Sunday, January 09, 2005

Traveling ... in a Rubber Burqa

Sir surprised me yesterday and told me I was travelling with him to San Diego. This has not been totally unusual in the past, but our schedules seldom meshed. Now, since I am unemployed, I can travel with him any time he wishes.

The kicker is, of course, that I am now in the 24/7 enclosure regimen. I was quite concerned about trying to get on board an aircraft without breaking my regimen and uncovering my face in public.

Over the last five weeks since we started this on Dec 1, I have not shown my face to anyone except Sir and our maid who helps me dress. I have actually become very comfortable with wearing the burqa in public and the thought of showing up at an airport with a naked head was unpleasant.

Sir questioned a couple of TSA workers last week and they said that there would be no problem. Sir described me as a devoout muslim woman and they said that because it is a religious practice to cover myself completely, I would not have to show my face and I could have a private search if I wanted. But there was still a wrinkle.

Before you go thru the metal detector, you must first show photo ID and boarding pass when you enter the security line. The people checking this are often NOT TSA. They are airport employees and are not given the sensitivity training TSA is. Sir asked three of these people as he was travelling and got three different answers. One woman said I woould HAVE to show my face or she would never let me through. Another said that no, they would skip the ID check if I was veiled for religious reasons. The third said they didn't know.

So Sir asked the ticket agent what to do and the airline came up with a solution. before we arrived at the airport, I was placed in a white open face rubber hood from my nun's habit. That makes it look rather like a muslim hijab...the scarf-like head covering many muslim women wear. Then I had to wear my burqa over that. i wasn't completly happy with this because my face was still exposed. but at least no one cold see it while I was in the burqa.

You need to understand that I have been wearing a full face covering hood (or two) virtually consinuously since Dec 1. I have become very comfortable with my new status and not having tight rubber across my face felt WEIRD! But we felt we had to do this in case a photo ID was going to be checked.

Sir took me to the electronic checkin kiosk and we got boarding ID required. But then he went to the ticket counter and explained that I was not allowed to show my face ... we would need a little help getting into the security queue. A very nice ticket agent explained it to the lady checking IDs and she went and spoke to a TSA agent.

The TSA agent came up and said it was not a problem. I could accompany her to a private area and lift my veil long enough for her to check my ID. this is what Sir had expected and why I wore an open faced hood. She took me behind a curtain and I raised the burqa enough for her to check my ID. Then she escorted me back to Sir.

She could NOT have been more professional and sensitive. She did NOT try to speak with me or have me speak because Sir explained I was not to speak to strangers. She took two seconds to verify my face against my passport and handed it back to me with a smile. I covered myself again and she didn't even seem surprised that my head covering under the burqa was white latex. or that my dress was black rubber too.

I passed through the metal detector, holding the burqa close to me to keep it from touching the sides and Sir follwoed with our carry ons. I was then asked to step aside and to be specially wanded and my carry ons searched. Sir had anticipated this and there was no issue. He told them I would want this done in private and they took me behind another screen. I had actually arrived at the airport in just a pair of rubber swim shoes so these could be taken off...they gave me no hassle about my rubber stockings.

We had to show boarding passes to two other people, but did NOT have to show ID any further. The whole ID thing was merely an extra 2 minutes.

The airline lounge staff showed no surprised at all to see a burqa'd woman and we waited the 2 hours before our flight in comfort. But first I had a task to perform. Sir pulled my knee high rubber boots and two hoods from his carry on and sent me to the ladies room to put them on so I would be properly covered for the flight.

I went to the ladies room and only mildly startled a woman who was at the lavatory as i wafted past and into a stall holding th eboots and a coule of hoods. The hoods went over the white open faced hood and were both black. The first one was a full face hood with eyes nose and nouth holes from DeMask. The second hood was one of my mouthless hoods with a small penis gag that covers my face but prevents speech. I don't usually wear these in public, but Sir said he had made that choice to insure my silence on the plane.

The flight was delayed by an hour so I had to sit at the gate for a while. That wasn't too bad, but there were some children travelling with parents and THEY were very interested in the lady in her shiny covering. They didn't come over though, I did see one mother talking to a little girl probably about 7 or 8 years old and looking up at me from time to time.

When we finally stepped onto our flight and settled in our seats (in first class) I was properly encased again and very comfortable. The flight attendants were polite and I had a very nice flight of about 2 hours duration. We deplaned and waited a while for our luggage. I did get MANY stares both on the plane and in the concourse. Sir made ME take the aisle seat so that people going up and down the aisle would see me. But, as usual, no one said anything to me and even the flight attendants seemed to understand that I could not speak to them.

