Monday, February 07, 2005

Travel to London..Burqa'd, Bound, and Gagged

Well, here I am sitting in the airport waiting to board a plane to London.
We went to the San Jose airport this morning and I was covered in the usual manner. That is, I was in a full rubber dress (very tight and hobbling today) with an open faced hood on. So my face was uncovered for the first time in over a month.

This morning I put the open faced hood on with a transparent catsuit after my bath. The only difference was that I didn't have a hood on the catsuit and I had the open faced one pulled on my head after my hair was dried.

Then I put the hobble dress on as per Sir's orders. My boots are knee high under rubber and with about 5 inch heels, but that's normal.

The only other undergarment is my usual corset..this time a black one that serves as my bra as stockings or other undergarments.

The catsuit has the usual attached gloves and is just missing its hood
Over the dress, I pulled on the burqa so that I could show my face for a momnet to the security check point woman at SJC.

We got to the airport two hours early and Sir checked us in. The airline peple escorted me into a little room and I showed my face to her for just a moment. she checked it against my passport photo and smiled and nodded. hse didn't mention the fact that the open faced hood was rubber.
It wasn't the same woman as before, but she was quite friendly. She escorted me through the security line and Sir met me just before we had to be checked through the metal detectors.
Some of the TSA people must have been the same as when I flew to San Diego because one of them smiled and said, "Good to see you again". Of course that was just before she also told me I had been selected for additional screening.

They did make me take off my boots, but no one seemed put off by the fact that I was in latex stockings (as far as they knew) underneath. They wanded me, but did not go through any hand luggage because Sir had all of it and they didn't do any extra check on him!

I had to show my boarding pass twice, of course, but again, no one asked for my ID again.
We went straight to the Airline lounge, then I went to the ladies room and took the burqa off for a moment to put on a full face hood over the open faced one. This one had no mouth, so I was gagged the whole flight from SJC to DFW. You can't imagine the sensations of getting on an airplane, covered in multiple layers of latex, gagged and hooded, booted and gloved, and then settling into my window seat in First Class and just shivering with both fear and excitement. It is a recipe for arousal if there ever was one :)

I was not served lunch, of course, and the flight was uneventful. I think the flight attendant was a bit surprised when I pulled out a Patricia Cornwell murder mystery to read, but everyone maintained their professional demeanor.

Now we have landed in Dallas and are waiting in the airline lounge until our flight to London boards. We have a long layover here, so Sir has allowed me to change the gagging mask for one with a very small mouth hole so we can have dinner. I really couldn't talk in this hood either, even if I wanted to, so I remain, for all intents and purposes, gagged.

My dinner, as usual, was liquid. He ate a steak dinner while I had a milkshake and a can of Ensure, which I drank with a straw while holding it up under my Burqa. He ordered the shake for me and was carrying the bottle of liquid nutrient solution (which is quite tasty, actually) in his carryon.

After dinner, we returned to the lounge and I changed the mouthhole hood for the mouthless hood again (I am amazed that these hoods Sir carries in his hand luggage are not subject for query by security...but he says he just wads them up so they don't look like a mask or hood on the X-Ray.

Now I am ready to board the plane. I presume I will not be allowed to eat or drink on the flight...10 hours...but it is OK...I am used to long periods of gagging and lack of liquid. Sir says that If I become very distressed he will let me switch to the other mask to drink something, but I don't think I'll need it.

Actually, it's an overnight flight and I plan on pulling the inside veil in my burqa over my eyes as soon as we board and just sleeping the whole flight. I find this ability to blindfold myself and to just drift away into my own little rubber world so relaxing that I doubt I will be aware of anything during our flight.

I wonder what London Customs will do with me? We always go thru nothing to declare, so I am hoping to have no problems.



JudiBootie said...

Dear Lady:

Again, what an amazing (and accomodating) experience. It's "nice" (for lack of a better word from my stll sleepy brain) to see that society is either more accepting or tolerant or "alternative" lifestyles. And yet my parents can't seem to get used to seeing a new piece of artwork on my body (although they *finally* understand it's not a fad/trend/phase I'm going through).

How long will you and Sir be in London? I ask because I will be heading there next Wednesday for 5 days, and would love to meet you two if possible. It's always nice to put a face (or in your case, a body) with the words I read.

Dark said...

How does one know when something is not a phase we are going through? Of course we want to believe that our present passions will "last forever"... but this is naive. Very few things... perhaps love of some music, art or literature.. or people seems to be able to stick with us for a lifetime. Tattoos are particularly good examples of things which people embrace with passion in youth and want removed later in life.

Being enclosed and gagged and communicating only with a maid and Sir is certainly a type of withdrawal from society. Of course reading fiction whilst cocooned in first class is a strange irony to say the least.

I don't know that society is accepting this behavior in general, but it will make exceptions for "religious" reasons... and rich eccentrics. People who have to conduct normal lives are not able to pursue such bizarre lifestyles.

