Thursday, February 17, 2005

UK Adventures...London...weekend shopping

As promised, here are some more tales of our recent trip to London.

When we returned to London from Bath it was cold and windy. Again, taking the taxi from Paddington to our hotel was no problem and we had no issues checking in. The hotel we stay at is quite used to having Saudis and their wives as well as a wide variety of other world travellers. We were shown to our suite and I spent the rest of the evening in until supper time.

Sir went out for a while and when he came back in he presented me with a wonderful gift! I now have a second burqa in latex...this one is WHITE! It absolutely glows it is so pretty. It is not that off white color of some latex, but the more recent bluey white shimmering color. It ifts like a dream, being a little extra large to accomodate hoods on my face underneath it. The black one has always been a bit tight over more than one hood.

I was dressed for the evening and we went out on Regent street at dinnertime and wandered a bit. It was chill for Sir, with the wind. He was in a pair of latex slacks, a rubber turtleneck and blazer under a heavy leather trench. I, in my layers of latex, was very warm after the initial tempreature adjustment. Those of you who wear rubber a lot know what I mean...that sudden shift when rubber changes temperature and has to warm back up to body temp.

I was wearing my transparent skinsuit, a corset and a pair of stockings, a black, hooded full enclosure catsuit over that, and a long flowing black dress with built in hood and gloves. Knee boots in black as well. Then the new burqa went on over all that. So I had on 5 layers of rubber in some cases...yes, I was warm.

We hailed a cab and climbed is not easy to get into a London cab gracefully with all the layers and with the retrictive catsuits...but I think I managed. Sir had made reservations at a very elegant restaurant that caters to Saudis in particular. The maitre De didn't bat an eye when a man and his white flowing ghost came wandering in the door.

As I said, the retaurant caters to islamic diners, particularly saudis. This meant that I was able to sit on the floor on a beautiful soft cushion next to him while he ate and no one gave me a second glance...well, at least not a third glance...I think the bright white rubber burqa did catch a few eyes. :)

There was a man sitting with his two wives, both in full muslim cover (niqabs, not burqas). They were also sitting on floor cushions next to him. When he stood up to leave, he gave Sir a smile and bowed slightly. Sir was absolutely thrilled later. He was obviously being complimented on his wife! (At least that's how he took it...I giggled under my hoods).

We cabbed it back to the hotel and went to bed. The next morning (Sat), Sir ordered us breakfast in bed and we just spent the morning goofing around. But about noon, I was dressed again, without the second catsuit and in a dress that has no hood or gloves (had to wear separate ones). I put on the black burqa and we went out shopping along Bond street and Oxford street.

Nothing special happened. The seas of people parted to let us pass, the shopkeepers treated us properly, and we saw several other ladies in full muslim dress up near Marble Arch. We also went round to the V&A and to the National Gallery. idn't buy much...the dollar is so poor right now that it even the cheap stores on Oxford were more expensive than we could warrant after the exchange rate.

We had a moment when one of the staff in the national gallery asked me if there was anything special I wanted to see. It was about to be a bit wierd since I couldn't speak under the latex. But Sir stepped in and answered her for me and all was well. It is still amazing to me how much communication can be acocmplished when you are gagged. Simple gestures and head movements communicate wonderfully. I know Dark has suggested that I am essentially in some sort of isolation now since I never speak to anyone but Sir...but i don't feel isolated. I feel quite connected and able to carry on my life just fine.

We were caught out in a rainstorm Saturday afternoon, but no worries for us. I was about as waterproof as possible and sir was OK...but the wind was terrible. I was very glad that 1) My burqa is closed and over the head and 2) that Sir has a strng grip. I very nearly took flight as we pased some of the cross streets walking down Piccadilly.

saturday evening we went over to the London flat of some friends and had a wonderful dinner. They had not heard of my latest obsession and were quite taken with the idea of me in total bondage and silence wandering the streets of London. I was back in the white burqa for the evening. They are quite a kinky pair in their own right...we sat around, me in silence, of course, and they chatted with Sir. Later, we went into their playroom for a while. It was fun and we got back to the hotel about 3am.

Think I will close here for a while.


Onij said...

Wow, thats incrediable. The white burqa sounds nice, can you get pictures of it when yo return to the states? How are you enjoying London? When you travel to different locations in latex, do you and Sir based the length of your stay by the expected weather or you have grown custom to wearing many layers without be comming too hot. Also, since your gagged in public, would you ever wear a gas mask under your burqa, maybe a gas mask that is not as bulky in front but somewhat smoothed down. Have a great day.
Your Fan, Onij

London Hotel said...

London is beatiful city. I come there every year on my vacation thorough ECT. I see many Muslim people walking in the street.