After we had our luggage, we went out to the taxi queue which, tonight, was in pouring rain. I think I was actually envied by many of the passengers since my "rain burqa" was perfectly suited for the very unseasonal rainstorm here in San Diego.

Checking in at the hotel was no problem. Again, I got lots of starees, but no comments. Sir even met a couple of people he knew and mentioned that he had brought his wife, but I just stood behind him as I have been trained to do. We then went up to our room and I unpacked, changed into evening rubber and we went to dinner. Of course, at dinner (a very nice steak place) I stood behind his chair while he ate. I was fed later here in the room.

I don't know what tomorrow's schedule is...It would be interesting to attend the conferecne like this, but I do not know what he intends. I guess I'll find out later. Now it is time for bed.



Dark said...

Lady and Gent,

What an amazing story and how bold you are, especially on the plane... where in emergency you would of course may have to use oxygen. Although it may be a rare situation, the possibility for other medical "emergencies" exist which I would be concerned about and I am sure you have contemplated... such as choking, or extreme thirst etc. I suppose that in those cases you would remove your gag etc.. and be forced to reveal your identity... if you could not deal with it in private.

Your circumstance provoked me to think about the nature of fetish / Ds in a 24/7 context. I think, or I believed, that when people who participate in Fetish and or Ds did so it was very much front and center in their consciousness and almost all other matters were set aside. If you integrate fetish Ds into your life in 24/7 manner as you have something has to change.

For many the "scene" is erotic or some other intense emotion and focus on their partner etc... the feelings and the "scene" makes it almost impossible to do "mundane" things and scene at the same time. I am not saying this is not possible, for surely it is. But the idea that the scene is sort of an "escape" from "normalcy"... and something which many fetish people "crave" becomes actually less possible because normalcy has become a 24/7 fetish Ds existence.

It is hard for me to get my mind around how it would be feel... both emotionally and physically to be totally enclosed in rubber and have to deal with an airplane trip as you do. In my mind I imagine I would be extremely "panicked" at the thought of being exposed.. ridiculed... embarrassed... harassed or something when the world outside busted into my rubber enclosed being... for whatever reason.

I suppose that this makes this "edge play" and in the end... the worst that could happen is that you have to explain that what you do is consensual, and part of your chosen lifestyle... as embarrassing as it might or not be. Is this level of "danger"... hence "edge play" the driving force?

Do you believe that you are becoming more sensitized to the erotic / sensual / "whatever" power of rubber by wearing it 24/7 or less so?

I do not have anything like your experience with long term wearing and certainly not in public situations. I do know that after I have worn a tight suit for many hours, removing it makes me feel more naked than "normal" and I have a sort of "longing" to be enclosed again. I would imagine that this may be magnified if you are wearing tight rubber as much as you do. I find this perplexing and can't understand it. Perhaps you have felt the same or something similar and can explain what this is... where it comes from and so forth. The theme of intense "attachment" to TE is a common one, but I admit I am largely at a loss to explain it.

Your rubbering seems to be both very much tied into "pleasing" Gent and at the same time you seem to have a very strong attachment to rubber on your own. Can you imagine a fetish life absent the Ds component where you together enjoy wearing rubber extensively... as you do now without being Master and slave?

Again, I thank you for sharing this incredible series of events... which is so thought provoking. I hope you do not find my inquiries intrusive and can answer some of them.


Latex Lady said...

yes, we did discuss emergency issues andeveryhting comes off in that tlooking to die for a fetish. Also i recognize that is a plane should crash and I was in rubber, it would burn and melt into my skin...but probably i'll be dead anyway.

BTW, Sir wore a catsuit under his clothing and has been in it now since friday night...we ar eboth going for long term enclosure, not justme...but he isn't wearing hoods and such in public.

The pleasure is that I am complying with his desires and having a fun rubber experience at the same time. OIt isn't edge play anymore...latex that is normal and I feel unclothed without some on.

The new hood, burqa, take it public thing is edgy...but grwoing less so. Once we have all our procedure down, i suspect it will be normal too...and the sexual edge will come from doing as he wishes

I don't think I could live without the latex now...I have become addicted to this sensation against my skin and I'd give up the D/s first. But I'm lucky...I get both.

Dark said...

