue dress, hood, gloves, stockings and tight black 7 inch spike heel knee boots. Under the dress I was in a transparent blue skin suit with eye, nose, mouth openings and the crotch had entry holes for filling with plugs front and rear and for accessing genitals. The zipper on this skinsuit does not go through the crotch. Sir was in black latex slacks, shirt, and jacket.

 Arriving guests were shown to their rooms (the house has 10 bedrooms) and the rule of the house explained again. All latex all the time. No one was to be seen in anything but rubber until after noon on Sunday.  Showing skin was OK, but no other material was to be worn. Everyone was fairly local and many arrived in latex as we did, driving into the country rather than flying to a nearby airport and renting.

Our hosts were dressed in very extreme rubber and she, in particular, appeared in bondage throughout the weekend. She was at least 6 feet tall in her bare feet, large breasted with a slender waist moving into perfectly sized hips and buttocks.

Over the weekend, she wore several fantastic outfits, including corsets that were amazingly laced to certainly no more than 18-20 inches, but her hands and arms were always bound, her head and face hooded with bizarre hoods and she was usually gagged.

Her catsuits were smoothly fitted to her frame and her dresses were stunning with elaborate details, appliqu├ęs, and silhouettes. Her corsets were extreme and one was a venus corset designed to make it appear that she had no arms. That one was in bright gold latex and topped a matching evening gown with a train. It was rear zipped from floor to waist with a multi-slide zipper providing easy access while maintaining the hobbling effect of the zipper at the ankles.

As I said, she is a very tall woman with a wonderful figure, standing imperiously straight due to her corsets, and wearing 8-10 inch heels with platforms adding to her natural height. All in all, she was incredibly elegant, poised, and intimidating, particularly hooded as she was. This made her look rather unapproachable. She reminded me, since we never saw her face, and never saw her hands or arms, of some statue you were afraid would crack and crumble if you touched it.

In reality, as I would learn, she has a wonderfully friendly and easy going personality. She too was a teacher in her career, teaching in an elementary school for about 25 years before retiring. Her husband, our host, had been an engineer, but had retired a few years before to move to a country house and pursue his hobbies which seem to be latex and BDSM. The couple had met at a BDSM munch in San Francisco about 10 years before and have been married for 8. They had found the large farmhouse and renovated it for their own tastes (including two play rooms or 'dungeons' as everyone called them) and decided to have latex dinner parties. That had evolved shortly into latex overnight parties.

He tended to wear total enclosure suits which fit very tightly while his mask and headgear were large and elaborate. In particular, one hood had several tubes emerging from it plus an inner microphone with a speaker mounted on the outside of the suit under a thin mesh of latex. No one could understand or hard;ly hear him unless he activated this little device to communicate.

Sir and I were shown to our room, a large bedroom with en suite bath and a king sized bed. Sir had asked about latex bed clothes, but the host did not provide these, so Sir had brought ours as well as my vacuum bed. He assembled it while I remade the bed in our style.

Of course we had brought along a collection of toys and playthings, but also found the room was equipped with a glass fronted cabinet filled with bright, clean, and quite amazing rubber and steel toys. It was like having a mini-bar in your hotel room but with filled with fresh erotic paraphernalia.

It was then that Sir explained that I was to remain in my burqa'd form entirely and completely until we returned home. For the next 36-40 hours I would be encased in the same skinsuit, dress, hood, gloves, and stockings and wear the same burqa with its second silencing hood. I would not be allowed to bathe, eat, or drink normally during that time. I was sealed and would remain so.

With that announcement, he proceeded to romance, bind, and stimulate me to an immense orgasm as I imagined what it would be like being sealed for the entire weekend in the same outfit, veiled by my burqa, silenced by my hood, fed by a tube, and enjoying the stimulation of my plugs.

More later ... :)


Anonymous said...

Such a delicious starter; I can't wait for the main course. :)

Are you inserted into your vac bed every night these days? If so, I presume the latex bed sheets are purely for Sir's sleeping pleasure and for mutual comfort at play time and the vac bed is on the floor alongside?

