Tuesday, January 11, 2005

San Diego Morning

Awakened at 5.30 this morning to the sound of our hotel balcony railing being blown off its moorings. Our room overlooks the beach and the ocean and the wind had come up so strongly that the railing had given way. Fortunately, it did not completely fall away...just bangfed against the balcony a bit making a hellacious racket.

Sir released me from the bondage i was sleeping in and got me up. He and I went out to stand on the balcony a while in the wind. It was a glorious night...still quite dark. He was in his catsuit, sleeping hood, and gloves, and I was in my clear enclosure suit, two dildos, a rubber nightgown, 5 inch knee high boots, and my sleeping hood with my arms in an armbinder behind me.

It was scary as I was none too steady, but Sir was holding me and didn't make us get too close to the edge. Then he looked at me and said, "let's go for a walk."

I moaned at him a bit, but he was adamant, so we went back inside, changed my hood for a moouthless gag hood and put my burqa on. He took his hood off and put on a heavy rubber macintosh he brought for the weather and a pair of boots. Then we went out through the lobby of the hotel and around to the the beach entrance.

The beach was closed for the night, but there is a sidewalk you can follow that is between the beach and the street. So we walke dalong that as the sun slowly came up. It was cold and wet and windy..>Sir said, "I was hoping for some good weather! This is great!" I mrpphhd a reply through my gag!

I did not think we would see anyone. It was not a fit night out for man nor beast as Sir's mother used to say. But sure enoough, ahead of us in the lessening gloom at 6.30 in the morning, a bike rider was cycling her way down the sidewalk. She was nearly blown off course a couple of times by the wind, but steadily made her way toward us.

Sir and I stepped to the side as she passed. She said thank you and gave me a long stare as she took in the burqa...but didn't lose her balance. My burqa was flying behind me like a huge rubber sail and even dragging me backward a bit. Sir said it was wonderful to see.

In a moment she was gone in the mist and rain and we continued our walk...the macintoshed man and his bowing ghost of a companion.

We walked on for a while, but I started to shiver in the tight rubber and the burqa was not enough to keep me warm, so he turned us back and we may our way to the hotel. The doorman had come back on duty during our absence and he greeted us cordialy and held the door while we went in and walked over to the elevators. The desk staff looked at us a bit, but of course said nothing and within two minutes we were back in our room.

Sir took the burqa off me and told me to go back to bed. I was still bound in the armbinder but I tried to point out that I had a gag hood on, not a sleeping hood. He got it, but told me to lay down and try to go back to sleep. I did, but I didn't sleep. I will not go into personal details, but suffice it to say that a gag was a good idea for the next couple hours. :)


Dark said...

Yet another stunner! I can't for the life of me imagine how you might actually sleep set up as you describe.. but if you can... you might be able to sleep through anything!

I am concerned about what happens when you are gagged and bound and need to relieve yourself in that bathroom? And don't you and Sir find sleeping in rubber on regular sheets very difficult... because of the friction?

I posted some more comments and questions in the Xmas story, I hope you noticed.


Latex Ninja said...

What do you find to be a comfortable hood to sleep in?

kapybara said...

Dear Latex Lady,
your diary is remarkable, enjoyable, interesting, well written, full of fascinating insight and information and often a great turn-on. I hope you enjoy writing it and knowing that you have some admiring readers out here, both for your writing and your lifestyle, which I think is quite courageous.

Look forward to reading more,

Best wishes and greetings, Kapybara

Sealed said...

Thank you! I just found your blog and feel privileged to be able to have been granted an insight into your lifestyle. A lifestyle that I think many of us aspire towards!

I think you are embarked on an extraordinary experiment. I will be hooked to see what happens, no matter how long you are able go 24/7 (or should we say 23/7?). This may be a once in a life times opportunity and I wish you well.

Like many, I am fascinated in every little detail – from the logistics and practicalities, through to how long you managed to stay in your enclosure suit and then on to the psychological impact of the rubbery submission and isolation. Rather than ask a lot of questions (which I am bursting to do), I think I should just encourage you to keep doing what you are doing – giving us a flavor of the day-by-day experience of a latex lifestyle.


Latex Lady said...

Thank you all for the comments

Latex Nija, I find a very thin latex hood with multiple panels and curved seams to the the easiest to sleep in. My transparent enclosure suits are very thin and the hood is well fitted...therefore tight, but not so mush so that it causes headaches.

Many of my hoods were custom measured and almost all are of the multi panel design that folks like demask do.

Serious 'scene' hoods (those I wear when we are playing or enjoying a specific scene) are typically medium weight latex, but the sleeping hoods are thinner. The latex today is so far superior to what wew could get in the 70's and 8's that they show little tendency to tear until they are quite old. One of my Demask suits with hood is from 1997 and still as good today as then.

I do not like sleeping on cotton sheets in a hotel, covered in latex as much as when I am rubber-to-rubber. I sometimes take a full sizze sheet with me...but I find sleeping in multipe layers such as skin suit and nightgown helps the friction issue.


Latex Lady said...


I have decided to call this a 24/7 lifestyle because of how we are typically handling the extra hour.

Yes, the suits come off until I am au naturel. However, the rubber does not.

