Monday, February 14, 2005

UK Adventures...The city of Bath

As promised, here are some details of our travels in the UK.

First, we were in Bath for the week. Sir's meetings took all day there and I was confined to the hotel room. No special reason, just that he felt I should stay in, in some light bondage, and remain covered.

The actual rule was that I was to remain in the hotel room, in full cover, until the maid had come in to clean. After that, I could remove the burqa if I chose, but was to stay dressed as usual. If I chose to leave the room, I was to wear the burqa and stay within the confines of the hotel. he did not want me on the street alone.

The first day I did this, Wednesday (because we arrived Tuesday evening), I am afraid the maid had quite a shock when she entered. I was sitting on the setee with my shroud covering me completely. I was gagged underneath it and could not have spoken to her even if I had been so inclined. When she first saw me, she was startled and I think it took her a few minutes to decide I was 'real'. She told me she was going to clean the room and I just sort of nodded to her to go ahead.

Subsequent days, I had the same maid and she seemed to get used to this black rubber blob sitting on the sofa, comepltely curled up, just waiting for her to make up the room. She said good morning to me each day and finally got to the point where she would give me a 'have anice day' as she left.

I kinow I became the talk of housekeeping because each day it seemed a different pair of maids would wander in to ask if she needed any help...while watching me like hawks.

Each day after she left, I put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door and usually spent the rest of the morning and lunch time reseting, reading, watching TV. I found that I felt more comfortable with the burqa on for a couple of reasons. First, I wanted to be sure and be covered (as I had on some heavyfetish hoods and other gear under the burqa) should someone ignore th eDND sign and second, I just felt more comfortable. It really is getting to be my garment of choice for lounging.

After lunch time, I did go down to the lobby a couple of days and just sat there reading. More to get out of the room than anything else. This, of course, raised eyebrows the first time, but after a while the staff and even the guests seemed to just accpet that there was a black crow reading the newspaper in their lobby

I was not allowed to eat lunch, of course, and had to wait for supper with Sir when he returned each evening. He ordered us a nice breakfast each morning ... on Thursday I had to sign for it ... and I had a bowl of fruti i could nibble on during the day. But i can't eat in public because the rule is that i must be gagged in lunch was make do in the room and wait.

Supper was much the same except he came back to the hotel, we entertained ourselves a bit, and then went out. I always wore something different for dinner...usually a hobble dress or hobble skirt. let me tell you that Bath is NOT the city to walk around in a hobble skirt and heels with limited sight!

Again, I was not able to eat, but I sat on the floor next to him at one place and sat in chairs across from him at the others.

I will continue this in a few hours. They are calling our flight now.



blastingammo said...

Aren't you concerned about rickets?

blastingammo said...

Oops.. one more question. Do you expose yourself to any sort of UV or simulated sunlight?

Latex Lady said...

no, I'm not concerned about rickets and yes, I do get a bit of raw sunlight and even UV...I have time in daylight after my bath and I bathe under flourescent lights.

The transparent suit seems to allow plenty of uv through to keep me healthy.


Dark said...

Transparent latex will absorb and scatter almost all of the UV light. Even clear glass and acrylic do not let most UV frequencies pass.

Meg said...

Love your blog and I'd loved to have heard the gossip in housekeeping...

However, I too am concerned about the lack of UV exposure. Maybe you could get a UV lamp?

Latex Lady said...

Thank you everyone for your concerns. But i thought we were supposed to avoid all UV light now...SPF 2000 to avoid those nasty melanomas, right?

LOL ... actually, Sir and I discussed this. On the one hand, I take a multi-vitamin each day and much of my meals have vitamin D fortified milk in them (and I get lots of calcium too).

On the other hand, the thinnest, transparent rubber actually does let a reasonable amount of UV through...similar to what gets through a window. and that is enough for normal dya to day needs.

Although it is true that almost all transparent materials, glass, acrylic, latex, etc scatter and absorb UV, actually quite a lot gets through.

anyone who's ever had a drape or a photograph fade while in a glass enclosed sunny room has experienced this.

For the moment, I seem to be healthy and I don't think we need worry about rickets, or other UV deficiency conditions.

also, remember that my eyes are exposed to the light and the air much of the time. here's a little quote from a website on UV:

A small daily dose of sunlight on unprotected skin (and eyes) is a good idea, ensuring adequate vitamin D production and stimulating immunity. (Several studies have demonstrated that 10 minutes of unprotected exposure to natural sunlight three times a week results in fewer colds and respiratory infections.)

By getting your daily dose of sunlight in the morning or late-afternoon hours, avoiding unprotected midday exposure, you can enjoy the positive benefits of UV light while minimizing the potential risk to skin and eyes.

finally, we use a lot of full spectrum lighting and as i said, we actually do use flourescents with a fair amount of low frequency UV in them.

I think I am fine, but thanks for the concerns.