I have heard many people, as you have, refer to the attachment to latex as an addiction. Usually we associate addictions with a chemical substance.. such as nicotine, alcohol etc... but we also can be addicted to "things" like TV or video games for example. Wearing latex may well be an addiction and hence we can feel a "withdrawal" when it is not "present"... in this case worn.

Addictions are often aligned with "self reinforcing" pleasurable experiences and this also makes sense that latex wearing can be addictive. In this case, the addiction means we must adapt our lifestyle... work etc... or suffer repeated withdrawal symptoms as the addiction is "manifest".

But addictions also have the quality that the stimulus which first gave us the "thrill" requires more intensity or frequency... to satisfy our craving for it. For substances this can lead to abuse and serious health problems. In your case it seems to be more latex more of the time and perhaps more extreme.

Does this make sense?

You obviously are enjoying both the latex experience and the submissive one as they are both becoming more focused and intense.

This is another thing which I have noticed... our need for stimulus in experiences always seems to be moving toward INCREASE... amount, intensity, frequency. This is very common in SM where you see players begin very light and require more heavy SM over time. It's the same for mountain climbing or wind surfing. I think it applies to our attachment to rubber. Do you?

Thanks again for your comments and wisdom.


Onij said...

You can always count on Dark to ask the serious questions lol. What a great expereince. Do you think you would ever give up this new current lifestyle or would want to explore it even further? Please keep us updated.

Anonymous said...

Are you a muslim? If you're not, you do not have any right to pretend to be one. If your actions are unislamic, then they reflect badly on people who really do declare la ilaha il Allah wa Muhammadur rasul Allah.

Dark said...

Are you proposing a fatwah be issued against this couple? They are using the cover offered by extreme islamic dress to pursue their fetish interests.

Perhaps this may matter when they have interactions with moslem people, or perhaps you feel what they are doing reflects poorly on other islamic people.

I suppose your reasoning prevents non religious people from wearing religious garb. How about at costume parties? If you can accept this use, why not accept what they do as part of their own "fetish scene" if it is not harming others? At most they present something which may shock some people because it may look odd... but who is suffering from this? If anyone suffers negatively it would be Lady and Gent who might be subject to ridicule and humiliation. But that may be part of their thrill... to see what they can "get away with" without paying any "price". It's a kind of edge play.

Latex Lady said...

I expected this

1) Neither I nor Sir are muslim ... we are atheistic, not believing in any diving being

2) We both strongly respect much of the tenets of Islam...we just don't believe the god part.

3) The modes of dress of people from Islamic countries (Burqa, Niqab, Chador, or whatever) are cultural, not religious. many of them pre-date Islam as do such deeply rooted customs as women covering their entire face and body.

4) We mean no disrespect and our public actions are specifically tailored to appear as Islamic as possible. I act in my burqa exactly as a muslimah from Kabul might be expected to act.

5) I have been in contact with many muslims regarding the adoption of Burqa or Niqab for non-muslim women...they are all for it.

6) Over the past few days I have been describing what Sir is requiring of me to people I have met in Islamic chat rooms. Overwhelmingly, the men respond with approval that a non-muslim would adopt the discipline of hijab. The women I have encounterd are a bit less enthusiastic, but even they split 50/50 over the issue. And there are a raft of niqaabi web sites encouraging and supporting women who believe in the strictest interpretation of the Qu'rn.

I don't think there is an issue here other than with a few individuals...some don't like fetish nun habits, some don't like fetish nazi trenchcoats. Bootom line, though, is that almost anything can be fetishizes and anything as deeply influential as religion can't help but be fetishized in some minds.

My fetish is enclosure and restraint. Sir and I chose Burqa as the only acceptable full body and face covering costume w could think of in the real world. We are not disrespecting Islam, we are grateful that it and the Afghani nation have provided us a medium of expression

Oh and yes, I really begin to like being covered and apart...I might just keep wearing a silk burqa even if we ever stopped with the latex!


Anonymous said...

I have no problem with you dressing in a Burqa. That is your right to do so.

However, what I do have a problem with is Sir telling people you are Muslim:

"Sir described me as a devoout muslim woman and they said that because it is a religious practice to cover myself completely, I would not have to show my face and I could have a private search if I wanted. But there was still a wrinkle."

If you would like to explain your behaviors (ie standing behind Sir's chair at dinner, not speaking even to women) as what it is, a fetish, be my guest. But it is offensive to many a muslim woman who takes her faith seriously that you pretend you are a muslim and do these actions when the vast majority of muslims fight every day against these negative stereotypes you are perpetrating.