Sir has worked out a protocol
I am allowed to remove my hoods and wash my face but not where I might see myself in a mirror. I wear the suit into the bath and wash my hair and slick it back. I then put an eyeless hood on and proceed to remove my suit, in the tub. I put on a pair of short gloves. I then wash the rest of me, blind, and am then assisted in drying and putting on a clean suit.

At home, the tub is lined with a rubber sheet. I wrote about this on rubberist.net a few months ago when Sir and I first experimented with seeingif i could spend a week never touching anything but rubber.

The eyeless 'washing' hood is removed and my hair dried and combed back, then the suit's hood is put over my head and I am once again fully rubbered without ever having been in a position to see my skin or to touch my skin with my bare hands.

The point being that I never have an opportunity to see any part of myself not covered at least by transparent latex. Is this outrageously obsessive? YES. But we've decided in for a penny, in for a pound...this is a full on lifestyle and I need to be rigorous, ritualistic, and obsessive about it to see if it works.

Nuns in convents, monks in monasteries, and loonies in cults often follow carefully prescribed rituals just a scomplicated or more. So can we. We may fall into the LAST category, but I'm hoping we're pecieved as being more in the First one :)


Dark said...

You mention that you frequently wear transparent suits and at the same time never actually can see your "naked" flesh or touch it.

Two questions... would there be a difference if all the enclosure items in your "experiment" were opaque... such as black or white...yet still very thin for comfort?

Are you experiencing a "detachment" from yourself because you no longer can "see yourself"... but always enclosed and skinned over? I believe that we, who see, very much identify with our features, hair, our hands and so forth. Can you describe what it feels like when this is removed from your "life" or consciousness?

This all raises the questions about "objectification" and will or ego. Clearly you want to be the perfect submissive to Gent who seems to have designed a regimen which robs you or your former "identities"... yet your will is to be this "creation"... and at the same time you are reaching our in a cogent an intellectually competent manner in this blog as if you are an observer looking down on the scene you are in where ego has no place. I am having a hard time describing this. Perhaps you can help.

As always, thank you for sharing all with us.


Latex Lady said...

You raise intersting points again.

First, yes,under this regimen I never see my naked body unles it is covered with transparent latex. I rather enjoy the idea that I am somehow packaged when I look at myself like this. Of course, we could have gone with only opaque sutis...black or red or blue. But Sir wanted me to be able to see 'me' while at the same time 'i' would be out of touch.

I must say, his instinct in this was accurate. There is actually, for me, a greater dehumanizing in being able to see but not touch my flesh.

Your question about distance is insightful. I do find myself, over time and particularly over the last two weeks, feeling more and more distanced from the rest of the world. Being unable to speak in public leaves me with little to do than just sit back and meditate...turning inward and losing my sense of ego.

At the same time, I sit and contemplate how I willanswer these queries, what we will do this evening, how I will spend tomorrow. I am begining, in some cases, to lose touch with the idea that this experience is in any way odd. A case in point...yesterday, although we had only been through airport security once, when we came back to San Diego airport to leacve, I was completely at ease and I just assumed that we would have no issues.

We did not and this only served to reinforce in me that I am as normal in my lifestyle as anyone in jeans and a t-shirt. I looked at people as we approached the tgate and yes, I saw them looking at me, but I did not feel stared at...just noticed a bit.

All of this, I think, is part of objectification and apart of losing my sense of ego. First, I must accept at a dep level, that walking around in public in three or four layers of latex with no ability to speek andperhaps to see is perfectly normal...there must be a part of me that, should I meet another person in the same conditon would feel no surpriase.

At that point, my loss of identity, mu utter sublimation of ego to that of my master would begin in earnest. All else is preparation an dtraining.

I may not be having any more success at describing this than you did...but I suspect we both understand.


Oh...we are watching the movien Stigmata and I am reminded of something.

To hammer another nail into my theological coffin, let me pass on a joke we used to tell at university:

What are the four things God does not know?

1) Whatever the jesuits don't want him to know
2) Whatever the Dominicans don't want him to know
3) Just how much money the Franciscans REALLY have
4) And just how many orders of nuns there are

You may have to have been raised Catholic to appreciate it! :)


Sealed said...


Your right to call it 24/7 – thank you for explaining your protocol in detail. It really gives me an insight. I hope everyone who visits your blog reads the comments as well as the main blog, as it helps to get the picture of how thoroughly thought out your lifestyle is.

I can so easily appreciate the idea of never being able to see yourself without latex or touch anything but rubber. 24/7. From my point of view it’s not so much obsessive as dedicated and inspired! More a latex devotion than mania?

Do you (or Sir) think of it as a sort mind game? Is the point to think of yourself only in terms of the shiny latex object you see in the mirror? Or, is the idea to separate you from the real world – a world less perfect than the latex world inside your suit? Is it a control thing – you do it only because Sir says so? Maybe it none of these things, or all of them – or maybe it’s not something it pays to spend too much time defining?

It seems that so far you have not had as much difficulty with the lifestyle as many would have expected. Has it all been plain sailing because of your preparation / training, or are there times that you ever get desperate to just rip it all off? How do you work through these times? Do you get locked into the rubber or is it all self control?

Do you have a set amount of time for your current 24/7 experiment and do you think you are going to make it? Do you know of any others attempting such a 24/7 lifestyle or are you unique?

Sorry for so many questions – feel free to skip them if you think you will cover them later. Looking forward to your next blog entry.