Monday, January 24, 2005

Rash Actions

Week 4, Fully Enclosed since Jan 1.

Well, it had to happen sometime, I suppose.

Woke up yesterday morning with an irritating rash on my back under my latex suit. My back felt like I was suffering from what we in the south call 'prickly heat' and it was a bit red and somewhat dry and scaly looking. Oddly enough, the most dramatic redness followed the zipper line, with a bit of a spread out around it in a vertical stripe.

I went through my usual morning ablutions and paid more than usual attention to putting on lotion and making sure it was dry back there. After my usual bath, I was put back into a suit and I did not notice any more discomfort.

However, when I was getting ready for bed, maid told me the redness was still there. I discussed it with Sir when he called (he is out of town this week) and his instructions were to expose the area to air, leaving the back of the suit open and not wearing anything over it. To use a medicated lotion on it, and to not reseal it if the redness continued. As well, I am to remove all latex immediately if any other areas turn red.

So far, however, this morning, I am fine everywhere else and the redness is all but gone and there is no prickling sensation. But I have been padding around the house now for almost 48 hours with nothing on but a transparent enclosure suit that isn't zipped up in the back.

As I said in an earlier post, we've decided "in for a penney, in for a pound!" So I will not bail on this experiment unless I have to. Suit open down the back to let the skin rest seems a good compromise and I am hoping nothing more shows up as a rash. My face, my SECOND most sensitive skin area, seems in good shape. It looks fine and does not itch or burn. In fact, I hardly notice the thin latex on it anymore.

Chest, breast, stomach area is good. I pay special attenttion to my nether regions as this is the MOST sensitive area, but I'm not having problems there.

Legs and arms are fine and my hands and feet are comfortable. Again, I am almost unaware of the rubber on my hands now unless I concentrate on the lack of sensation, the distiancing of sensation when i touch things. It's good as long as I avoid the whole COOKING thing :)

So, this may have just been that we missed my back somehow, or that I'm reacting to the zipper or something.

Nonetheless, it's almost gone and I expect tomoorrow I will be once again fully enclosed as I should be.

Sir returns on Wed evening and I am to meet him at the airport. Once more into the burqa!


BTW, everyone reading this blog has been incredibly supportive and I am so happy to hear that I am inspiring a few others to step out in their latex. I am firmly convinced that, over time, our 'fetish' will become an accepted mode of clothing (well, maybe not the hoods and gags) and we have a good chance of bringing back a formality and style to dressing in public that has, sadly, been lacking for decades (Women should ALWAYS wear gloves in public, I am convinced...the way they did in the fifties...we can get back there, I know it!).

Viva La Gummi! (If you don't mind me butchering three languages simultaneously :) )


Onij said...

Whoa, good thing the rash didnt spread all over, glad it was something minor and not too drastic. Do you put lotion on your body before putting on your enclosure suits or just slide into them. Sorry for the dumb question, Im still a newbie to the world of latex. How is Sir doing? Good I hope. From a fellow future fashion designer point of view, I also agree that fetish fashion will gain public apeel as the times progess. A nice blend of latex and elegant everyday clothes will surely change the way people dress. When that day comes, just be sure to look for a latex company called Onij. Til then, take care
Your #1 fan

Sealed said...

Sorry to hear about the rash. Really glad it was not too serious.

Interesting that it followed the zipper – the area most ventilated area. My own pet theory (for what it’s worth!) is that zippers are generally bad news, although a necessary evil. They just don’t stretch and the webbing and various flaps can become points of pressure – which is the last thing you need in your situation. It sounds like the rest of the suit is thin and stretchy – but I bet every time you bend your back the zipper is just lightly digging in. If you sit down or sleep on your back this maybe makes things worse. Maybe a suit with a shorter zipper (not all the way down the back) or a neck entry suit could help? Of course I could be wrong and it could be, like you say, that you may have missed it when cleaning, drying or applying lotion because it is so difficult to reach you back.

Once again, you are showing unbelievable determination and purity to the rubber lifestyle in continuing! I think many would have taken some time out, but you decided to do only what seemed necessary to you and this showed impressive composure. I hope this pays off and we see you continuing the experiment into spring and beyond!

Viva La Latex Lady,

JudiBootie said...

Dear Lady:

Have you tried a hydrocortisone cream for the times you do get a rash? I'm not a latex/rubber fetishist, but I do get prickly heat (I'm in Florida; it's inevitable) on occasion. It generally helps heal the rash very quickly--especially if I get some kind of rash and/or bug bite on my face. Just a suggestion.

As an avid reader of your blog, I thank you for your compliments. You have a gift for telling your tales of you and Sir's experiment, and while I personally have no interest in becoming a latex/rubber fetishist, I do love reading about it. As I've said before I am a "nothing shocks me" person, and this is just more proof positive that it's not what's on the outside that makes a person a person.

Dark said...

Good to hear that you are attending to this problem... this sounds like contact dermatitis. Have you any history whatsoever of skin irritation? ... dryness, redness or itchiness... brought on by exposure to some offending substance in the past? My own skin reacts differently to longer term latex contact depending on the lube, amount or lack of... the tightness... and the location. Only on rare occasions did I find irratation, it was confined to one area... and if it was my lower leg... it always occurred on BOTH legs. I don't know what this means... it is just an observation.

It should be noted that the centerline of our backs... the spine projects a wee bit and if a zipper is there on the upper back it may add some pressure on the zipper. But at negative curves may not be in contact with the rubber.. such as the small of the back... like the breast bone between your cleavage... unless you have formed cups for your breasts. If the air is "sucked out" of the suit.. you might get complete contact and adhesion of the rubber to every surface... even the negative curves (hollows) continuously. But the stretchiness makes the tight rubber span the hollows of your body.

Of course since the body moves and can change shape...negatives or hollows can become positive forms and contact the latex which spans the hollow. Think of how you can lean forward and your back arches and the surface deforms and reforms somewhat. All these may contribute to chafe and irritation... and result in the condition you mention. The spine and back... because of the "topography" and how we move may explain this.

Depending on the thickness, compression and the actual shape of your latex suit it will "perform" differently depending on the nature of your body/skin/fat/muscle tone it contacts. You know that your skin is different in different parts of your body... your nerves at the surface are as well... but the latex skin is more or less uniform and not a "one to one" match to even the actual shape of your body... but a stretchy facsimile of it.

I know the above sounds like some sort of micro analysis... but when you have equalized all other factors.. such as cleansing and skin care... you need to look at the most subtle factors which could be the offending factors. Sometimes the smallest irritants can be incredibly annoying... and attention getting.. like some sand in your shoe.. or dust in your eye.

When your body reacts as it does... it is sending a message which is that you need to take some care... as you have. Hope things continue along well for you.


Latex Lady said...

Thank you to everyone for your concern. The rash has cleared up and i am once again zipped fully shut.

Yes, we used a hydrocortisone cream to treat it with. It probably was a contact dermatitis brought about by my skin not beng dry enough right under the zipper. I thin that problem has now been CORRECTED.

So, once again, my thnaks for all the conce3rn. It really makes me appreciate how much everyone reading this is participating with us in our little experiment.