Would you elucidate?

Thanks and best wishes


naodigo said...

Latex Lady,

Once again thanks for letting us take a peek in both yours amazing daily lifes :)

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the latex insight.

We look forward to the next instalment.

gummitaucher said...

Dear Latex Lady,

great to hear about your adventures again.

Please let us read more - how the other guest were dressed up for example.

best regards

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady

Another few questions of detail spring to mind when re-reading this tantalizing missive. I hope you don't mind my posing them here for your consideration as details are so important in making a scene come alive:

1. As you are rather diminutive in stature, presumably with dainty feet to match, does a 7 inch heel inherently indicate ballet toed footwear?
2. Were you required to wear your boots the entire time also, and is there a risk of damage from the spike heels in doing so in the vac bed?
3. How did Sir stimulate you to orgasm? Was this through corporal punishment or gentler measures?

Many thanks for sharing these glimpses of your life with your readership.

Hoodedandmasked said...

Hello Lady
I wondered whether you would share your views on, as part of your personal restriction regime, having your sight taken or at least obscured?

For me this is actually highly erotic - I love to be blindfolded yet better still, I think, is the requirement that I am denied clear vision at all times. This may sometimes be achieved by a requirement to wear clouded contact lenses. On other occasions I have to wear a mask with eye grills.

This will doubtless be an area in which you have a lot of experience: your inner hoods topped by burkhas must necessarily deprive you of anything approaching clear vision.
Just love to know what your feelings are...

Anonymous said...

Latex Lady: I recall , recently, your saying that you would NOW be corresponding much ire frequently...and now LOOK.....last
POST was MID MARCH....now we are in MAY/Priscilla

Anonymous said...

Just a note to say someone is using your images:


Latex Lady said...

Hello everyone. Quick answer time, then a new post soon, I promise

1) I AM inserted into my vac bed three or four times a week, typically. Other times I am put to bed just in the latex sheeted waterbed we sleep on.

2) I wear a size 7 US shoe, so a seven icy heel does, indeed, indicate ballet boots for me unless it is a platform boot. I do NOT wear my heels to bed every nigh, but am put to bed in them sometimes. There is some danger of the heels damaging the vacuum bed, but Sir typically puts a small ball over the ti[p of each heel...like baiting a fencing foil.

3) I do not usually comment on HOW Sir pleases me; suffice it to say that both feather and whip may be used to bring one to a height of pleasure. I respond to both as he has trained me to.

4) having my vision restricted by the overlapping mesh screens of pepperpot eyes in a hood and pepperpot screen of a burqa is, indeed, a very exciting and erotic element for me. The burqas remove almost all peripheral vision and I have to watch where I step and how, very carefully, but the reduced vision makes it hard. When I am completely occluded (as I am in some cases) I have learned to completely rely on Sir's guidance to direct me and keep me safe.
The eroticism of having this sense reduced or removed is tremendous and excites me terribly.

Another thing which excites me as much or even more is to be silenced and/or fully gagged under the burqas, especially when in public. There is something so erotic about being unable to speak or even make a sound when acing someone who does not know this is your plight. I do not know why this is, but I gather it is a fetish I share with many, given the letters I receive.

In particular, having my mouth filled with a soft rubber, penile shaped, gag while shopping or attending a movie, or sitting at a restaurant, all unbeknownst to the people around me, is sufficient to truly get my juices flowing. We have been out with guests who understood I could not speak, but did not realize I was fully gagged and it was just an amazing turn-on for me.

5) Lastly, thank you for letting me know about the firm using my photos to sell their rubber burqas on eBay. I do NOT have anything to do with them, they have stolen my photos, and eBay has been notified. I suppose I shall have to watermark all my photos, which I HATE to do.

New post coming shortly

Anonymous said...

Argh, this is such sweet torture! You describe all of this great gear but updates occur far too infrequently. We need more pics! Maybe a burqa dressing pic series, or self-gagging, or whatnot. PLEASE!

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Mona Eberhardt said...

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