Lady now seems to live as an owned "submissive/slave" of Sir and has apparently found a way to find what it is that she wants from life in this role... of being enclosed in rubber... living in strict ritualized protocols and having virtually no normal interactions with others... except on this web log.

Assuming that she maintains her protocol... meeting her would consist of her sitting (standing) there enclosed, gagged and under a burqa and saying nothing. After a while this fascination for meeting gagged and enclosed rubber people might loose its shine and revert to mundane boredom. You would have no access to her mind... her thoughts... her experiences... unless she was able and permitted to either sign or communicate in writing.

Nevertheless, the idea of being a rubber object can be a continuing erotic fantasy and this may be the motivation to live as she now does.

I find it hard to comprehend... and recognize it as an enormous challenge... to choose to be an "object" and maintain a vital conscious mind and largely withdraw from society... and that is why I enjoy reading Lady's commentary.

Latex Lady said...

You have, once again, shown dramatic insight. I am, as you put it, an object and we are striving to resolve a paradox. Sir likes to take me into the world, but have me be separate from it and not interact with it. I enjoy being in the world, going to cinema, shopping, going to restaurants. But I am enjoying the act of being in the world while being divorced from it..being separated and cocooned away from it.

It's also just an enormous amount of fun...for us, anyway.

Whether this is a 'phase' or not remains to be seen. I suppose wearinglatex and being a submissive for 30 years might be considered a 'phase'...perhaps we need a definition.


JudiBootie said...


I wholeheartedly agree with Lady. You do bring dramatic insight to the table. I don't consider my tattoos to be a phase as this has been an ongoing process for twenty-three (almost twenty-four) years. It's an art collection; one I prefer to wear instead of hang on my walls. So according to your definition, it's not a phase at all nor a transgression (my word) of youth (I'm 34).

As for meeting Lady and Sir, you are correct in that I wouldn't be able to "communicate" with Lady per se. But I assume that, if it were to come to fruition, Sir would be there as well to answer questions and with whom to have conversation.

But for the moment that's neither here nor there. I am just discovering my submissive nature, which is one of the myriad reasons I enjoy reading Lady's blog.

Dark said...

The whole "submissive nature" thing is really confusing. Most who call themselves submissives say they are submissive only to the chosen dominant. Therefore, this group is not submissive in nature, but behaves in that way to one person. Most of this type of submissive are very much "dominant" in their interactions with others.

Of course, there are some people who are submissive.. ie not aggressive, assertive, demanding independence in their day to day life. This type of submissive is not in a negotiated relationship and they could be referred to as truly having a submissive nature... as this defines almost ALL of their human interactions.

Ladyll does not impress me as the least bit submissive... except in the role she choses to play with Sir. She exhibits plenty of independence in thinking and intellectual capacity and as having been a teacher she must have been able to handle authority... and this goes along with being "dominant".

I suspect for them, playing this very extreme role in public is something of thrill that playing this role at home in private lacks. For them, her being recognized as an object by the public is the deal. I suspect that in private their play gets more into heavy bondage where her submissive nature nature and lack of control is ramped up... in a way which is unacceptable in public. She also seems to like being eroticized during much of the day... and her gear seems to have that effect.

Of course, one could act very submissive in public without being latex covered. However, using the burqa allows her to be full face hooded with her mouth covered... unable to speak. She could hardly walk around with a visible gag in her mouth... and simply not talking is not a real sign of submissiveness because she might be seen as deaf and/or dumb and simply unable to communicate. The burqa and the full hood are clever public ways of enforcing her speechlessness... her submissiveness and her appearing a human forced to be an object... especially when authorities examine her passport and see that she is probably an anglo saxon who has "adopted" the role she plays in public. The submissive behavior she exhibits in public is no different that the extreme submissive role moslem women are forced to play every day of their lives... without a choice as she has.

As far as tattoos goes... there are many people, me included which do not see tattoos as art, but as deformations of human flesh despite how "artistic" the artisan is who created them might be. I don't pretend to understand why people find these extreme body modifications so appealing and I don't think they should be prohibited from doing them. And I am sure that many of those who are severely tattooed grow very comfortable in their fading stained flesh. However, many people do get tired of them, many have them done without careful thought, sometimes high or done on a dare.. or to be accepted. Both tattoos and body piercings have been commodified and only the more extreme ones are seen as what they were originally intended for - shock, rebellion and making an extreme personal statement. I prefer people who distinguish themselves with their characters and not by something someone inked on their flesh. Different strokes for different folks.

Heather Free said...

Dark i think it is very closed minded of you to speak down of tattoos and tattooers (I'm a tattooer myself as well as a submissive) especially seeing as how you can so eagerly embrace such an alternative and sometimes very dangerous lifestyle as Lady and Sir's. And tattoos and piercings were NOT originally intended for shock, rebellion or making extreme personal statements, they were used as a way to enter manhood or womanhood in tribes, celebrations etc. You need to inform yourself about these things before being so critical towards someone calling their passion a phase and when a latex fetish can also easily be a phase. you have officially come off as an uneducated asshole with that comment. my blood is boiling so forgive me for any typos