Tuesday, February 01, 2005

One Month of Living in latex

Today marks one complete month that I have been covered in latex 24/7.

So far, so good. The rash has not returned and I am still quite comfortable in following the protocol sir has laid out. he returned a few days ago from his trip and I was happy to report that I had no problems other than the minor issue of the rash on my back.

I now venture out in public anytime I feel a need to and no longer worry how people will view me in my ruber burqa. I have not had any negative experiences.

But this month promises to be a bit of a trial. My parents are coming to visit and I will have to deal with their reactions to this new lifestyle. THAT should be interesting. as I've said before, they know I wear rubber street wear and have seen me in a variety of rubber clothes...but not in a full enclosure skin suit and not in a rubber burqa.

Nothing more to report currently. Life and latex continue as usual. Sir has begun talking about gagging me for an entire month, but I THINK he's just joking ... :)



Anonymous said...

I look forward to hearing about your parents reaction

Sealed said...

A month is a fantastic achievement. Well done and good luck for 2 months!

Thanks for all your posts,

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I have regular clothing but, I have to spend most of my time in latex only. I have no choice, I'm addicted to it. For me, rubber is sexually arousing!

My favorite is a skin tight, thin, footed, gloved and hooded latex catsuit. Most of my suits have attached hoods also but, as long as the rest of my body is covered, my head doesn't have to be to get my rubber "Fix".

I wear a suit like this around the house all the time and, when I go out, under regular clothing or under latex street clothing.

I am gay and my Lover has a huge latex fetish also. We always wear full rubber for sex.