And to dark, did I ever say the word fatwa? If you're going to obsess over muslim's culture, then please at least try to educate yourself about us, and not fall into stereotypes of all muslims angerly foaming at the mouth and spewing fatwas right and left when something upsets them.

Dark said...

I apologize, I did not mean to offend you. I believe that Lady and Gent are "hiding" under the cover of the Islamic dress because that is a more acceptable explanation than to say that they are into a Ds thing and she is not permitted to show her flesh or speak in public.

For some reason, the religious reason for mysogeny is more acceptable than what appears to be "mysogeny" or oppression or even "abuse" to the casual observer who typically will not understand the things people may do consensually in a Ds relationship.

I personally would not change places with Ladyll and give up interactions with other humans beings except on a computer or in my home... perhaps. Frankly, I enjoy interactions with strangers and friends.

We don't know much about their experiment, with respect to time. Of course, maybe Ladyll has no need or interest for interactions in public and she finds more pleasure in behaving as her Gent wants than what she would give up in all the causal interactions we are accustomed to.

I know some ladies from who wear full face masks in public and when pressed by the police, for example, they offer a notarized letter from a doctor saying they are masked for medical reasons. This is another "fraud", but it permits them from having their faces concealed in public.

I know if I saw a rubber burqa covered female with a male also wearing rubber or someone who did not look like a moslem man.. I would suspect it was part of a Ds / fetish thing... I suppose because of the rubber... and I would understand that they use the burqa as a convenient way to cover a female and not be "bothered" explaining the real reason.

Latex Lady said...

I understand your concerns but I do not believe them to be vitally important. yes, we may have fibbed a bit to someone to ease the path...If Sir had explained I was a devout Rubberist, you can imagine the lengthy task of explaining what a rubberist is. So we are leveraging the increased awareness of Islam a bit, yes.

With regard to these actions being negative, I must disagree. These actions are personal choice either on the part of me as a fetishist or on the part of true muslims who choose to follow such a strict interpretation of Sharia. In fact, some of the things, such as standing or sitting by my husband in a restaurant were first suggested to me when I watched Saudi wives fully veiled doing that very thing in a London restaurant in 1980. Both of the women were with a Saudi businessman at one of the finest hotels in London. One wore a beautiful mask of hand beaten gold across her face under her black niqab. The other was smaller and I think she was, perhaps, a daughter.

The hotel management, White Anglo-Saxon British, not only had no problem with the man eating his dinner with his female companions sitting next to him on the floor...they provided big pillows for the women to sit on. The women appeared to be kneeling, then sitting on their knees...what the Japanese call sititng seza.

When he was done, they gracefully rose, their abayas floating around them like black silken clouds no one could call them less than exquisitely graceful. I a a bisexual lady, will admit I entertained a few salaciosu thougths of wha might be beneath those clouds and I grew a little warmer and wetter incertain private spots.

I had the same reaction two years ago when I happened to catch sight of a woman in a bright white burqa wafting her way thorugh the Dallas Galleria shopping mall.

There is nothing negative about following the dictates of your faith. If your faith happens to be that your god wants you to dress in a particular style and be submissive to a particular person, then there is nothing negative about doing so. Only the ignorant judge another person's motives before walking a mile in their shoes.

Finally, I have two bits of text I collected today. One is the response that I received on an internet group that I am a member of. It is set up by and for muslim women who wish to cover completely as part of their faith. In my first post, upon joining, I described what my husband was asking of me, that we were planning to be flying in the US and I was completely clear that I was not a muslim. The response was:

Mashallah it is wonderful that you have chosen to vail. I recently took a trip to the far east. I appreciate I was travailing through muslim countries, so they were far more aware of unavailing in public than the U.S are.
There i was able to go into a separate completely covered area with a female staff and they looked at my face for passport purpose and searched me for security. I am sure that on religious grounds you should be offered the same courtesy there in the U.S, as we are here in the UK.
Inshallah i hope i have helped.
May Allah guide you on your journey and in your life. Ameen
Allah hafiz
Sister Aisha

Lastly, here is an excerpt from a website called Muslim Wakeup (

We stand for the idea that to be a Muslim is not simply to follow an unquestioned corpus of laws, or to subscribe to a narrow reading of the faith, but rather is an act of self-identification with a great spiritual, philosophical and civilizational tradition. We embrace the simple proposition that you are a Muslim if you say you are a Muslim -- for whatever reason or set of reasons -- and that no one is entitled to question or undermine this identity.

Muslim Wakeup


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