Monday, March 04, 2013

Weekend Shopping

We went out shopping on Saturday and had a bit of fun. We went to one of the larger malls in Dallas. People walk this mall for exercise and it is even marked for them to know their distance. Not only that, but it is marked on both sides of the concourse so if you walk the inner edge you get a somewhat shorter distance than if you walk the outer edge.

We were really just browsing. During the morning I had been gardening and this was a comfortable way to spend the afternoon before dinner at a nearby seafood restaurant.

But about halfway around the mall I looked out through my blue burqa with the goggle eyes and saw a couple approaching us. He was dressed in black and she was in a stunning purple latex dress. As they approached they noticed us and veered over to introduce themselves.

I was silenced, of course and could not speak, but this did not seem to phase them. They knew of my blog and the woman said it was some of her favorite reading...a comment that always makes me blush.

Sir explained that I was restricted and silenced and carried the conversation. He complimented the woman on her gorgeous dress and I nodded vigorously to show that I agreed.

The dress was tea length, with a full skirt, boned corset waist, and low cut top all in a semi-transparrent rubber. Nothing inappropriate showed, however. She was wearing dark foundations and ankle high cantilevered boots with no heel...fashionable pony boots. I have a similar pair, but hers were slightly different and very nice. She said she had acquired them in Italy.

There is a coffee bar with tables, chairs, and sofas and plush chairs in the middle of the concourse, so we headed there. We sat down and had a coffee (at least three of them did :) ) and chatted a bit. They explained that they enjoyed latex, mostly fashionable rubber, and were aware but not participatory in the latex 'scene' very much. However, they knew from this blog that we lived in the area  so we discussed some of the ins and outs of rubber in a conservative public space like a North Dallas shopping Mall.  

Truth be told, we did get quite a lot of looks, particularly since I was kneeling next to Sir, rather than sitting on the couch next to him, but most people just ignored us. Not, however, our new acquaintances. She said they had been approached many times during their visit to the mall with people asking where she got the dress, who made the dress, and was the dress latex, and how much they loved the look of the dress. A pair of young women stepped over as they were leaving the coffee bar and said they thought her dress was fantastic. They looked at me, but said nothing.

The men shared some interests, particularly in technology and software and Sir mentioned that he ran a development company. they chatted for a while. During that time, she queried me on lifestyle, enclosure, hoods, gags, etc. She was pretty good about asking yes/no questions I could answer.

I was not in heavy restraint and my arms were free to slip through the slits in my burqa (although they were secured to my chest above the elbow and, of course, gloved in the matching metallic blue of my burqa. But I had enough range of motion to gesture and communicate as needed. I was amazed that my kneeling in an obviously submissive manner next to Sir did not seem to faze her at all. He distinctly gave me permission to chat with her (non-verbally, of course) and she never blinked an eye.

When our coffees were done, we exchanged numbers and promised to call and get together again, then went our separate ways. It was a nice serendipitous meeting and I hope we meet them again sometime.

Afterwards, we made our way to an Italian restaurant for dinner. Sir allowed me to change in the ladies room from a silencing hood under the burqa to one with a mouth hole and to have a nice dinner...with angel hair pasta which is a challenge to eat under a burqa!

I was allowed to sit a the table and we actually had a wonderfully romantic dinner. The restaurant was not too full and it was quiet. I managed my veal carefully and we laughed and chatted about our day. Two old married people enjoying an afternoon and evening out...he in latex slacks and shirt, she in total enclosure catsuits, dress and blue rubber burqa.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What a lovely surprise encounter. I would hope that I were so composed, should I have the opportunity to engage with you both in person. But then, I'm less likely to have an eye-catching purple-clad latex beauty on my arm with which to attract your attention.

It would be wonderful if the lady in question were to add a comment here, sharing her thoughts on the experience.

It is heartening to know that in these times one can still encounter, and converse pleasantly with, celebrities in public... :)

Hoodedandmasked said...

Hello Lady
Good to see you back - your new shorter but more frequent posts are much appreciated.
Might I remind you that you said in your last post of 2012 (10/10/12) that you were going to tell us of some the medical fetish scenes you had been getting into.
Would love to hear all about it...

Anonymous said...

Good to read and even better to have heard from Sir directly. Always a pleasure.


Anonymous said...

two old people?? Come on!:)


Anonymous said...

As on my upcoming trip to the US I shall only be staying overnight in Dallas, out near the airport at that, I doubt I shall have the pleasure of 'bumping into' you somewhere.